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Thank you for a smooth trade, Phaolo.
My thanks to undeadcow for gifting individual games from the Rayman bundle. Much appreciated.
If anyone wants Tochlight, I have a gift code to trade with.

edit: cancel trade. Giving it away on the "Open this thread..." thread
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Also, I can buy any of these bundles :

D&D game
Tex Murphy

Additional interest in :

Runaway Trilogy

. . . and bits and pieces of these :

Settlers Saga
Spiderweb RPG
Broken Sword
Guild Compilation
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Since this is the last day of the summer sale, I'll bump my trade list

Summer sale discounted games that I want are bolded.
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Thanks for the trade, chean!
Bump, now that most of them are back on sale
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Thanks cmdr_flashheart for the trade!

Updating my list soon.....


^ Feel free to look around at that and make an offer, if you wish ;)
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This is cmdr_flashheart, and today I want to thank BillyMaysFan59 for a great trade.

All yours for the price of reading this message.

BUT WAIT, there's more!

Updated list
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I missed the flash sale on Steam for Rocksmith 2014. If anyone snagged an extra copy of it at the $15 price I am willing to trade you for it on steam. I have some games in my inventory or I could spend $15 on steam games of your choice.
Red Faction


PM me an offer
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thanks for the trade Urnoev

Thank you apehater and theslitherydeee, for a smooth trade.
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