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BlackThorny: Bumping...
Thanks for a nice trade Blackthorny!
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du hast dich bei Van helsing verschrieben ;) (final cut und nicht butt ^^ )
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Schizo2015: ...
du hast dich bei Van helsing verschrieben ;) (final cut und nicht butt ^^ )
das war absicht :)
Schizo2015: ...
du hast dich bei Van helsing verschrieben ;) (final cut und nicht butt ^^ )
apehater: das war absicht :)
habe ich anch dem versenden meiner nachricht auch gerallt,dass es noch eine andere bedeutung hat :P
Trade list bump

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low rated
Bumping Trade Post

Want on Sale:

<span class="bold">Dragon Age Inquisition: GOTY </span>(Amazon) $20
<span class="bold">Homeworld Remastered </span>(GOG) $17.49

I'd like to trade my UPlay key for "The Division" for both of these games. If anyone would like to make a modification to my original offer or make a different offer you can look through my trade post for other "Haves" and "Wants".

Note when buying on Amazon: If you have any No-Rush Kindle credits from Amazon, you can use those credits to purchase any digital goods (including the Dragon Age game on offer) not just kindle books.
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Vilfor.NOS: Hello
Thanks for proving you cannot be trusted :)
Even though a couple of members in the community told not to trust you - I still gave you a chance, and in response - you blocked me :)
Well good riddance and might as well add this user to the scammers list, If only we be automatically block an IP...

And to all new here, always quote the rules, never send anything first If you don't know the other party, when in doubt contact a regular forum member to assist with the trade :)
With the release of Homeworld I would like to bump my tradelist.


I am open to all offers and willing to trade multiple games for either Homeworld or The Witness.
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eagarza12: You're welcome for the trade and thanks for the info.
plan99: You can try something like what amrit9037 posted - [url=]
That url was created with a search for "USERNAMEsomethingUNIQUE", without the quotes, which *was* unique to that post, lol.

What he was saying was that, for instance, I might put "plan99_867530(9)" at the top or bottom of my trade post (mine's old enough that I don't need to) and put that after "search=" in the url above.

Edit: I put parentheses around the visible "9" and did a little editing, so url would stay *mostly* unique.
That's actually pretty clever.
I'm gonna do that from now on.
I've got a

The Witcher 3 - Blood and Wine Key for Gog/Steam/Origin - gone

and I'd like it to trade for one or a few games with the same value as B&W.

My wish list is here:

See you!

Traded happily with:

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Would be happy with a steam key (or even a ~50% voucher) for "The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III"

Have a couple of steam games to offer:;single=true
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