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Novotnus: Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall.
I liked this campaign a little more than the first one. Companions with personality, linearity still there, but at least hidden a little better, lots of gray moral choices.
If they have another official campaign in plans - they can be sure I'm buying it.
htown1980: I just finished Dead Man's Switch and have just started Dragonfall. I really enjoyed the first game and am also really liking Dragonfall. I am surprised how much I am enjoying the games. I thought the response from critics and gamers was a little mediocre, but maybe I was wrong.

I had a look to see if any other DLC/Expansions were planned but couldn't find anything. I heard some mods were pretty good but I don't know if I will try them. Fingers crossed the devs release some more stuff.
Oh yes! I bought bothof campaigns during the first sale (just after DF release) and it was really great deal. I know i could get them way cheaper during summer sale but i do not regret buying them earlier because they gave me (and stll give) a lot of fun.
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Divinity 2 - Developers Cut

I kinda started the Divinity Series from the tail last month and managed to finish this right before Original Sin came out. A great game, started off slow but quickly became one of the best RPG's I've played in years.
realkman666: What language did you play it in? The rhymes in English seem terrible.
jamyskis: Sounds like they didn't know what the fuck they were doing.
That much is certain. Yes, it's an English game, and as a translator, I don't think I could get through it in any language. The writing looks as bad as Far Cry 3's story. That guy needs a support team. His games are cool, but they have some serious flaws.
It would make sense that they would keep it Austria in German, for the otherworldly effect.

...I guess that if the original was rushed this bad, the translations had no chance.
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Ganni1987: Divinity 2 - Developers Cut

I kinda started the Divinity Series from the tail last month and managed to finish this right before Original Sin came out. A great game, started off slow but quickly became one of the best RPG's I've played in years.
Divinity II: Developer's Cut is a great great game. I wasn't able to finish it because I lost my saves after my old laptop became, well, my old laptop but I was near the end of the game. It does start off a bit slow but it really picks up steam quickly and there are so many things to like about it. It's a real shame that it's been sort of forgotten and overlooked (when compared to other similar games that came out around the same time).
Deity Quest
It was fun, but in the end it got a little repetitive. After two-thirds of the game, I had two different formations of followers who could more or less beat every opponent and things got a little boring. Rushed through the game then and left out some areas just to see the end and become overgod of the planet. Still took me about 20 hours to complete. Think I could have saved some hours if I would've paid more attention to the specific stats of the followers.

Thank you again to xckx who gifted me the game!

Complete list of finished games in 2014
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I liked it. It was good for playing on and off, one or two levels at a time, and it wasn't as hard as I expected it to be, but still scary enough to always keep me on my toes. More seasoned players than me might find it too easy, but for me the balance was just perfect and I'm amazed that they pulled this off. There are no checkpoints and you can't save during a level; if you lose you have to restart it from scratch, but you get a limited number of respawns, lives so to speak, maybe four or five per level, in addition to the medpacks (which you automatically use on pickup, so you can't take them with you for emergencies).

And this approach really had me worried, because it had all the right ingredients for a ragequit. Five lives sounds easy enough - until you suddenly get caught unprepared in a tough arena fight with no way to escape. I wouldn't have enjoyed replaying an entire level at all (30-120 min, depending on your pace; mine was slow and cautious). Who knows, maybe it would have been irritating enough for me to completely abandon the game, if that had happened to me. But surprisingly it never happened, although it was a close call with some levels. So the limited respawn system worked quite well for me in that it really made me scared of dying and at the same time it was still generous enough so that I wouldn't get frustrated,

The gameplay was simple but satisfying, with a lot of different weapons, an upgrade system for each, unique opponents each with their own dangers and weaknesses, and different possibilities to deal with them, head on, but also sneaky or tactical by builiding traps. Admittedly, you can also exploit the AI sometimes, but I found that fun, too.

*MILD SPOILERS* I also liked that the level design didn't follow clear patterns, like putting a boss at the end of every level and making each one bigger and tougher than the one before. Instead, while the gameplay was more or less the same all throughout the game, the missions were comparatively unpredicatable, which helped create tension. *SPOILER END*

I have very few criticism to direct at the game, but what I got would be unforgivable in a game like this, if it hadn't built up so much goodwill with me by doing everything else right: The collision with walls, objects and NPCs isn't as polished as one would expect, and that can become a big issue if you're under attack and you roll around a room and try to dodge fire and melee attacks from fierce creatures, only to get stuck on some protruding piece of wall or to bump into your helpful companions blocking the escape route (they love to do that). Still, I managed to survive and have fun nevertheless, so I'll let it pass this time. ;)
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Prince of Persia (2008)

There were some interesting design decisions in this one - foremost being the decision to effectively make the prince invulnerable by having Elika save his stoopid ass every time he jumps off a ledge or into corruption. You can tell the game was designed around this principle, encouraging you to attempt more foolhardy solutions to problems, but it created the problem that the game was painfully easy. The most challenging thing about it was finding some of the more obscure light seeds, but by the time I'd finished all the levels, I really had very little desire to actually go back and meticulously hunt for them all (it's not the first time that Ubisoft has committed this particular design faux pas)

The Prince's acrobatics were fun, and there were a couple of standout performances by Nolan North and Kari Wahlgren. Also, the Warrior was a mildly intriguing character, who provided somewhat more insight into the motivations of the "bad guys" than the other three cookie-cutter baddies.
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The Adventures of Shuggy

Fun platformer. There are many levels and they're quite bite-sized. Since it isn't mandatory to complete all of them (unless you're after achievements), it doesn't matter if a certain level is too difficult: just find another route to the boss room. Some of the levels really felt ridiculously hard, so it was nice to see that it didn't have to mean a dead end as far as progress goes. And furthermore, the developers released several thousand keys for free not long ago! Therefor, it's easy to recommend the game. It's not a very long game (took me about 2 hours to beat) if you don't wish to beat every single level, but that's fine.

Why not take a look at what I've finished this year so far?
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Finished 22.7.2014 Quake 2

Last time i played was 1 year and half ago, finally got that off. I used KMQuake 2 mod. Still a nice old-school shooter. Some cool soundtracks, levels got lots of secrets to find and action was good. Some bad i have say was the levels design are most of the time bland, textures colors are mainly brown and grey and the Stroggs A.I dumb.
After 141 hours of playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (base-game) [PC] on and off for hours and hours, here and there - chipping away at this behemoth w/ its ridiculous amount of quests, places to explores, things to do, etc - since owning it (12-24-2011)...

...The Main Quest has finally been completed.

Added it to my list of 2014 finishes:
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Steamworld Dig

Charming indie platformer with some personality but I was ultimately let down by how simple the gameplay was (initially I hoped for more of a metroidvania). Open world dynamics with minor puzzle elements related to moving around effectively underground. The implied plot aspects seemed over simplified (or went over my head). Enjoyable but I'm left with the feeling it could have been so much more.
Gone Home

Intelligent and atmospheric "interactive novel" approach to openly exploring an empty house was compelling but short. Small elements seem to reward further exploration with plot tidbits and it tackles more mature emotional topics not often breached in popular media/games while interweving different subplots to create a sense of mystery. Gone Home has parts that feel like they're just outside of clear understanding/interpretation so it's interesting trying to put it together.
Dragon Quest 1--the Gameboy version, published as Dragon Warrior 1

I've played the DS trilogy (4+5+6) and wanted to see where the series came from. Obviously it's super simplistic, but pretty fun, although the dungeons, where you can only see part of the screen and all the corridors look exactly the same, were pretty annoying--I ended up having to map them.

Thomas Was Alone

Played on the Vita. The games atmosphere and writing were good; the actual puzzles tended towards simplistic and repetitive.
I didn't write a little review for this one, and I'll in the near future, but I finished Tomb Raider (reboot) last weekend. It was great, really great !
Remember Me
Mostly hate the combat system, and most of the gameplay connected to it. Enjoyed the .er.. "exploration" despite the game being so terribly linear. It was cool to constantly have to think "how to I get over there?". Story was very interesting, but characters suffered due to world building. This included most enemies. Writing for script, dialog, and scripted events was all terrible, but I'm pretty sure they were going for that B-Grade vibe. I really like stupid b-grade vibe, so pretty much every time a line was terribly written, or an unbelievably convenient event happened I kept laughing and having a good time. Pity the completely broken combat rubbish was always just around the corner to ruin the fun. Main character was way too skinny. Did no look anything like a badass super gymnastic head kicker, and dressed more like a low quality hooker from a JRPG than an ellite close combat specialist. Could joke this would explain why everything in the game had war too much health and took far too many boots in the face to defeat.