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List updated
I still have Bioshock 2 and Mafia II if anyone wants to trade.

Sorry they're long gone.
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Thanks for the great trade, alexkoti! :D
added current squar en to want
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low rated

- Vector
- Bardbarian
- Chaos engine

[W] Other bundled game offers

EDIT: Vector added to the list
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I have Dino D-Day (Steam code) and Gun Monkeys (Steam gift) from when PC Gamer was giving them out, so if you didn't want to jump through their Facebook hoops, they're available. Would trade them for pretty much anything.

Edit: Many thanks to undeadcow for an incredible trade. (Not the mentioned games though, those are still up for grabs.)
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Antisquad Steam
Arclays Complex Desura (Can do Steam key when greenlit)
Trading Cards (Around 10-20, just ask)

[W] These bundled games;

Kill The Bad Guy
Freaking Meatbags (Early Access)
Hitman 1 or 2

low rated

- Entire humble bundle 2K except the 20$ tier
- Entire humble bundle square enix bundle
-Coldfire Keep (IG Steam Link)
-Darkout (HB Link)
-Echo of the Wilds (Steam Key)
-Speedball 2 HD (IG Steam Link)
-Starlite Astronaut Academy G-Ball (IG Steam Link)
-Storm in a Teacup (IG Steam Link)
-Strategic War in Europe (Steam Key)
-Subject 9 (IG Steam Link)
-Super Killer Hornet Resurrection (Steam Key)
-Sweet Lily Dreams (IG Steam Link)
-Syberia II (IG Steam Link)
-Tales from Dragon Mountain: The Strix (Steam Key)
-T.E.C. 3001 (Steam Key)
-The Journey Down: Chapter 1 (Steam Key)
-Threadspace: Hyperbol (Steam Key)
-Thunder Wolves (Steam Key)
-Time Gentlemen Please - Ben There, Dan That (Steam Key)
-Tiny and Big in Grandpa's Leftovers (HB Link)
-Tobe's Vertical Adventure (IG Steam Link)
-Toki Tori (IG Steam Link)
-Toki Tori 2 (IG Steam Link)
-Trauma (Steam Key)
-Universe Sandbox (HB Link)
-Volt (IG Steam Link)
-Wizardry 6 + 7 (Steam Key)
-Zeno Clash 2: Special Edition (IG Steam Link)
-Zooloretto (Steam Key)

A few more games

[W] Other bundled game offers
Everyone, please tread with caution when trading with user deepdig and DO NOT send your keys first as he has a history of scamming a lot of folks here before as the_maestro27 in the old Classifieds trading thread.
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missed the banner saga at the discounted price


i'd love to trade it for a game of your choice of the same value ;-)



it was 50% so it's 12.50$, correct me if i'm wrong
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Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic edition

Sword of the Samurai
A new Beginning: Final cut
Rex Nebular

(all three of which are on promo right now, dirt cheap)

Dungeon Keeper GOLD

Tales of Monkey Island
Long live the queen

(Both on promo right now as well)
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Everyone can make a mistake I guess. As long as people follow the rules we won't have much problem I guess... But then again are the keys legit?