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The Quest HD

A shame too, it's such a great game (never thought I'd be praising the port of a mobile game).
Darvond: To try and compile such a list would be outright folly, it is unknowable without direct confirmation what they have turned down.
Lol, stop trying to avoid the subject. Actual game devs have stated that GOG rejected their game, are you saying they are lying?
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This sounds like a great idea for a GOGmix
@Crosmando - I'm not surprised, Linko is often reacting in such manner, ergo my post in discussion about practices of GOG and CD-projekt with Democracy 3 and Hatred. I've thought that moderator would avoid situation when he didn't even read carefully (with understanding) what's someone is writing, but oh well...

Getting back to subject - Warbanners is one of those games:

Quoting developer:
[i]Unfortunately, Warbanners will not be in the GOG. The administration has long considered our application. They said that we were close, but, nevertheless, rejected.
First of all, who would have that kind of information? GOG staff knows which games they have rejected in the past, but probably even they don't keep any detailed list of it (esp. public). Also, quite often GOG may release a game they rejected before, if they see it is succeeding after all (against their expectations).
TARFU: We can start a list. The first one I know of is "7 Mages".
On the 7 Mages official website forums, it is said that GOG turned down this game because "it is turn based".
joelandsonja: That's a terrible excuse for GOG to use, because there are a ton of awesome turn-based games.
Then again, that is what the publisher claims. The real reason might be something else. For instance, it might be GOG simply said that at that point of time they were already releasing so many other similar turn-based games they there was no room for "yet another". Timing matters too.

Logically thinking, GOG favors (accepts) games that they feel would probably sell relatively (or very) well on GOG. There are many factors that may affect that, like if there are lots of similar games released on GOG at the same time, or if the GOG staff is simply swamped at one point of time with new releases (hence they reject even some good(?) games) etc.

Sure, Gothic 3, Master of Orion 3, Star Control 3 and Ultima 9 allegedly suck... but collectors (like me) still end up buying them because they want a complete set of history, even with the bad apples.
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Actually, such a list/topic is a very good idea, IMHO.
Because it's not publicly known what criteria there are for games getting in/staying out of GOG catalog, at least such a list would give us outsiders a chance to find some common things with those rejected titles, if there are any to be found.

But for such a topic to be useful, it would be necessary to post some source, even if speculative, for that information. Just because some game isn't on GOG, it doesn't automatically mean that it has been rejected.

Anyways, I might begin with some games that I can recall, and hopefully others will follow.

The Uncertain

Source: Kickstarter for episode 2.

"We tried to publish on GOG with Episode 1, but they wouldn't consider it somewhy. We will definitely try it with Episode 2 too but we cannot make any certain announcements as we don't know for sure yet."

Tokyo Dark

Source: Kickstarter for Tokyo Dark

"We know that a number of you are not fans of Steam and prefer to have your games completely DRM free. We are currently talking to platform partners to launch Tokyo Dark on, though this is going slowly and is unfortunately an area we have no control over."

Her Majesty's SPIFFING

Source: Kickstarter for Her Majesty's SPIFFING

"Regrettably, things didn’t go smoothly with the distribution of download keys to backers either, which I feel the need to apologise for again. It transpired a small (but not insignificant number) of folks didn't receive the email containing their download key and, unfortunately, GoG ultimately decided that they didn’t want our game on their platform."
Betrayer was one. When I e-mailed the devs (Blackpowder Games), they said they wanted a GOG release and even had a DRM-Free build "ready to go" but GOG refused. Shame because it's an unusual hybrid FPS / stealth set in 1604 with "Very Positive" ratings that stands out beyond the usual "WW2 shooty shooters" and would have been great here.

Party Hard is here now but also took two attempts (the first one rejected).
Here is a list: :) Some did already release in the mean time btw! Let's hope others will follow! ;-)

Source: Kickstarter for AR-K

"We contacted with GOG, because we want to offer the game in that platform, but we can't publish the game on GOG if they not allow the game in the store for the moment. We keep trying to be on GOG ;)"
PixelBoy: AR-K

Source: Kickstarter for AR-K

"We contacted with GOG, because we want to offer the game in that platform, but we can't publish the game on GOG if they not allow the game in the store for the moment. We keep trying to be on GOG ;)"
I thought AR-K was really good. I don't see why GOG turned it down as its alot better than some of the other adventure titles they didn't turn down.
Crystal Story II:

I contacted the developer some months ago (a very down-to-Earth and friendly guy), he confirmed he wanted to sell it on GOG but it was rejected. Maybe because it started as a free Flash game, but there is a premium version now with an additional chapter that is sold on Steam (and which includes the first game in the series as a bonus). A pity, because that's the most addicting game I have ever played, without hesitation. The graphics are not impressive, but considering it was a one-man job, I think he did quite well. Combat is surprisingly deep and there is a lot of humor, not to mention the fun and memorable characters. I still remember the day I beat the final-final boss -one of my proudest achievements in gaming.
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One Finger Death Punch

10/10 user rating on Steam.

Left TotalBiscuit in a state of total euphoria.

The only purchase I made directly on Steam, because the game simply is THAT goddamn good.

Refused by gog. This was confirmed to me by the developer. Quote: "Sorry, GOG refused our game."

For shame.

They have a part 2 coming out and hopefully gog will aproach them to sell that (and the first one).
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AB2012: Party Hard is here now but also took two attempts (the first one rejected).
Unfortunately, the gog version is missing a dlc last I checked.
Experiment513: Here is a list: :) Some did already release in the mean time btw! Let's hope others will follow! ;-)
That's few years out of date, unfortunately.

Hopefully there's someone here who has the time and interest to start a new list, and keep it updated.

In the meantime...

Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet!

Source: Kickstarter for Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet!

"Good Old Games, Bad Old Times

Lots of you have been sharing our Press Release Video - thanks! Some people noticed that among our list of every game portal ever, one store was notably absent:

Now, I love, but it would seem they don't feel the same way about me. To make them realise their mistake, would it be unethical for me to ask you to vote for Nelly on the Wishlist? Possibly. And that's why I haven't done that."
Rob Maher: "We tried to get rex on gog but they denied us. Havent tried with blossom tales"

Rex Rocket
Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King

Fred Wood: "Unfortunately @GOGcom turned us down. Said we weren't a good fit for the platform. I wish we could change their minds."

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Oh, awesome,...another "curation stinx and every indie game I like should get approved" topic...or at least that's what these topics always devolve into. With the new and improved design, it is already more difficult to find games (even titles of games, since it is showing images without the words). Flooding the store Scheme/Itch-style exacerbates this problem. Great games, particularly those without any hype machine behind them, would get even more buried.

The original premise in OP of games refused due to DRM or other rights management issues, is a VERY interesting topic and I would like to hear about that though!