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Bump my Tradelist
Post edited November 20, 2014 by Wurzelkraft
Bump for Updates!

No new games, Insurgency codes used up.

Free code for Metro 2033 still up for grabs (No trade Required, This code will expire tomorrow if not activated!)
Dessimu: ...
Hey Dessimu, hope trading goes well ;-)
I still have a key for Torchlight, from one of GOG's giveaways before you joined.
If you're missing this game, just let me know and you can have it. No need to trade for freebies.
Post edited November 20, 2014 by DeMignon
Due to my last trade taking some time until I got the key from my friend :/
I hereby post the list of what he has to offer, so If you want any of those, be sure to let me know to shorten the waiting time:

Chaos Domain
Chernobyl Commando
Dungeons: DLC Pack 1- Into the Dark
Dungeons: The Second DLC- Map Pack
Fester Mudd: Curse of the Gold- Episode 1
Realms of the Haunting
Rover Rescue available
Super Killer Hornet: Resurrection
Thunder Wolves

First List Second list to follow
8-Bit Commando
BANZAI PECAN: Last Hope for the Young Century
Bomb The Monsters!
CAFE 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~
Catmouth Island: Episode 1 Desura Game
Doom and Destiny
Eryi's Action
Fairy Bloom Freesia
Into The Gloom
Koala Kids
Mind Dead
Porradaria Upgrade
Project APT
Sam Glyph: Private Eye!
Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe
Social Justice Warriors
Space Tank
Super Panda Adventures
The Body Changer
Three Fourths Home
Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge
Words for Evil

Second list to follow

Other then those, feel free to browse my list of offers available to trade instantly
Post edited November 20, 2014 by BlackThorny
Thanks for the successful trade, thejackal007!
DeMignon: I still have a key for Torchlight, from one of GOG's giveaways before you joined.
If you're missing this game, just let me know and you can have it. No need to trade for freebies.
Thank for setting a good example. +1 to you
expopower: Thanks for the successful trade, thejackal007!
You're quite welcome!
Would like any of these:

Among the Sleep
Anomaly Defenders
Baldur's Gate 2 Enhanced Edition
Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition
Challenge of the Five Realms
Devil's Dare
Divinity: Original Sin
Door Kickers
Dreamfall Chapters Season Pass
DROD 4: Gunthro and the Epic Blunder
DROD RPG: Tendry's Tale
DROD: The Second Sky
Escape Goat 2
Gray Matter
Ground Control 2: Operation Exodus
Ground Control Anthology
Hogs of War
Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
Infested Planet
Kentucky Route Zero Season Pass
Kingdom Rush
King’s Bounty: Crossworlds GOTY
King\'s Bounty: The Legend
Legend of Grimrock 2
Moonbase Commander
Mount & Blade: Warband - Viking Conquest
Pier Solar and the Great Architects
Pillars of Eternity
Quest for Infamy
Raiden III Digital Edition
Rocket Ranger (Emulated Amiga Edition)
Sam & Max Hit the Road
Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse
Shogo: Mobile Armor Division
Shovel Knight
Soldiers: Heroes of World War II
Space Run: Fast and Safe Delivery
STAR WARS®: Knights of the Old Republic
STAR WARS®: TIE Fighter Special Edition
STAR WARS®: X-Wing Special Edition
Super Game Jam
Super Time Force Ultra
Syberia 2
Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, The
The Secret of Monkey Island™: Special Edition
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
This War of Mine
Warlords Battlecry 2
Wasteland 2
Where Is My Heart?
Wings!™ Remastered Edition
The Witcher Adventure Game


Little Big Adventure (Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure)
Magrunner: Dark Pulse
Dungeon Keeper Gold
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
Witcher: Enhanced Edition (2 copies)
Witcher 2
Post edited November 20, 2014 by micdres
Thomas Was Alone (Steam Key from HB)
Broken Sword: Director's Cut (Steam Key from HB)
Organ Trail: Director's Cut (Steam Key from HB)

Galactic Civilizations I (GOG) (Will trade all three for it)

I want other stuff too:
Here is my complete want list:
Post edited November 20, 2014 by Miljac
Everything GOG

Wasteland 2 (Standard Edition)

Legend of Grimrock 2
Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
Heroes of Might and Magic bundle
Heroes of Might and Magic 3 + Alpha Centauri
Heroes of Might and Magic V + Alpha Centauri
Post edited November 25, 2014 by neurodrive

YS Origins
Baldur's Gate 2



Fish Fillets 2
ARMA: Cold War Assault
Guardians of Middle-earth: Smaug's Treasure DLC
Gotham City Impostors: Professional Kit
Guardians of Middle-earth
Batman™: Arkham Origins DLC
F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin
One Way Heroics
The Darkness II
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

Post edited November 21, 2014 by wy4786
Thanks to BlackThorny for a good trade.
DeMignon: ...
Hey! Thank you very much for the offer! But I already have Torchlight in the library. I am sure there are people who are really in need of it :)

The game itself is fun! My brother recommended it, no regrets.
Hey GOGolytes, I'm interested in trading for the following games
Chronicles of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena
Medal of Honor Allied Assault War Chest
Sacred Gold
Sacred Gold 2
This War Of Mine
Two Worlds (one)

and I'm open to offers (preferably GOG but Steam is fine too).

Check out My Trade List to see what I have available to trade as well as a list of people I've traded with in the past.