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I just finished Hard Reset and it's DLC Hard Reset: Exile.

A fun and solid game. Good weapons, graphics and sound. The enemies are a bit boring but still fine. In the end there's nothing really special about this game but also nothing really bad.
The DLC is a nice extension of the game. More of the same, nothing different. Sadly there's still a cliffhanger ending.
The main game took me 6 hours to beat and the DLC took 3 hours.

Here's my list.
I finished Expeditions Conquistador, now I don't know what else to play because nothing else seems good enuff. Well, I guess I'll have to stop playing games forever now. I wrote more about Exp:C in another thread (spoilers).

Other games
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CarrionCrow: Okay, cool. Is this the point where I'm supposed to justify my emotional response, like I'm supposed to be arguing about why a certain game is bad? Is this the debate portion of the program? Am I going to get my leg humped until I concede and change my point of view? Should I scream endlessly til any and all come around to my exact opinion? Will my existence be vastly improved knowing that ghosts in my machine are rooting my point of view on? Will this grand conversation be the start of a long and enduring friendship?

Fuck all that noise. Congratulations, you figured it out. It's all synthetic emotion, glittery HD multi-core, 12 gigs of RAM, super-speedy video card-driven BULLSHIT, filling space and killing time til we're all dead. Just a game, just a movie, just a sports team, just an acquaintance, just a friend, just a husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/person you're not sick of hanging out with (YET). Dataflow to keep your mind from eating itself alive out of boredom and isolation.

And on that note, I'm back to Titan Quest. Cuz I kinda hate myself sometimes.
dirtyharry50: Just to clarify what I really meant with my comment:

Save the drama for your mama.
If that is what clarification has provided, a little (or A LOT) less clarity might be in order. And if you're finding that you're still in the mood to gibber inane cliched one-liners, I would request that any further "pearls of wisdom" be delivered via message. While not giving much of a shit in general, I would at least like to adhere to general etiquette regarding thread derailment. Unless of course your entire intent is to be a "drama" whore.

Edit - And now, back to part 37 of trying to finish Titan Quest before my index finger falls off.
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dirtyharry50: Just to clarify what I really meant with my comment:

Save the drama for your mama.
CarrionCrow: If that is what clarification has provided, a little (or A LOT) less clarity might be in order. And if you're finding that you're still in the mood to gibber inane cliched one-liners, I would request that any further "pearls of wisdom" be delivered via message. While not giving much of a shit in general, I would at least like to adhere to general etiquette regarding thread derailment. Unless of course your entire intent is to be a "drama" whore.

Edit - And now, back to part 37 of trying to finish Titan Quest before my index finger falls off.
Normally, this thread is pretty good with people providing feedback where ideally they share info not only about what they played and liked or disliked but why they felt the way that they did. Those sort of posts are interesting and worthwhile. Maybe it is just me but posts bursting with drama and lacking in substance are just distractions.

I once posted a little mini-review about a game I liked in last year's thread and someone went insane with a reply about how horrible the game was, it was the worst game ever made, it was an abomination, etc., etc. at length and I thought to myself, was that really necessary? It felt more like an attack than a conversation. I don't think I have posted about what I've played since because of that. I'm not up for that. I do like keeping track of what I've played here though which ain't much this year so far.

I get the impression you are a smart guy and could if you cared to, offer a critique of the game breaking down how it fails so miserably in your eyes. That would have been interesting to read but a whole lot of "venom" spewing as you called it really isn't honestly. It's just shit frankly. That is why more than just myself called you out on it.

I'm kinda sorry I bothered now. I don't know why I bother to say much of anything around here anymore really. Lurking is alright though. I do enjoy reading some people's posts still.
Having a slow year, only really started gaming in March. Am making good progress now, though.

Metal Gear
Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
Metal Gear Solid
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

It was kinda disturbing to go through the Metal Gear games in order. The only ones I had beaten before I got the Legacy Collection earlier this month were Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2. When I first played MGS in 2002 (or maybe 2003) the game felt so novel and original (despite being four or five years old already). The game feels absolutely different when you see that already the original Metal Gear from 1987 incorporated most ideas that made MGS so awesome and MGS2 already had a very similar approach to story telling. It makes you wonder how MGS is considered a milestone if everything that officially made it a mile stone had been present in its predecessor more than ten years earlier.

Anyway, five down, three more to go.

Edit: Added Metal Gear Solid 4, only one left for now is Peace Walker. Also I told myself not to get any game for PS3 that's also available for PS4 but damn... I'd *really* love to get me some Ground Zeroes.
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Finished this week (although been playing for a while now!):

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - when it first came out (when it was first announced, really) I hated the idea that Ubisoft were going to take an excellent and narratively complete game (AC2) and just milk some unworthy filler nonsense out of the cash-cow that Ezio Auditore da Firenzie had become. However, when it came up on sale recently I relented and tried it out - it's actually a good game in and of itself, although the higher-level narrative arc is the unnecessary filler I was expecting. I'm still skipping Revelations, though, as several of my friends have played it and advised that it simply isn't worth the effort.

Remember Me - got it 'free' as part of Playstation Plus ages ago, finally got round to finishing it last Thursday. Artistically it's wonderful, beautifully imagined right up to the end. Sadly, aside from a few set pieces and the 'memory remixing' segments, it's utterly devoid of gameplay with glowing signposts indicating every single step you need to take along the way and combat that consists of 4 - count 'em, FOUR - moves that never change (punch-punch-punch, kick-punch-kick-punch-kick, PKKPKK and KKKPPPPK - honest to God, that's it). I played it so I could delete it off the harddrive with a (relatively) clean conscience.

Also did yet another playthrough of Mass Effect 2, but since it's possibly the seventh or eighth time I've finished it, it probably doesn't count....

Currently working my way through Final Fantasy X HD, although I'm expecting Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall, Assassin's Creed III and Destiny of Spirits to eat into my gaming time too.
Alien Shooter is in the bag, having grabbed it this week from the Pot o' Gold sale. Extremely fun game, essentially Aliens in game form. Nothing quite like the feeling of pouring gunfire into the advancing swarms, and wondering when it will finally end. Once you get the magma minigun, the swarms become more manageable - but only slightly. This is one of the few games, when cheating to get weapons, ammo, and health doesn't make the game a walk in the park. It's true this game is repetitive, but it's loads of fun.

So far:
Carmegeddon 2: Carpocalypse Now
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat
Alien Shooter + Expansions
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Just finished Rogue Legacy. I'm probably not gonna do the NG+ yet, at least not for a while though. Overall it was really fun, especially the flexibility this game offers. I could play it for just a few minutes while taking a break from work or have a regular gaming session with it for an entire evening. Finished it at level 132 after 359 generations... favorite class was archmage for most boss fights (especially the end) and spelunker for most dungeon crawling. I've never really been big into platform games, but this little gem has definitely sparked an interest.
Superfrog HD

Didn't care for this one at all, finished just to cross it off the backlog. Took 4 hours over several months...
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Just finished Trackmania United Forever, good racing game with a lot of variety.

So far:
1.Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex (PS2)
3.Broken Sword
4.Ultima 9: Ascension
LA Noire (Complete Edition)

Everybody should play this game once.
Very interesting, different, great atmosphere, I really enjoyed this game ! Finished it in 25 hours.
I just finished Command & Conquer: The Covert Operations.
Again my thanks goes to "rong44".

It's a nice expansion. While there is no story, the mission are diverse, fun. and mostly quite challenging.
I also played the hidden Dino-campaign. Those missions were a bit boring except for the last one. There you get to command the dinosaurs!

The end of this game also marks the end of my vacation... well, it ended on a good note.

Here's my list.
I finished Dust: An Elysian Tail.
It is great game and I love it. I expected a lot and while it oftens signs bad things, this one hasn't disappointed me.
It has much more simple combat than Guacamelee (the platformer I played before it) and it was not as fun in that regard but I think it is its only downside. Still I enjoyed fighting (äfter I learned to parry), thanks to great look of it and very good responsivness of controls. It became best after I got lightning attack for Dust Storm. It looks amazing and it was fun slaughtering whole map with it. Until then I barely leveled Fidget but since then I increased her stats every time I could.
The visuals of games are its best asset even outside combat. It looks amazing and I really love the style. You can easily judged this from screenshots and it looks even better in motion.
I enjoyed the story too which is usualy not the strongest part of platformers, as well as characters and voice acting a lot. Some might not like Fidget annoyance but it was fine with me and it amused me most of time.
I think I found everything I could (although I had to look up one thing because I got mislead by video review :-)), got 116% completion (go figure) before final combat and it took me cca 14 hours according to game counter. It is metroidvania type of game so there is invovled a lot of returning to previously visited places to collect treasures. Most of them are not worth collecting at the time you get to them, though, while elsewhere there are best items in game and if you manage to get them sooner than you should, then the next part becomes lot easier. Yet I had fun collecting it and several times I managed to reach some of them sooner than I was supposed to and it amde me happy.
Goood thing is that the game shows you if there is some treasure hidden on each screen.

I even got all achievements, even when I don't care for them in games, except one, but this one is mutualy exclusive to another one. I got most of them by accident and by sheer progress through game, only the 1000 combo one, I tried to get but it is quest as well as achievement.

Overall I enjoyed the game a lot and I recommend it to anyone who likes platformers and don't mind anthropomorphic characters.
I'd rate it 9/10.

Link to full list.
I finished a first playthrough of the Witcher 2. There are a lot of things I like about the game. The artwork, combat, characters and dialog are all well done. The side quests were varied and blended with the main storyline. It is definitely not a children’s game, because of the portrayal of violence in the cut-scenes.

I liked the beginning of the game and the creative introduction to the story but, the story itself feels a bit fragmented and the ending in act three gets resolved too quickly, although I don’t feel that it relies too much on the previous game. The level design is a bit confusing but the developers managed to place landmarks well enough for us to find our way through exploration rather than quest marker guidance.

All in all, I would say it is worth a second, maybe even third playthrough to see how different choices might affect the events that unfold.

Currently fiddling with Empire Earth Gold, to take a trip down memory lane. What a great game this was, and still is. I have the original discs and printed materials for this game, and now the GoG version for my collection. Also getting ready to play Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion and Alexander expansions. Just a short campaign in BI though.
Stick It To The Man! I liked it. It's a bit like playing Psychonauts in 2D, or a more cheerful and somewhat more refined The Cave, and also a bit reminiscent of the old LucasArts adventures, although never quite as original. But nevertheless it's a unique and mostly well done game. It's more of an adventure than a platformer, which is a good thing, I guess, as the few 'stealth'/platforming sequences were a bit repetitive and rather annoying - but still short and easy enough to avoid real frustration. As an adventure it's also very easy, I played through it without the need of a walkthrough and never got stuck for long. Story and humor are nice, not exactly laughing-out-loud material, but entertaining and enjoyable. I loved the art style, and the soundtrack is freaking awesome, sadly it's not included as an extra. :(

EDIT: I forgot to say, the game suffered a bit from small sound glitches on my rig. Nothing really serious, but not quite as smooth as I would have liked it to be. Whenever I was in telepathy mode, listening to the thoughts of other people, there would be a chance of the occasional background noise glitch, like a very short but loud snippet from a dialogue that wasn't meant to be played - not like the low background thoughts - and accompanied by some short crackling in the speakers. I assume that's an issue with the PC port. Another thing that's probably the fault of the game itself, no matter on what platform, was that the wandering agents move during telepathy mode and interrupt their monologue if they move to far away from Ray.
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