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I also just beat Serena. Was I amused when, just minutes short of the end of the game and trying to figure our how to use the jewel box, I pressed escape and was booted completely out of the game? I was not amused. Given the nature of the thing, it was obviously quick work to get back to that point, but what the heck kind of design decision is that? Also not impressed with the "clever" book titles*. Still, it was free, and brief, and fairly effective. I'll see more of Cordes later this year, assuming that Asylum releases on schedule.

*Cordes, in an Asylum project update, describes the bookshelf as "A joy to read" and is planning to let his Asylum Kickstarter backers inflict a similarly awful collection of book names on that game. Ungh...
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SteamWorld Dig: Very easy but great fun nevertheless, and it managed to entertain me for about 9 hours (although I hear the average player might only need 4-6 hours to complete it). I'm very glad I bought it from GOG last week, the only thing I regret is not getting the soundtrack which is short but great.

EDIT: But I just realized it can be found in the game folder in the form of .ogg files, at least. :)
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Heroine's Quest - Must say I wasn't expecting this one to be that good, but ended up enjoying it greately. Very well done rpg-adventure hybrid, with the humor and style known from the Quest for Glory games. Definately recommend it to all that enjoyed the Quest for Glory games! Got to admit I'm quite baffled why it's not being sold but instead given away for free. Would have gladly payed some money for this game. In case anyone is wondering you can get it here:

Complete list:

Whoever designed movement in this game did an awesome job! You can walk, jump, use your jetpack or hook, wall jump... and everything is perfectly responding, no clunkiness at all! It's a rare in platformer games. Graphics looks good too. It can be a bit confusing and suddenly you may realize that enemies are all around you. But it's an alien world after all so it fits nicely. I like it that there is an additional drawback of having low health - the visibility is significantly reduced while in most games a barely alive character performs just as good as one with full health bar. AI is, however, rather bad. If you are careful you can shoot your enemies from the distance and they don't even care to return fire or move closer to have some chance to hit you. Story is absolutely forgettable. A few static images cannot stir up your curiosity or create a proper atmosphere. They could have done it much better. Nonetheless it's a very entertaining game!

Full list
Castle Crashers. I'm surprised that I ended up enjoying this as much as I did. I suppose it's worth mentioning that I played with a keyboard in single player.

It was fun and satiated my desire to whack things. Also, I really like some of the character/creature designs.

Some things that frustrated me:
*Xbox 360 button prompts, even if you're not using a controller.
*A lot of foreground things that completely block your character (including occasional large pop-up message).
*Some parts don't seem well-balanced for solo play, for example, areas that have so many enemies that it becomes incredibly tedious in single-player.
*Lining yourself up in the same plane as the enemy can be difficult.
*Lots and lots of unskippable cutscenes

Regardless, it really did grow on me after a while; I was even tempted to continue on after I had finished the game. I'm probably not actually going to continue playing it anymore, but there's definitely a lot left to do after you've reached the end.
Completed the story mode of Injustice: Gods Among Us. It was really fun even though I have a hard time remembering the various combos. I'll keep it installed to do some combats and the STAR LABS missions.

Full list here.

Dracula 4: Shadow of the Dragon - Enjoyed this game quite a bit. Good controls and puzzles that make sense. Also none of the common pixelhunting. The puzzles aren't very challenging though, which I imagine could be a big negative for some. The game is also rather short ( I believe about 4 hours or so), which again some might not like considering the price. I personally didn't mind the shorter lenght or the simple puzzles. The one thing that I didn't like was the ending. Basically it's doesn't conclude the story and gives the game an episodic feel. If I had payed $20 for it I would have felt cheated because of the ending. And while I'm looking forward to the second part, I'm not sure I would be willing to pay $20 for it tbh.

Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual - Solid adventure game with a good story and setting, but some faults here and there. Basically it is a very linear game. Puzzles are logically for the most part, but sometimes you get stuck because you are supposed to do something else first, even when it is not apparent for the player at that point. The other thing I found a bit annoying is that the main character moves very slowly. While that isn't a big problem for the most part, there is at least one instance where it is. And yes, you can make her jog, but the animation when she does things or when she comments on something will still make you wait a little. Overall still a good buy for adventure gamers imho.

Complete list:
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DProject: The Entertainment
Wow, I can't believe you actually sat through the whole "conversation" to get to an actual end. I checked it out, as well as the other one. I think The Entertainment was meant to be a digital version of a play that someone wrote. At least thats what I got from reading the webpage. You couldn't actually do anything, so after a couple minutes I just quit. I think the lighting is meant to be that way. If you look towards the bar, the lighting comes "on" to mimic a theater set and the lights dim when you look away. At least thats my interpretation. Who knows heh.

The other one wasn't any better. I think that ties more into the story of Kentucky Route Zero, as it contains the three characters of the game. But you just walk in a museum of set pieces and the characters say some things while looking at the pieces. One allows some interaction which involves playing tapes and based on your choices it plays different tape sections. This seems to be where some of the backstory of the main game is provided.

After "playing" the free items, my interest in the main game matches the route number.
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Finished Thief 2 Replay. Garrett still won in the end... who knew?
Costume Quest-charming little game from Double Fine.Very easy and relatively short but that only works in it's favor.
Jazzpunk-this game might make more sense if your snorting some heavy drugs while playing it.It's certainly unique I'll give it that.
Fallout New Vegas-it's fallout 3 with better wrtiting what more is there to say.Personally I loved it.
A little know old Polish adventure game (and, a bit of trivia: first Polish adventure game for Windows). I remember playing floppy version which was added to a magazine and now - thanks to the author who keeps the game alive and still sells it - I got my hands on the CD version, adding voiceovers and one plot sequence.
Funny, cute picture from good old 90s.
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Novotnus: Świrus
It's on my "to play sometimes in the future when I have more time" list. :D
triock: It's on my "to play sometimes in the future when I have more time" list. :D
It's rather short... but some puzzles are pretty abstract :)
I'm almost afraid to ask where do you get all those games from :)
Lord of the Rings: War in the North

Picked this up in one of the humble bundles for $1. It was alot better than I expected it to be, alot higher production values than expected as well.
212 deaths to finally defeat Olmec. Not even going to consider going through Hell to take on Yama.