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Still have Steam-Keys left for Serious Sam 3:BFE and Serious Sam DD XXL.
PM me if you are interessted!
Another bump :P
5 x 5.99$ generic GOG coupon
1 x Alan Wake's American Nightmare (9.99$)
1 x Torchlight (14.99$)
1 x Dungeon Keeper Gold (5.99$)
1 x The Witcher Enhanced Edition (9.99$)
1 x Beyond Divinity (5.99$)
1 x Divine Divinity (5.99$)
1 x Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition (9.99$)

Divinity: Original Sin
Another day, another bump! Thanks for reading.
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Updated my list > Still looking for any RPGs I don't currently own :)
If someone gives me Lord's of Midnight, I can give them Mafia II (steam) and Skyscraper Simulator (Steam).
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Have: (humble bundle)
Bioshock 2
Spec Ops The Line
X-COM: The Bureau

Want: Shadowrun Returns Dragonfall(steam)
Legend of Grimrock (GOG)
Rune Classic (GOG)
Edge of Space (Steam)
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Updated my trade list again.
Looking for IndieGala July bundle and Rise of the Argonauts from Humble Codemasters bundle

My list.
Edit: thanks for the trade grynn!

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Thanks for the trade, sanfueg! :)

Updated. Looking for Dracula Trilogy on GOG or Dracula:Resurrection & Dracula 2 on Steam.
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My trade list again :P
Added to my "Want" list:

Konung 3: Ties of the Dynasty - Indie Gala July Madness
Labyrinthine Dreams - Indie Gala July Madness
Mata Hari - Indie Gala July Madness
Perimeter - Indie Gala July Madness
Dysan the Shapeshifter - Indie Gala Monday Bundle
The Book of Legends - Indie Royale Donut Bundle
Nightmares from the Deep: The Siren's Call - Indie Royale Donut Bundle
ReignMaker - Humble Weekly Bundle Gamepedia

What I have