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Just beaten Dungeons: The Eye of Draconus

Really short action arcade game with a few gags, in the line of Golden Axe. Not the greatest thing, should be more fun with more two players. I guess for those who like the sort could enjoy more.

My games beaten so far:
Azghouls: Here's my list for 2014 - I'm very slow completing games in general.

23/2 Gothic 1 (8 / 10)
25/2 Operation Thunderstorm (7 / 10)
7/3 Code of Honor 2: Conspiracy Island (3 / 10)
16/3 Armed Forces Corp (5 / 10)
3/4 Into the Dark (1 / 10)
23/4 Tomb Raider 3 (7 / 10)
31/5 Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - Teeth of Naros (8 / 10)
10/6 Section 8 (7.5 / 10)
29/06 Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (9 / 10)
24/07 Wolfenstein: Spear of Destiny (5 / 10)
31/07 Driver (8.5 / 10)
06/08 F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate (7 / 10)
Oh come on - that's just bragging from an Aussie! :-)
Finished Tales of Monkey Island, my second Monkey Island game. It was fun. The humor was great, and the game was self-aware enough of the bad jokes that even those were funny (these were mostly in the form of really bad puns). Story-wise, it was actually more interesting than I expected it to be. The first three chapters did a decent job in setting everything up. Chapter 4 was definitely the best in terms of story, especially since it managed to have a couple of uncharacteristically (for the series, anyway) dark and surprising moments. The last chapter was a fitting conclusion, and it was the only one I didn't have to, at any point, consult a walkthrough. I tried to avoid doing that for all the chapters, but sometimes I just got a little too stumped; many times, it was simply the result of me not trying one particular combination of an item in my inventory and an item in the game world, or I didn't notice something rather minor had changed in one area after the story had progressed some. Overall, though, the puzzles were decently challenging without being too hard. Great game.
The Sun At Night

Fun platformer with RPG elements (no actual experience points but you find "nano batteries" to upgrade your skills.) Outside of the introduction, only 3 missions, but their maps are humongous, nonlinear, and easy to get lost in. The automap reminds me of a cross between Descent's and Daggerfalls - but far larger... Good thing that most of the main objectives can be lead to with an optional navigational arrow.

The story is interesting but ends on a cliffhanger with 0 questions answered. And believe me, you'll have tons of questions.

Also there are a few bugs, but none really gamebreaking. Except for one where I won a fight I was supposed to lose, and got stuck until I reloaded the last checkpoint and lost like a good little doggy :(
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Just finished .hack//Infection. It was shorter than I remember, but also had more fun than the first time I played it. Will be moving on to the 2nd part soon, which is new territory for me.
heh I set an old C64 game that I used to own as the question in the 'Guess the Game' thread

called 'Fame Quest' but while looking for a screenshot I stumbled on a java based, online C64 emulator, had a look at the old thing again and ended up beating it! - it's not very hard if you get through the 1st couple of random maps and upgrade your weapons you seem to become pretty unstoppable pretty quickly (I say 'seem' because apart from Gold and 'Fame' (XP effectively) all the other stats are hidden)
Simple and grindy roguelike but not without its charm and a huge nostalgia trip for me!

Full List:
16/08/2014 Sudeki: I did enjoy myself immensely with the game. even though I would have liked the end movie to give some more details on what happened after. Still, ~20 hours well spent.

Full list here
I finished Giants: Citizen Kabuto.

After the TB review, there is really nothing more for me to say, so I'll just state my personal impressions! ;)
GCK is a weird game. One of the weirdes I ever played, actually. It blends a lot of differents generes, combining them in a unexcpecatbly good manner: it is a third person shooter, but can also be played in first; as you expect from a shooter, it has ranged combat, but also a melee-only "faction"; every character has a lot of special customizable abilities that allow for varied tactics; there is a base construcion sysytem, that works in a sort of competitive "capture the flag" match.
Your objective is saving the enslaved race of the Smarties (really useful fellows, btw) while stopping the evil Sea Reapers in taking over the planet, playing as three factions: the Meccs, a group of space explorers with a marked British accent, the Sea Reaper princess Delphi, a powerful spellcaster and the mighty Kabuto, a giant monster (im my opinion, the game really shines with this latter: who wouldn't want to control a wrestler Godzilla-like raging creature, smashing everything on sight and sadistically eating all the little people below?).
Each faction has its peculiarities, but what I really found strange is the marked imbalnce between them: a single, lonely Reaper-witch can exterminate an entire Mecc group by wisely using a combination of spells and weapons, while the Kabuto could annihilate an entire base in a matter of seconds. I would have really liked to see how this played out in a multiplayer match, but unforunately it seems that the dedicated community is not very active. I cannot blame them, since unfortunately (and inexplicably) like many other great games this one was a major commercial flop, so finding players seems to be extremely hard.
The storyline is delirious, but also very funny: even if the humor (British as a Mecc) might not suit your tastes, I'm sure that the game will at least two or three good laughs out of you!
Add to that a nice art style with a colourful, I'd say "pearly", palette and a great soundtrack that can always fit at best the situation, and you have the formula for an excellent game capable of giving you plenty of enjoyment for several hours.
In conlusion, I can safely say that Giants: Citizen Kabuto is a really innovative, eneterntaining, fun, good looking victim of bad luck, and it surely deserves more recognization.[/i] I sincerely hope the multiplayer can be resurrected, because I'm sure that if only it was more famous, its uniqueness could have destroyed the competition!

I recommend this game to everyone!

P.S. Even to "casual" players, as the difficulty is fairly low and never punishing.
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I managed to finish a few games this weekend:

The Culling of the Cows - This game was pretty fun,but really simplistic. My only real complaint is that during a match, the game doesn't tell you how many waves you have left. Overall, a nice little diversion from more involved games.
Shanghai: Triple Threat - I really enjoyed this game! I had never played mahjong solitaire before, but consider me a fan now. I played through two of the game modes completely and tried out another one, but didn't really like it, so I'm considering this complete. There's technically another mode, but as far as I can tell, it's two-players only.
Bardbarian - I rolled through this game in like a day, but it was a lot of fun. It became a bit of a grind towards the end since I was going for 100% completion, but that's okay.

Full List
Full List + Details
In keeping with my general practice of sticking with smaller more casual games this year - not my real love, in gaming, but my time-plate can't take much more on it - I've finished Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart. This is a well-put-together hidden-object game, which means if you don't like hidden-object games you've already stopped reading, which is a shame, because this is a nice, punchy, solid one.

There's a good story that finishes in about three hours of solid unstressy play (I went back and played it again to wrap up the achievements, because that sort of thing sometimes helps me relax, and even with inefficiency and time-wasting and leaving it on for a bit by mistake, Steam clocked 12 hours total), probably a bit longer if you start on the high difficulty, which I sort of wish I had done. The sound and images are quite good, though the voicing includes a few wincing errors - it's Isla, not Ilsa, which pirates should know: that sort of thing - and some of the hidden objects are occasionally incomprehensibly translated, so it's a lucky thing that the "sonar" gives you their outlines.

I guess sometimes I like a game that I'm actively chasing, where I'm building and fighting and controlling and such, and sometimes it's just fun to play with the pretty pictures. This game is confident and easily familiar, and even though it is pretty much impossible not to beat it no matter how little you try, it's a lot of fun if you are disposed to like this sort of thing. That may sound like faint praise, but it isn't - The Cursed Heart has more character than I expected, and it also plays you, without fanfare, as a resourceful female protagonist out to save your daughter from the clutches of an immortal pirate ghost.

The tiny list
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Time Gentlemen, Please (17th August 7pm)

meh some people would think this game is really funny but once it got the poo and condoms stuff it kind of lost me. That stuff normally does. Plus I think the game went on far too long
Yesterday I finished Chaos on Deponia. It's bigger and funnier than the first part. I've heard/read many people complaining about how Rufus is not the average hero (they often complain about how egotistic and/or sexist he appears to be) and I kinda agree, but still find him oddly endearing. I wonder if the Platypus Club thing was a joke about Duck Dynasty...
Dragon Age, Awakening, and Dragon Age II.

I admit I don't get the complaints about DA:II. I have some, but then again I've got gripes about the first one too.
I just finished Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse about 15 minutes ago. I'm now watching the end credits to see if I can find my name among the HUGE kickstarter backers list :-)

It was great fun, as much an old school adventure game as you can find these days (among new titles at least).
Maybe a bit too easy though.
rayden54: Dragon Age, Awakening, and Dragon Age II.

I admit I don't get the complaints about DA:II. I have some, but then again I've got gripes about the first one too.
I am half was through DA:O and really like it, but I am hesitant to buy DA: II because so many people bad mouthed it. what do you like and not like?