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Sorry to double-post, but given the length of the posts, I thought it better to keep them separate rather than one LONG read

Shadowrun Returns (Deluxe Steam version).
Again, not usually "my cup of tea", but surprised to find that I liked it a lot. The version played, as stated was the steam deluxe version which included the soundtrack. I do believe this tipped the scales to its favour; I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much without that cool music (it made up for the lack of voice-acting).
Nice graphics. smooth game-play and few puzzles to frustrate (except perhaps the key-card situation mid-game which can muddle which method you wish to infiltrate the cult building). Controls were a little clumsy, and often resulted in me moving characters in combat by accident (because I'm used not used to turn-based games of this type).
A little disappointed the story-line ended so quickly. Combat is easy for those who chose the easier path (weapon expertise), and took the advice to heart not to spend XP broadly across all skill sets. Hacker levels were so few they seemed out of place, and could have been made more integral, forcing the player to diversify their mercenary groups (and inevitably making combat harder in the real world).
4 out of 5.

12 Is Better Than 6 (played, but not owned at the time)
Colour/art direction a nice touch. Game-play frustrating in places, but enough fun to keep you coming back to try again. Story-line a little dry, and could have benefited from voice-acting.
Ending was sudden and a disappointment. It was so abrupt that I actually said WTF out aloud, rather than just thinking it. It had the feeling that someone couldn't think of an ending or a script-writer quit before the story was finished. 3 out of 5.

Satellite Reign
Graphically quite nice, but resource-hungry, with some areas FPS dropping frustratingly low on my (albeit older) mid-range laptop. Game-play fun, but finding a better clone resulting in grinding too long outside of missions.
AI a little buggy with NPCs straying into restricted areas seemingly at random and causing chaos. AI of NPCs get predictable and game-play became a chore as you fell into predicable patterns to infiltrate areas.
Missions became repetitive, with little memorable features to keep you grinning. Music fitting to the atmosphere, but not particularly memorable.
3.5 out of 5.
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Battle Realms and Winter of the Wolf, Sept 20 (GOG)-I didn't really care for this. Each of the levels in the main game were long, slow, battles of attrition and then several minutes at the end of each level chasing down fleeing peasants. The expansion was much better. The expansion had more variety in the level types (ie some were of the type where you have to get a party through without buildings or resources) and they were generally shorter and a little easier.

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muddysneakers: Battle Realms and Winter of the Wolf, Sept 20 (GOG)
Does that have widescreen?

I actually have played the game but not it a loooooong time, since before I have a ws monitor.
muddysneakers: Battle Realms and Winter of the Wolf, Sept 20 (GOG)
tinyE: Does that have widescreen?

I actually have played the game but not it a loooooong time, since before I have a ws monitor.
I played on a widescreen monitor and it looked fine.
Wow, SCPM is over 100 games already.

Out There Somewhere

Tiny 2d pixel puzzle platformer. Gameplay is used on using teleporter gun to get past obstacles and enemies.
I spent 93 minutes in the game according to Steam and I missed decent amount of optional stuff but I don't have the need to go back and search for it.
It was OK, but nothing memorable and I think I got stuck only twice for few minutes.
Fine for what it is but not worth any special attention.


Very well looking game that I was looking forward to but have not enjoyed as much as I would hope. It is fine but I found the gameplay a bit lacking, enemies mostly not that interesting, I had issues with the pacing and overall story was not that interesting and a bit confusing and I never got immersed into it much. Also I wasn't on the friendliest terms with controls (played with controller)
What I really liked was the graphics style, sound and overall presentation. On story side the friendship between Otus and Geddy was well done IMO.
While I wasn't fan of regular enemies, I found the boss battles fun and those bosses looked great. They were giving me a bit of cramp sometimes but that is mostly fault of my hand.
It wasn't bad game but I expected a bit more.
It took me some 12 hours to 100% it and I suppose it could be substantially lower if one was to not explore and collect everything.

My complete list.
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Octodad: Dadliest Catch (GOG) - 5/5 - Great funny game that didn't overstay it's welcome. Two hours is a perfect duration for this. Any more and it would be tedious. Any less and you'd be wanting more. Jokes are aplenty, controls and gameplay take a bit to get used to but both are very fair.

Previous games
Rex: Another Island

Fun little 2D open world collectathon platformer with simplistic retro pixel graphics and chiptune soundtrack. Mostly easy, with a few quite challenging spots though, so I guess how long it takes to play through depends on how well you deal with these, and whether you aim to get all three endings or just the easiest one. I really liked the checkpoint system, it adds a little challenge but is pretty fair and even allows you to save your progress 'manually' if you want to be on the safe side. Checkpoints are ample and there are teleporters to quick travel across the levels, so it's well suited to pick up and play at short bursts in between things whenever you feel like it. Good coffee break game, but also addictive. For what it is, I liked it very much.
This War of Mine.

Roman survived but became a drug addict and died of an overdose.

Arica survived and became a lawyer or some shit.

Everyone else either committed suicide or starved to death.

What a game. If anyone ever wanted to play as mentally depressed slavs surviving as squatters in a war torn city filled with wood planks and rapists, then this is the game for you.
Sonic Adventure DX

Honestly, I didn't care for it. Too much running around the hub area confused about where to go, the camera too unfriendly, and the Amy and Big story missions were just painful. Especially Big. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to introduce fishing minigames as "required to get true ending" into a Sonic game?

But hey, this is the only Sonic game I've ever beaten because Sonic 1 and 2 just frustrate me with their now obsolete "run out of lifes/continues = start over from the beginning" mechanic.
Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded (GOG) - 2/5 - First time playing any LSL game. I used a walkthrough for the latter half of the game because it became clear to me that the gameplay hadn't really evolved since the original. There didn't seem to be logical trains of thought to solve puzzles and move the game along. There were numerous puzzles in which I thought there was no way I could have figured that out on my own and it's not like I haven't played point and click games before. I finished it just to finally experience what a LSL game is all about. The humor music and art were fantastic. Just wish the puzzles were more straightforward.

Previous games
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Ticket to Ride

My kid loves the board game version, so I picked up the electronic version to take on a trip. Pretty straightforward conversion, so it plays very much like the real thing. I tried out the single player as well and the ai is capable if less diabolical than my family.
Recently finished Plague Knight's campaign. Not 100%, just beat it normally.
I've yet to play Spectre Knight, but so far Plague Knight is by far my favorite. Story wise and combat wise. Very different way of fighting, but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty nuts blasting around throwing potions at enemies. The different combinations you can have for the potions are cool as well, I probably used 70% of them consistently. It also fun trying to find the one combo that destroys a boss.
Game of Thrones Episode 1 Iron From Ice, Sept 23 (TTG)- I got this free from some promo TTG was doing and figured I'd better play it now while I still have the chance. This was my first exposure the anything GOT related so I can't speak to how well it ties in with the show or books but as a standalone single episode story it was pretty good. Its the standard TTG of late so if you don't like that you probably won't like this. As someone who has no bias and nothing invested in the setting and lore I thought it was pretty engaging. I may even end up buying the series on GOG if it goes on sale.

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Fox and Flock
It's a variation of the boardgame Fox and Geese. It's not bad, but the AI is pretty dumb and so the game is quite short and easy. There is also a bug that sometimes makes it impossible to move the fox (it will normally work again when you restart the level.

Toki Tori
A pretty good puzzle game. It starts very easy, but in the end it gets quite challenging. Especially the hard and the bonus levels are good. The end is disturbing though. Why the hell would a bird use the eggs to make an omelet???

Complete list of finished games in 2018
Lamplight city

I wrote a review about it a few days ago, so I'll limit myself to some additional remarks here. Gameplay is really deficient imo, can hardly be called an adventure anymore. Few puzzles (and those are mostly very easy), you mostly advance the plot by just talking to everybody...other players have compared it to a visual novel or called it a walking simulator, which seems apt. There aren't many meaningful choices in the dialogues either. There's also some really bad design; at least in some cases you can lock yourself out of the best solution by small, seemingly inconsequential actions, with no potential course of remedy. In the worst case, this might mean you have to solve that section of the game by framing a suspect whom you clearly know to be innocent. Or just reload an earlier save.
Story and setting were interesting. There's some annoying stuff about racism and homosexuality, which some people might regard as a sign of games being infested by SJW thought; but it wasn't bad enough to kill off my interest in the game. The real problem with the game is that gameplay has been neglected in favour of narrative.
I don't regret having bought the game, since it did provide me some evenings of entertainment (it has decent length), but I wouldn't recommend it without at least some reservations. If you're looking for challenging, complex puzzles, this definitely isn't the right game.
My rating: 3/5.