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Recent good trades with: z02228, Grargar
Post edited January 02, 2019 by r0nn
Highly interested in these games:

A Hat in Time
Aven Colony
Infested Planet Campaign
Into the Breach
Little Inferno
Slime Rancher
X3: Reunion

Please check my wishlist for other stuff I'm interested in.
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Well... another great trade with z02228!
r0nn: Bump/update
Thank you for the nice trade.
r0nn: Bump/update
Grargar: Thank you for the nice trade.
Thank you too!
Updated! (Post 17178)

Updated again. Got some more game repeats and that's probably going to be my last update for a while, have to let my wallet recover.

Added another Operation Flashpoint Red River, Learn Japanese to Survive Katakana War, and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.
Thank you SorcerousSundries for the smooth trade.
willing to trade everspace.
I'm willing to trade SOMA+Fantasy General for any other GOG game.
WANT (from Humble Monthly)
- Yakuza 0

- Just Cause 3 XXL Edition (from Humble Monthly)

- More:
r0nn: He was interested in 7 games and gave the list of "MrFortyFive".
He also used almost the exact same user-icon as "MrFortyFive".

I called him out on that... he never replied. I also contacted the the user MrFortyFive just to make sure he/she didn't use another account which looks the same, but MrFortyFive told me he/she did not contact me for that trade.

It's always a scam when the 2 usernames differ in 1 character and the same icon is used. I just ask just to be sure.
(Unless the original user made a second account which is almost the same as his/her original account for backup purposes. But that's very unlikely in my very humble opinion)
TheDudeLebowski: Ooh, I had never noticed the 0/o thing when checking up on him (AFTER I got paranoid and called it off). Thanks for clarifying. And thank you subconscious for "pulling out"!
This imposter is still around, I just got one with the exact same things: linked to Mr's trading post, asked for multiple games.
Anyone would like to trade Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales (Steam) for Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales (GOG)

I just really want extras for Gwent on GOG so if anyone would want to.
Traded my Full Throttle:Remastered Code with udevi.

I still have a SOMA code available and will trade it for ANY GOG/Steam code I do not own.
I'm still willing to trade Everspace
Steam wallet code of $30.00

Field of Glory II (GOG)

People I've successfully traded with: DebbieL
221bBS 2x

Scammers that I've encountered so far:
African_vvildlife trying to impersonate African_wildlife (difference in the w)
221bB5 trying to impersonate 221bBS (difference in the S)

I didn't bother including the conversation that I had with African_vvildlife as the conversation was already too long.
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