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Thiefer: Just finished my first campaign of Dragon Age: Origins.
An absolutely thrilling and amazing game.
Specifics: Dwarf Commoner/Rogue, just shy of 64 hours.
Such a good game. Did elf-dalish and rogue. I loved the music too.
elendiel7: Oh thanks! That's actually quite enticing.
Even better, if you already backed Torment, you can just add $20 to your pledge and get 2-pack for $45 (I don't know if this works for new backers; I guess not, as it's not listed on current pledges list).
Being the fool I am, I missed this option and pledged additional $20. So now I'm in Torment beta by accident :) Not that I'm complaining... I'll just call it a stroke of fate :)
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Just finished Campaign for Far Cry 3 (PC).
Took the "Save" Choice at the very end.

Added it to my list of 2014 Completions:
Fallout 1: finished with a nuclear bang. Enjoyed immensely. :)

Updated list is Here.
Coelocanth: Fallout 1: finished with a nuclear bang. Enjoyed immensely. :)

Updated list is Here.
Did you do it via sneaking and hacking or talking with the master?
Although it was nice to see a Prince of Persia (1) style game again after all those years, it didn't impress me.
The zombie theme is worn off, the game is quite unstable/buggy, rather short and it's too obvious that it's just another sloppy PC port of an XBox game with no button mapping or proper direct input support where you can't customize the graphical settings.
The good thing about it was, that it ran quite good on highest settings on my old triple core WinXP machine for a new game, but in the end it's just another movie with quick time events. I should go back to playing old games.

Current list for 2014:
Dead Island Riptide

I really enjoyed playing this with my father. It was certainly an improvement over the first game, if at times only marginally better. I liked that the quests did have more variety than the first, however there was still a plethora of fetch quests.

At the end of the day, I suppose it's just about spending time with someone else and killing zombies together. I paid $10 for each copy, and that's about the most I think the game is worth.
Klumpen0815: Did you do it via sneaking and hacking or talking with the master?
I did it with guns and hacking. None of this pansy stealth for me. :)
The Cat Lady. This was my second playthrough, I got a slightly different version of the ending I got the first playthrough. Some other parts of the game were different this go around based on different choices and there are still one or two unique-ish playthroughs left in it. Great game.
Finished Chains of Satinav.Lovely art,cute story,logical puzzles.Has a nice fairy tale feel to it.
SteamWorld Dig (Linux port)

A really fun game, I enjoyed it a lot.
It's quite short and I finished it in two days, but I can't complain, because I needed 6 hours and it wasn't expensive.
If you want something easy and short with neat graphics to just have a good time digging, then this is for you.
The Linux port worked very well and although it didn't have gamepad support (I don't understand this), it worked flawlessly with my Saitek P2600 via QJoyPad.

Updated list for 2014:
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A good hidden object game is really just an excuse for leading the player through a story with style, peppering the way with puzzles that satisfy the "There it is!" urge of the mind. A hidden object game that is not so good ends up being about finding the objects.

Autumn's Treasures: The Jade Coin is not a bad game, but it's not really a good one. It's pretty enough, and it tells the tale of young Autumn, who inherits an antique shop from her grandfather and, predictably enough, begins to discover clues that lead her hither and thither - China, Sri Lanka, Seattle, etc. Rather than finding objects in a timed match, Autumn's Treasures has you pick out plot-related tools that will help you in the scene: so, the parts of fluorescent light to illuminate a darkened room, or a hammer and crowbar to open a crate, and such. As well, of course, as the inevitable diary pages.

It's a mistake, I think, because the mind works faster than this game does, so I was always clicking through so Autumn could catch up to where I already knew we were going. It got a little tedious, though it was fun for a while. I suspect this game is meant for kids, and that's fine, though I think it might be a little stodgy for your average game-playing child.

The voicing is mediocre; Autumn is chipper, but the actress too often delivers lines that she clearly has not understood, and there is simply no excuse for being that unable to pronounce the number 45 in French.

I didn't actually mean to play this game, but it was a Free Game Of The Day I stumbled across in browsing. Worth what I paid for it? Sure, why not. A few cunningly-hidden pieces feel like frustrating betrayals, given the simple level of most of the game, and over time the story repeats itself a few too many times. Pobros, the devs, appear to be located in Florida, and so it's hard to explain some of the weird gaffes, my favorite of which is when one of the characters is instructed to "go to Boston and go to the Bostonian Museum." Really? The Bostonian Museum, in Boston? Well, whatever.

The game ends fairly abruptly, with an advertisement promising Part Two, but by then the story has been over for a while.

Finished in 2014: the tiny list
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The Longest Journey

And the longest journey it was indeed. Took me more than a decade to play through it and even my last and finally successful attempt started several years ago. In fact, TLJ was among the first games I got from GOG.

Not quite sure what to think about it, in the end. During that decade I had quite a few "Wow" moments, in which I thought "This is a very cool adventure game, I really like it", but then again there were just as many occasions that made me groan or get annoyed at the game design. There definitely is some good writing, interesting story-telling, nice voice-acting, pleasing graphics, enjoyable puzzles. And there's also cheesy almost 4th-wall-breaking humor, extremely longwinded dialogues that make you think you're listening to an audiobook rather than playing a videogame, actors in important roles who almost speak too soft to make themselves heard over the background music, lots of tedious running to and fro between the same screens, frustrating puzzle design, and during the last chapter I also had these technical issues that made the game crash after each cutscene unless I skipped them (but maybe I wouldn't have had these issues if I had played through the game back in the days, on the OS it was made for).

All in all, it leaves me somewhat indifferent; I know for many people it's the greatest adventure game ever, but I still think the old LucasArts stuff was more fun, and personally, I would have preferred a shorter journey. On the upside, I can finally give Dreamfall a try now.
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Klumpen0815: although it didn't have gamepad support (I don't understand this)
Weird, 'cause the GOG version worked flawlessly with my x360 controllers / logitech f710 on ubuntu 14.04. Like, out of the box...
Klumpen0815: although it didn't have gamepad support (I don't understand this)
vicklemos: Weird, 'cause the GOG version worked flawlessly with my x360 controllers / logitech f710 on ubuntu 14.04. Like, out of the box...
Oh, then it's another one for this list.