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amok: I have read this three times now, and it really do not make any sense at all, sorry.
As usual, Its not the first time. Try to remember the last time it happened
Do you agree to end the conversation then? I insist
tag+: Check your spam folder then :)
Still no sign of that e-mail anywhere on my front. I also checked the trash in case I deleted it and forgot. I did get the Star Wars discount today, so newsletters are still coming in. Considering how off the mark "Games for you" and other suggestions are, I wouldn't be surprised if they targeted that newsletter only at certain customers, based on who knows what.
tag+: & the reason why I decided to post on this thread
"GOG, if you want to attract new customers.", you know :)
I'm positive constantly plastering these things on the main page gives a poor first impression. Advertising them to existing customers who will never buy them isn't great either.
I made my own post about it but I'm posting here to support the OP and everyone else in this post because a lot of you people have been supportive of me.

Wow I really wish I read the forums more before. I'm another customer like the other missing at least 3 games. 2 of them I know for sure. I have the paypal receipts to show them along with their order numbers but these games no longer show in my order history or player activity!! Despite having played X4 for at least 2 hours after I first got it!

X4 : Foundations (I still own the split ventetta dlc lol)
Homeworld Remastered Collection

It just sucks because I have really grown to love the drm free nature and unchained to a launcher features GOG provides. I have been shilling GOG to my friends and who ever else may have listened to my small hobby stream. This has shaken me a little and if I haven't gone to the store to buy something from my wishlist I might have never known since I have both of those games downloaded already. What if something happens to my hard drive?

Thanks everyone
Ice_Mage: I'm staring almost in disbelief at another one of these beginner tutorials. Are you seriously trying to appeal to new users? Is no one at GOG aware of the state of disrepair the store is in? My suggestion is simple: if you want to attract new customers, fix bugs and shortcomings that have been around for years first.

• Support is all but non-existent.
The mandatory chatbot is a giant roadblock that prevents many from reaching support in the first place. If you do get through, wait times to get a response are still absurd. When you do get a response to a bug report, your comments are "passed on" after which the ticket is closed and nothing is ever fixed.

• No transparency and communication.
Take for instance this brazen lie, GOG GALAXY Update: we’re improving our tickets submission system!. Do you think we're stupid? You removed the option to submit a bug report, because you haven't checked any of the bug reports in months if not years. Nobody here thinks going through the chatbot that doesn't know about GOG Galaxy is an improvement. You don't respond to anything on the forum anymore, even issue reports on your announcement threads.

• The store doesn't mark owned items as such.
For example, owning The Witcher 3 GOTY/Complete doesn't mark the base game and DLC as owned. Owning BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION Supporter's Pack doesn't mark the Soundtrack and Deluxe Edition as owned. Having redeemed games like Oblivion and Morrowind through Amazon Prime doesn't mark them as owned. And so on, and so on.

• There's no way to permanently filter out certain games, tags, categories, or developers/publishers.
This is especially baffling since you constantly feature "NSFW" games on the homepage and even in newsletters, but don't let users even opt out.

• Most wishlist filters don't work
I reported this on February 18, 2021 and I'm positive you've been aware for many years prior.

• Same goes for games library filters.

• A lot of the ratings on the wishlist are false
(e.g. 5 stars for Cyberpunk 2077 when it actually has 3.7 in the store).

• The number totals (Games, Movies, Wishlist, Wallet) in the user menu at the top are gone.
Some who haven't logged out in ages instead have inaccurate frozen totals.

Individual achievements no longer show up on profile pages (apart from the Recent Achievements box).

• Profile pages used to show new reviews and forum threads started by the user.
I believe this has been broken since before I even signed up for an account here.

• Community wishlist is a mess.
Reports are ignored. The entire section is littered with duplicates and spam.

• Forum is a mess.
There are weekly floods of spam and you still won't take any measures to prevent this. No reCAPTCHA for new users, no word filter, no nothing. You're just counting on users to report spam and employees to get around to deleting it eventually.

• GOG Galaxy: your flagship product is on life support.
It's been in "beta" for ages without any meaningful new features. On the contrary, you keep chipping away at it, like removing bug reporting and Share Your Stats. Cross-platform chat is still nowhere to be found. Every week, there seems to be a new forum post about third-party store integrations that don't work. Some people are still stranded on a version that can't auto-update. Far too many times people had to be told to disable IPv6 just to get the application to load.

• GOG Galaxy: your own store is buried for no conceivable reason.
You click the magnifying glass in the top left and you end up searching a third-party database of games from other stores. To get to your store, you have to go under the Deals section and click Store, then All Games on the right.

• GOG Galaxy: goodies pack? What's that?
You made a habit out of releasing these, but they're not visible in GOG Galaxy apart from TVGHF Goodie Pack 2022.

• GOG Galaxy: genres are a mess.
Just like store tags are a mess on the site, the same goes for genres in GOG Galaxy. For example, Haven Park and Vesper: Zero Light Edition have no genre defined.

Take a long, hard look at the store. Look at Hogwarts Legacy which peaked at 879308 concurrent players on Steam, but barely passed 700 votes in the community wishlist here. Look at the Insomnia sales with a limited handful copies, which almost all failed to come close to selling out. Compare registered Steam and GOG users on the respective subreddits. Compare the Steam discussion sections with the nearly dead individual game forums here. Look at your microscopic social media engagement.
Well said. Unfortunately all in vain.