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As of now I can add Broken Sword - Shadow of the Templars (classic) to the list. I don't know how many times I've beaten that game back in the day - I used to be one of my favourite advenure games.

Nowadays I can see the flaws more clearly. But still it's an amazing game deserving its classic status.

Also this is the first time I've played the game in English. I have the boxed copy in German.

In comparison I can say a couple of things:

German sound mix is better - in the English version the voices are sometimes drowned by the music, especially when it dramatically swells up in cutscenes.

The German version has a hard time with accents. Most people in the English version speak with an accent, denoting their origin. In the German version some people have an accent, some don't. Which even then I found kind of strange. Also of course the different varieties of English are lost with the German translation. The British lady, the Irish, the American tourists and (most hilarious) the hooligan in the train near the end of the game.

Also I think the German version has not as many speakers, just a handful that disguise their voice to create the different characters. So the characters often sound artificial and cartoony. The English version also has this problem in a few places but not as blatant.

If the German version has one major advantage it's the voice of Nico. While it lacks the French accent, the voice of Franziska Pigulla is really strong and sexy (and like the "molten chocolate" as quoted in the game). The English voice is rather weak and girlish, and at least for me, not very appealing.
I guess it'll be the last entry this year. Wolf Among Us. Probably the best murder mystery I played \ watched \ read this year (not counting Deadly Premonition replay :)).
Novotnus: I guess it'll be the last entry this year. Wolf Among Us. Probably the best murder mystery I played \ watched \ read this year (not counting Deadly Premonition replay :)).
Can you play it in one day?
Bioshock Infinite - Burial at Sea Part 1

Good game, I thoroughly enjoyed it and plan to play through it again soon, (after Part 2).
realkman666: Can you play it in one day?
Steam says I played it for 9 hours. Wasn't stuck at any point, replayed bits of the game when I wasn't happy with some choices I made. So my guess would be yes, if you have a whole day and nothing else to do, you can finish it in one day.
Finished what is certainly my last finished game in 2014: The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II.

A faithful heir to its predecessor, it lives up the expectations of a sequel: better, bigger, badder. But it's also a little rough around the edges: I encountered several crashes to desktops, one that even prevented me to do a sub-level. I guess that when you have creatures that can summon other creatures, when you aggro almost all the room, it comes to a point that the game can't count and manage the creatures anymore. ;)

Of course, I haven't 100%ed the game, it would take several replays. But that's not my goal in games. I play the game, follow the story, get the conclusion and that's all. Until now, a couple of LEGO games made me come back for a 100% and that's all.

Since, I had a blast with Van Helsing II, which might be my good surpise of 2014! ^_^

So far in 2014 (who knows?) :
I beat Planescape Torment,yay!
re: AI War

toxicTom: First of all - it's real-time. I usually suck at these type of games (if they're not as slow as the RT part of UFO/X-COM).
Also Ghorpm mentioned that the learning curve is pretty steep at the beginning, and TBH - I just don't have the patience right now to "work" to enjoy a game.
Ah! Well, the fact that it's an RTS worried me initially. But actually, you can pause and issue commands, which makes it more like a TBS game. Plus you can slow down and speed up the game time if you want. It's actually the perfect solution for speediness and giving you all the time to think and manage all your pieces.

But the learning curve/time suck... well, that's definitely true :) The tutorial itself took me 7 hours to clear. That being said, it does a pretty good job of teaching you how to play. In order to win the tutorial, you pretty much have to execute what you've learned well.
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Castle Crashers

Final Fantasy 7

So many dang games I wanna play/finish, so little time lol
Papo & Yo

Short and beautiful puzzle game dealing with a dark subject matter (domestic abuse.)
Might & Magic 7 & 8 again...
Legend of Grimrock 2.
Dead State
Braveland......BL Wizard.
STALKER Clear Sky.

& HPS Red Victory One and a half years give or take to complete the err 80 + scenarios + the campaigns...going from memory here.
Last game for the year is Project Diva Extend, the third game in the series.

There's probably some minor tweaks in there somewhere, but it is basically identical to the second game. Which is a good thing because they are almost perfect rhythm games for a Vocaloid fan.

I passed all but 6 songs on Extreme difficulty. Two of them are just terrible songs and I can't be bothered to put the time in to learn them. Two are new good songs that are just too difficult for me. The last two are repeats of songs from prior games that I couldn't pass there either - Youtube videos to the contrary notwithstanding, I question whether they are even physically possible.

Now I need to order Project Diva F 2nd for my PS3, and look forward to the release of Project Mirai for the 3DS next year.

Full list for the year.

Last, I'd just like to say thanks to Austrobogulator for maintaining this thread throughout the year. Hopefully someone worthy steps up for next year.
My complete list of 2014:

Brütal Legend
Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers
Rocketbirds - Hardboiled Chicken
Planescape Torment
Thief GOLD
Frozen Synapse
To The Moon
S.T.A.L.K.E.R - Shadow of Chernobyl
Tex Murphy: Pandora Directive
Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura
Shadowrun Returns
Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall
The Shivah
Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded
Gemini Rue
The Swapper
Dust - An Elysian Tail
Thomas Was Alone
Police Quest I VGA
Mark of the Ninja
Avadon - The Black Fortress
Gone Home
Gabriel Knight 2 - The Beast Within
Wasteland 2
Thief II: The Metal Age
A Golden Wake
Tex Murphy: Overseer
Thief: Deadly Shadows
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Final list.

Thanks, guys, it's been a fun thread.
Austrobogulator: Final list.

Thanks, guys, it's been a fun thread.
Thanks again for being the list keeper :-)