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Grargar: List the games you've finished in 2016 here. 2015 list can be found here.

Important: If you want to be featured on the first page of this thread make sure you use the term "include me" in your list post (use the exact words "include me" so I can search this thread easily). Once I've got your name in the first post, you may remove it.

Tell me if your name isn't here and you want it here.

can you please add my first post to the list?
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lukaszthegreat: can you please add my first post to the list?
Oh, didn't see your post there. Added.
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Quake 1... Finally :P

First game of 2016, completed co-op with my brother. Never really though I'd complete this game. Played on and off for years, but this time just did a straight play through all the way to the end. Now on to Quake 2.
Meteos (DS)

A puzzle game that is like a mixture between 2 player tetris and bejewelled. Wasn't expecting much, accidentally set it at the hardest difficulty first time playing, managed to get to the 4th round. Completed the missions on the 3 easiest difficulties but my skill couldn't get me further than that.
Wolfenstein: The New Order (PS4)

This is an OK game, not wholly good but not entirely bad either.

On the negative side, it’s very linear with a lot of hand-holding. There are not many alternate routes/directions, and there are many scripted scenes where you really only have one option you must do (which is as simple as clicking a button). Some of the quests/tasks at your home base are quite trivial and unneccessary from a gameplay perspective, such as: “Fetch that file for me from the file room.” Oooooooh, fun!! The game uses only checkpoint saves, so forget about going back to investigate something else if you hit a checkpoint before you wanted to. It’s also quite easy, I played on the highest difficulty (Uber) and only hit a couple areas which gave me any real difficulty. And finally: there are a couple of “big boss” fights… I LOATHE big boss fights!

Most of the other areas are quite fun though despite the flaws, the weapons and shooting feel satisfying and the story is OK (because it is not too intrusive).
Journey of a Roach

A cute (if you don’t mind insects, spiders, etc.) and funny point-and-click adventure game.

Set in a post-apocalyptic land, your character is a cockroach who can walk as easily on walls and ceilings as on the floor, allowing access to otherwise inaccessible areas, which gives the game a unique twist. There is also nothing to read, all speech and explanations are done in pictures.

The puzzles are quite fun, not too easy but also not too hard, and the game can be completed in several hours.

Overall I’d rate it as an OK game, not great but definitely worth playing if you enjoy point-and-clicks.
Witcher 1, it's been a while since I first tried playing it. Actually stuck with it this time.
Super Mario 3D Land (LOVED IT)
Pokémon Omega Ruby (still completing the PokéDex though)

No PC games but hey, I'm not just a PC gamer :)
A few days ago I completed Dragon Age: Inquisition along with the expansion sequel Trespasser (the code came with the game) on the Xbox One. I loved it. It was definitely a great sequel and improved upon the previous two games.

I also enjoyed the dialogue choices and choices for alliances. I also really liked how they let you choose between voices (I picked the North American deeper voice for my human two-handed warrior).
So far I only have Pikmin 2 on my list!
Metro 2033 (the original, not the “redux” version)

Based on the novel with the same name, Metro 2033 has you taking the role of Artyom, a young metro dweller that will be forced to explore the skeleton of a nuclearly destroyed Moscow due to a series of unfortunate events in the attempt to protect its home. In my opinion. the better definition for Metro 2033 would be "modern first person shooter", and this already implies all its best and worst traits.

The game does in fact adopts all the current structural cliches and "compromises" to run on a console you can think of: Metro 2033 is in fact divided into very small and linear levels in which the map complexity is completely sacrificed for the sake of visual fidelity, narrative and to run "light" on Microsoft and Sony's dated hardware. Movements are also extremely slow (a running Artyom could easily be surpassed by a sneakily walking Duke Nukem), and the few interactions with merchants and characters (the non-scripted ones, I mean) are a worthless addition to the whole, something that gives me the feeling of being there mostly because it felt "necessary" to satisfy the usual AAA audience hunger for (apparent) diveristy rather than for a real choice by the developer.
In direct contrast with the Looking Glass Studios school -and even with the developer's own, since many members worked on S.T.A.L.K.E.R.- the story is not shown trough elements you can find while playing, but exclusively trough very frequent cut scenes where you will be just a passive spectator with no interaction power.
To make things worse, despite being perfectly playable the game does not run very well even on a rig far more powerful than recommended, especially when rendering the all-present layers of smoke and dust, and all the graphic options are locked under the "low, medium, high and ultra" labels unless you tamper with the configuration files -something not so easy to do, due to the very intrusive Steam client requiring you to change files both in the game folder and in its copy located in the Steam application one to actually see the effects, something that took a while for me to figure out.
I nearly forgot: the worst “consolization” point stays in the checkpoint saving system. I'm sure you can already draw your conclusions about it. At least, each small level can be autonomously reloaded.

Despite that, the game still has lots of strong points: first of all, it has atmosphere. The powerful graphic department creates a grim mood by playing with light and darkness in the devastated landscapes or in the run down tunnels, something further enhanced by the required use of the flashlight or the dark vision goggles in many places. The reduced field of view, the creepy noises (or, in many cases, the silence), the sound of your breath under the gas mask, the need to keep constantly in check the air filters and the power charge all add to the tension. Moreover, even on normal difficulty enemies should not be underestimated: while it's true that health regenerates without the need of medkits, it does so very slowly and just a few bullets are enough to kill you, pushing the player to adopt a careful approach to encounters and exploit the fairly well done though not very deep stealth elements.
Also, the shooting is as good as you can expect and can give plenty of satisfaction, even if sometimes the animation of a certain kind of monster does not respond very well to bullet impacts and you might be left unsure whether it died or not.
My last critique is that to experience the alternate ending (which I wouldn't have chose, anyway) you have to be “moral” and act like the ultimate selfless paladin each possible time, and I found a bit absurd that to take a simple, pragmatic choice in the end you needed to be a saint in completely unrelated minor situations.

Summarizing, Metro 2033 is plenty of faults and I wouldn't call it great, yet it is in my opinion worth the time for its solid narrative, great atmosphere and overall satisfying shooting and sneaking
Enebias: Metro 2033 (the original, not the “redux” version)
I just wish I could buy the original here. I really dislike the redux for some reason.
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Enebias: Metro 2033 (the original, not the “redux” version)
omega64: I just wish I could buy the original here. I really dislike the redux for some reason.
I didn't even try the Redux, so I cannot say about gameplay and audio, but judging by the images alone I have noticed that a lot of what built the game atmosphere (graphically) is gone. It all seems so clean and bright, there! Where is the oppressive darkness you could barely cut with the flashlight at maximum power?

By the way, do you know what is the difference between the original Last Light and the Redux one?
Enebias: Metro 2033 (the original, not the “redux” version)
omega64: I just wish I could buy the original here. I really dislike the redux for some reason.
What's the difference between the two?

PS: I wish I could buy the Linux build here, never mind original or redux. :\
omega64: I just wish I could buy the original here. I really dislike the redux for some reason.
muntdefems: What's the difference between the two?

PS: I wish I could buy the Linux build here, never mind original or redux. :\
I'm not sure exactly. It just seems like a lot of the atmosphere was lost in "improving" the graphics.
I also really dislike the way they changed the watch on your characters wrist.