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reative00: -utter rubbish-
Darvond: You know, that's not what I, nor Linko said. As I said to the other poster, don't put words in my, or their mouths by proxy. I said an exact statement. Don't make assumptions/spew utter garbage like that. It doesn't help anyone.

At the very least, you could be constructive and helpful, like Barry is. They deserve a salute for all the tracking and keeping they do.
Linko literally quoted post saying that it's impossible to know which games were denied because GOG doesn't give such info. It quite literally means that devs (of rejected games) are so untrustworthy that we shouldn't believe them when they say that GOG has rejected their games.

And yeah, Barry is doing a GREAT job, despite Linko false claim of "it's impossible to know". A great person he is and I salute him and his effort to keep us informed of those turned down games.
Hero Siege
Panic Art Studios: "GoG told us the game is not good enough and not a fit to their store."
Ittle Dew 2

Conker: "gog version? i bought the first one on gog and looking forward to get the 2nd one over there too"

The developer on the 19th of November 2016: "While this is their competitor's forum, I can vaguely hint at a generally positive response."

Conker: "still no gog version :/ ... meh"

The developer on the 16th of December 2016: "It's coming"

Conker: "soooo ... any eta when the game is available on gog? did gog reject it or whats the problem?"

The developer on the 24th of January 2017: "The lawyers are measuring [expletive deleted] atm."
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Developer GFX47: "Unfortunately, GoG rejected the game... But you can upvote players wishlist"
Razbury Games was asked about a GOG version: "You have to talk to GOG about that - they tend to reject a lot of games using the same form email ;)"
Pocket Kingdom
Programmer of 08 Games: "Well, at least your game wasn't rejected because 'it's pixelart game, hence looks too casual and mobile-oriented' (jokes on them, I ported game to mobile after PC release). That's why I pretty much despise GoG. Yes, it's good they filter out games, but they reject good ones."

The above reply was in response to this tweet by Zachtronics:

"I've had a bunch of people ask me if Opus Magnum will ever be available on GOG. Here is the response I got from them when I asked for a reason I could share publicly for why they didn't want to carry it.

'As for the official statement - the only thing we would be ok with sharing, is that Opus Magnum did not pass out internal curation system - we rarely ever want to share any details on the actual system and how it looks like and what it means, because it's just too individual; we take into consideration many other factors than just the actual game itself - the reviews we provide for example do not review the game in general; so like an objective game review like on PC Gamer or what not - but we do it from the angle of our entire user-base.'

We would still like to be on GOG if they change their mind!"
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The Winter Wolves Catalog Of Games

On the 26th of August 2014:

Forsaken Productions: "I think you can get on GoG without a rating. I've never seen them with ratings on their games (Excluding ones on other services)"

Winter Wolves: "ah ok, but anyway they don't want my games so problem solved lol :D"

Forsaken Productions: "Did GoG actually reject you through the indy programme? That's surprising considering they have games like yours on there..."

Winter Wolves: "it was 3-4 months ago if I remember well"

Always Remember Me
Amber's Magic Shop
Bionic Heart
Bionic Heart 2
C14 Dating
Cursed Lands
The Flower Shop: Summer In Fairbrook
The Flower Shop: Winter In Fairbrook
The Goalkeeper
Heileen: Sail Away
Heileen 2: The Hands Of Fate
Heileen 3: New Horizons
Heileen 3: Sea Maidens
Heirs And Graces
Loren The Amazon Princess
Love Bites
Never Forget Me
Planet Stronghold
Planet Stronghold: Colonial Defense
Queen Of Thieves
Seasons Of The Wolf
Seasons Of The Wolf: Bad Blood
Spirited Heart
Spirited Heart Girl's Love
TV Station Manager
Universal Boxing Manager
Vera Blanc
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Steam Marines 1-3

25th of July 2014:

Developer Worthless Bums: "Hum. I hope GOG doesn't reject Steam Marines after it releases."

SirTapTap: "Why would that happen?"

Developer Worthless Bums: "They've been known to reject games for a variety of 'we don't think it fits' reasons. Plus they seem to want low prices."
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The Infectious Madness Of Doctor Dekker
"We tried to release on @GOGcom but they turned us down :-( We are available on Switch, Xbox, PS4, Steam and Humble at the moment though :-)"
Super Rad Raygun
From the dev: "Cuz GOG turned us down."
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high rated
The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain
Tin Man Games: "Sadly not. GOG have turned us down twice in the past."
Dead Pixels 1+2
CSR-Studios: "They turned me down a few years ago because they wouldn't sell a game for $2.99"
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Tony Gowland: "GoG turned Binaries down ages ago :("

The developer also has Dead End Job.
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Lead designer Joure Visser: "Welp, just got turned down by GOG. Not sure how to feel about that..."

Polygonien: "you're not the first one to get rejected by them. It does not necessarily mean your project is bad."

Lead designer Joure Visser: "Thanks for the response. Feel like they didn't really bother either. Not trying to act as if I'm special, just didn't expect it."
Missile Cards

Developer Nathan Meunier: "So...unfortunately GOG turned down my Missile Cards submission for inclusion in its storefront. Cool."

Logan Adam Schultz: "Any idea why? I don't know much about GOG."

Developer Nathan Meunier: "They were nice about it, but 'not a good fit' - they're picky about what they accept, I guess."