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FYI GOG support can split multi-game codes, and it should've been instantly suspicious that someone allegedly bought games for trading on the same code, especially exactly the games you want. If they're wary of bank fees there's always the GOG wallet.
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kmcoolice: It's an user named "spxo201". I am gonna put screenshots of our chatting and how he made me fool. :((
kmcoolice: I gave him my 3 steam game keys and I get nothing from him. By the way, is there a website, which could check are my steam keys still valid? I don't wanna checking keys by adding to my steam library.
I'm very sorry, but said user is on the verified scammer accounts list on the GOGWiki page, so you won't receive anything. They scammed user PoooMukkel, as you can see for yourself and [url=]here (post #4677 of this thread in the first link may require you to find it manually). Sadly, user PoooMukkel apparently didn't do their part, and didn't report this account to GOG at the time, and spxo201 struck again after laying low for a few months.

Even if they weren't on the list, on top of what Starmaker said, this "You can post your keys (i.e. use GOG chat for your part) and leave an email so I can send the giftcode (i.e. but I won't for m part)" was a big fat red flag all on its own.

Please report the scamming account to GOG Support, providing the evidence and demand it to be locked. And see if you can get those Steam keys revoked.

Also, before going through with any future trade, please follow the following:

HEADS UP to all new, and not, to trading:

- Read the rules in the OP here carefully, and follow rule #6 in every potential trade.
- Check out this page, and read at least the first two sections, "General advice" and "Spotting impersonating accounts", the links included.
- Don't hesitate to ask for help here, or/and in the Known Scammers thread.

Do the above three things before going through with any trade offer. It may spare you the grief of getting scammed.
HypersomniacLive, Where i need to send a letter/report to administration of GOG for scamming account? I can't find an option in this link.
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76joda: ...
check your chat, an offer is waiting
kmcoolice: HypersomniacLive, Where i need to send a letter/report to administration of GOG for scamming account? I can't find an option in this link.
Since 1 of the keys you tested still worked you should probably activate the other ones, it's probably better if you ad them to your library (even if you dont particularly want them) rather than they fall into the hands of a scammer. The other 2 might also still work.. unless you've already tested them.


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Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun
The Saboteur
Pilot Brothers
Fallout 3 New Vegas
Fallout 3 GOTY


point and click adventures or similar on steam (especially games that have been bundled)
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Trade list bump

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Steam keys i have:

Galactic Civilizations I: Ultimate Edition;
Motor Racer 4;
Home Design 3D (it's an interior design program);

Steam/origin/gog keys I want;

Any Wolfenstein game from RTCW;
Any Medal of Honor game;
Any Max Payne game;
Any Penumbra game;
Any Amnesia game;
Any Alone in the Dark game;
Any Bioshock game;
Any Conflict Desert Storm game;
Any Prototype game;
Any Brothers in Arms game;
Any Mafia game;
Any Prince of Persia game from PoP:SoT
Any COD game;
Any AvP game or A:CM
Any World in Conflict game;
Any Hidden and Dangerous game;
The Saboteur;

If you have any old action/adventure/shooter/horror or even strategy game, I might be intereseted.

Unsuccessful Trades (AKA stay away from these people!) with:
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not valid anymore
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Anyone willing to trade:

Rebel Galaxy or Alan Wake's American Nightmare Summer Sale promo codes, they expire on June 27.

We can negotiate any Mac supported game that I might not have.
I have done the other threads for Giveaways before on gog (the last one being moonshineshadow's giveaway, I was a gifter), and I have been here since before gog was a thing (beta).
I have also given away games for free in these forums (same name, Dave3d),, gog forums, and in
I have sold physical items on those forums also.
I have heatware, but I think since I didnt use it since 2003 or 2005, I lost all of my heat except 1 that was last year.
I am a member in good standing on lots of forums (including this one), and a moderator on some forums.
I have recently lost my job, and dont have much money, otherwise I would buy the game myself, as I have bought over 700 games that I know of (I lost a lot of games to GFWL, and a couple other similar type deals, and also lost a box of my cd/dvd's in my few moves to new houses (owner of those houses) (NEVER mark your boxes as 'computer games' or 'computer room' when using a moving service, or you are sure to lose at least 1 box to the movers, sigh).

Having said all that, I really only have the 2 freebie games to trade. :(

Bombshell regular edition

Alan Wake's American Nightmare **Gone**
Rebel Galaxy **Gone**

Thank you.
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Only have one game to trade and its GOG and my wants are all GOG too.

Giants Citizen Kabuto

Thanks for the trade wanderer_27
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Chronicles of Riddick, Assault on Dark Athena (GOG or Steam - preferable GOG if that possible at all)

Money to buy you what you want. :)