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"now that @GOGcom has started selling hidden object games, is there any chance you'd release #HiddenFolks #DRMfree on their service?"

Adriaande Jongh: "nope!"

Hidden Folks
Crosmando: The Quest HD

A shame too, it's such a great game (never thought I'd be praising the port of a mobile game). Lol, stop trying to avoid the subject. Actual game devs have stated that GOG rejected their game, are you saying they are lying?
Don't put words into their, and by proxy, my mouth.

The statement reads as exact: Without direct confirmation is inclusive of both parties.

If either GOG or a party involved can confirm such a game wasn't accepted, then by all means, make a list.

It won't do much without the accompanying wishlist entries, but go ahead.
rjbuffchix: Oh, awesome,...another "curation stinx and every indie game I like should get approved" topic...or at least that's what these topics always devolve into.
No offense, but you are the one who's bringing up the curation issue. All posts up until that point have simply been informative about games that are known to have been submitted to GOG, but rejected for whatever reason.

If we keep on gathering this information, and then try to analyse it, the outcome can be that we find a very good reason for those titles not being on GOG; i.e. them being incomplete, buggy, offensive, whatever.

At any rate, here's another one:

The St. Christopher's School Lockdown

Source: Kickstarter for The St. Christopher's School Lockdown

"GOG is also one we've been looking into, but if that one does work out, it would be a little bit further down the road (the publishing firm we are working with will be handling the application process for that one, as they have contacts within GOG itself)."

Now, this one is a bit debatable. The comment says "it would be a little bit further down the road", but as the date for that comment is "October 8, 2017", it is either taking its time (over a year and counting...), or then it has simply been rejected.
ShadowWulfe: The Quest, another favorite of mine, was rejected. After that I didn't feel so bad buying on Steam.

Who knows what bizarre criteria they have.
Nothing bizarre. Just random.
Recently: Vigilantes. Dev confirmed this but didn't give a specific reason, apart from 'GOG is very picky'.
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Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
Capybara Games on Twitter: "We don’t have any plans to release it on GOG. Sorry. Wanted to when we first released on PC but it didn’t work out."
Traum was rejected, but it's a free game anyway.
There are lot of them who got rejected, if you go to Steam forum and type in the search box "GOG reject" you'll see 17 pages of topics. :p

The ones i remember on top of my head and the kind devs i've spoken to long ago were Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land and Alpha Polaris. Cannot remember the reason for the Cthulhu game but Alpha Polaris was "too niche" for GOG.

If someone wants to make a list of games that got turned down, he/she should also put links to Community Wishlist so people can vote for the ones they like.
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Thomas Was Alone
Mike Bithell on Twitter: "unfortunately, they refused to sell TWA"

Not so long after that, he tweeted this: "Indie tip no. 128: Don't be pushed on price. A major distribution platform demanded I halved Thomas' price, massively glad I ignored. Obviously, listen to wiser voices, but shop around to see if people agree. I didn't go with that platform, but did fine elsewhere."

Was he referring to GOG? I don't know for sure. Regardless, it's possible he never even bothered to submit his next games, Quarantine Circular, Subsurface Circular and Volume.
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Threads like this make me wonder if GOG ever had second thoughts after rejecting a game, e.g. if they ever tried to get a game in store some time after rejecting it. In that case, I would be curious to know how the developer of such a game could have reacted (if I was such a developer my first reaction would probably be something like "are you kidding me?!"). To be honest, I like the fact that we're not getting tons of shovelware here as mentioned in previous posts. And, in all my honesty again, I will admit that the only digital game I have ever bought in that other store (yes that's right, only one) is the Binding of Isaac - Rebirth, because I knew it would never probably be released here. But in that case it was the developer that did not want want to release a DRM-Free version (I think there was an interview some years ago where he stated that, please correct me if I'm mistaken).
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Wizorb + Mercenary Kings
Tribute Games on Twitter: "We contacted GOG about Wizorb a while ago and we never heard back from them unfortunately. For Mercenary Kings we'll focus on the Steam version."

If a developer/publisher feels rejected or ignored you might not just be missing out on one game, but potentially every game they make afterwards. Tribute Games have gone on to release three additional titles: Curses 'N Chaos, Flinthook and Ninja Senki DX.
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Bolt Riley - A Reggae Adventure Game

Source: Kickstarter for Bolt Riley - A Reggae Adventure Game

"Desura is indeed a touchy subject, and they are actually in debt to Adventure Mob for pre-sales of Bolt Riley copies. We actually received a letter from the bankruptcy count about it. I doubt we'll ever see the sales money from there.
I am certainly considering more distribution platforms. We're starting with Humble + Steam, we have contacted GOG and will continue to engage other platforms. We'd love to have the game everywhere we can, so thank you for the advice!"

That comment is dated "December 29, 2015", so I think it's safe to assume that the game has been rejected.
Panaias: Threads like this make me wonder if GOG ever had second thoughts after rejecting a game, e.g. if they ever tried to get a game in store some time after rejecting it.
Unless I'm mistaken, there's quite a few games on gog that had been initially "rejected".

But "rejected" may mean different things. It can be gog's refusal to sell the game for various reasons, or a failed negociation about the terms under which it would be sold. So it can be a simple change of mind ("after all this game is maybe worth it"), or an agreement eventually reached after a late concession from one side or the other. Not the same story at all.

Hard and a tad pointless to speculate.
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Question: "Will Snakebird ever be Steam-free? I will buy it if I can get it from GOG or some reasonable equivalent. :O"
Noumenon Games tweeted: "That is the idea. Unfortunately not on GOG though as they rejected the game a while back."

Noumenon Games is also the developer/publisher of another game that's never been released here, Nimbus.
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Cranks & Goggles ( (

A couple of years ago i spoke with mr. Ataberk of Play Native, who told me that he would like their game to be featured on GOG; so far nothing happened so i guess C&G didn't pass the curation process for some reason. A shame if you ask me...

edit: added wishlist link
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