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szar001: again,

Trading any game(s)from GOG you want under the budget of 6$ for one digital 5$ Steam gift card
Add me on *insert steam community dot com* id myurlisstuckhelpme
Hello. You have to fix your chat settings before trading.
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Huge update!

Please send your offers away! Hope everyone's doing well :)
No longer trading
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WANT (from Humble Choice)
- Shenmue III.


Thanks! ^^
Has anyone purchased Mega Bundle 4 on Fanatical recently? I am looking for Xenus 2. White gold only and don't want to buy the whole bundle for just one game. I can offer games from my list:

Or I can buy some cheap game during the current GOG sales in exchange.

Edit: Got the game already. Thanks.
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Know it's extremely unlikely... but don't suppose anyone still has a Magic 2014 - Duels of the Planeswalkers for Steam?
Fanatical Killer Bundle 16:
Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition
The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Humble Choice April 2021:
Aven Colony
Shenmue III
Popup Dungeon

Plus some unused choices from various Humble Choice months which I don't have listed yet.

List updated with some games changed around. Willing to trade a decent amount if someone's willing to get Black Mesa currently on sale :)
Trade completed with below.
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Anyone have a Steam key for Hollow Knight ?

KAO Trilogy


Steam Keys:

Size Matters
Fury Unleashed
Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3

All six bundled together for KAO
Blightbound (Steam)

Metro Exodus
It is in the Humble Choice
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