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UnEpic (currently on sale at Humble)


These games
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Bumping my Trade List.

Just added:
- Bad Hotel (Steam)
- Bret Airborne (Desura)
- CastleMiner Z (Steam)
- Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars (Steam)
- Face Noir (Steam)
- Fate [2]: Undiscovered Realms (Steam)
- Not the Robots (Steam)
- Power-Up (Steam)
- Windforge (Steam)
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What I Want
In order of preference:
- Age of Wonders 3: Golden Realms DLC (GOG version only)
- Divinity: Original Sin (Steam, GOG, or Humble Store, I'm not picky)
- Shadowrun Returns (same)
- Shadowrun: Dragonfall (same)
- Final Fantasy XIII (same)

What I Have
-Mass Effect 2 Steam Gift
-LOTS of unused, tradeable Steam keys (and a few Origin ones) from Humble Bundles:
A Virus Named TOM
Avadon: The Black Fortress
Beat Hazard
Brutal Legend
Burnout Paradise Ultimate (also an Origin key)
C&C Red Alert 3
Crayon Physics x2
Crysis 2 Maximum Edition
Dead Space
Dungeons of Dredmor Complete
Dynamite Jack
Eets Munchies
English Country Tune
Gone Home w/ OST
Little Inferno
Medal of Honor
Oil Ruse
Paranautical Activity
Solar 2
Splice x2
Super Hexagon
Superbrothers: Swords & Sworcery x3
Tropico 3
Sims 3 + Date Night, Late Night, High End Loft Stuff (Origin only)
Waking Mars
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Edit: Nevermind, decided to give it away.
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I know this isn't a trade offer but it does affect people here. If you have a Nekro key from a bundle then there was a bug/accident that happened and now the keys may be invalid. To solve this read this post and follow the instructions to get your replacement key!
From HIB 12:
- Gunpoint
- SteamWorld Dig
- Papers, Please
- Luftrausers

From Bundle Stars Immortal
- The Night of the Rabbit
- Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly

From Indie Gala Monday:
- Vlad The Impaler

From Indie Gala Back 2 School
- Chaos Domain

- Offers! :)

* I'm looking for other games from old bundles, promos and greenlights


edit: thanks friendofcabbage and Getcomposted :)
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Nice trading with you, alexkoti.
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Thanks to alexkoti for the smooth trade
Bumping, but also I'm coming up with somethig new for trading purposes:

Does anyone have Turbine Points on DDO?

Does anyone play NWN DIamond Edition online on the Arelith Server?

Did anyone get Skyrim while it was on sale on Steam?


From the Humble Bundle Weekly I'm looking for:

Commandos Collection


From the Immortal Bundle I'd like:

Claustrophobia: The Downward Struggle
Fate: Undiscovered Realms


And well, Medieval Total War 2 is currently on sale at Gamersgate


I'm still looking for these games on the Valhalla Bundle or the whole Bundle in any case:

Kings Bounty: Warriors of the North - Valhalla Edition
Soldiers: Heroes of World War II


And don't forget that I can buy anything on promo to trade for items on my "Want" list (Gog, Gamersgate or Steam) or even a Bundle
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Have a brand new Wasteland 2 Digital Classic Edition GOG key for trade! If you're interested, you can check my want list here!

(And no, you won't have to pay the exact equivalent of the - frankly outrageous - price of $52.69 in GOG codes for a trade. Just feel free to make me an offer!)
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Before ALL of you giveaway your surplus BloodRayne 1&2 codes, how about you trade one of each with me?! :)
Trading away GOG Xenonaut

for The new GOG Shadowrun Dragonfall Director Cut or the legend of heroes trails in the sky