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Finished 2 games today :
- Mark of the Ninja: Excellent game with many gameplay possibilities (story is a bit limited). Ended playing a silent assassin most of the time. I might replay it later (killing a minimum number of persons) but I have many games to finish first.
- Dear Esther: Short (1h) but too long (too slow) and I didn't understand very much.

This year :
- Alone in the Dark 3
- Amnesia Fortnight Prototypes
- Blackwell Convergence
- Blackwell Unbound
- Brutal Legend
- Cognition Episode 1
- Colonization
- Deadlight
- Dear Esther
- DLC Quest + Live Freemium or Die
- DuckTales Remastered
- Far Cry 3
- Host Master and the Conquest of Humor
- Host Master Deux: Quest for Identity
- I Am Alive
- Karateka
- Law & Order Legacies
- Lucy & Lola's Big Adventure
- Mark of the Ninja
- Nelly Cootalot
- Offspring Fling
- Red Faction: Guerilla
- Splinter Cell: Conviction
- Stacking
- Syndicate
- The Blackwell Legacy
- The Cave
- The Darkness II
- The Experiment (Experience 112)
- The Walking Dead: 400 Days
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I finished off Crysis 2 this weekend. My opinion of this game fluctuated wildly during the course of my playing; the first couple hours were pretty dull especially with be constantly ordered around by humorless people. Once I met up with the Marines and starting fighting the Ceph in force, the game picked up - moving into a pseudo-War of the Worlds direction. Towards the end, with the cloak upgrade I was essentially walking through the levels. On the whole, the game takes itself far too seriously and I didn't understand why what was happening was happening - the plot is daft. Though, I did like it better than the first Crysis.

So far:
Medal of Honor Allied Assault (Base)
Medal of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead
Medal of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
World in Conflict: Complete
STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl
Medal of Honor: Airborne
System Shock 2
Mass Effect 1
Mirror's Edge
Mass Effect 2
N v2.0
Mass Effect 3
Stronghold HD
The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay
The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault of Dark Athena
Crysis 2
Just finished BioShock 2: Minerva's Den DLC (PC).

Added to my 2013 games finished list:
Well, now is as good a time as any to start a list.

Here goes! (What I can remember): 2013

Far Cry 3
Grand Theft Auto 5
Two Worlds I
Game Dev Tycoon
The Last of Us
Two Worlds II
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Only Dragon Age Ultimate Edition. Now playing Mirror's Edge and Mass Effect 1. I plan to play both Witcher games after I finish reading the books.
Doom 2 (Ultra Violence)

Now on to Final Doom!
shadow warrior (2013)

really a good remake
Finished Mark of the Ninja. Man, what a game, what an awesome GAME. Was a bit sceptical about it first (as I usually don't play games like this), but glad that was able to get my hands on it (won it on SG from dr. schlieman - thanks again mate ;)) Had an absolute blast with it, I recommend it to everyone (especially to every ninja :p), can't wait to start playing DLC (will wait for big sale of course :D).
Oh, and I got all achievements except 1 (True Ninja - Complete the game in New Game Plus - I need a break from this game :D) and those available only in DLC. And I also beat everyone in my friend list who played this game. :p

edit: forgot to add this - 9,5 out of 10
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Star Ocean: Second Evolution on the PSP. Three separate times, one after another. So many things about that game annoy me, yet I find it incredibly compelling. At the end of the third run, I did the secret dungeon and beat both super bosses, so I think I'm done with it for now. I've heard dire things about the next game in the series, but I think I pretty much have to see for myself at this point.

("Super boss" Unlimited Gabriel was kind of funny. I fought him twice. The first time, he mopped the floor with me. The second time, my three fighters immediately backed him into a corner and spent the entire fight just wailing on him with their regular attacks; taking damage disrupts spell use, so he couldn't do anything during the entire fight, and went down with barely a whimper).
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Two Worlds 2 - 57 hours.

An okay RPG that does some things very right and some things very wrong. If you crave for an open world RPG then it might fit the bill but if your backlog is already huge then skip this one.
Cthulhu saves the world

Was pretty good, with a lite cheesy story. It could have done with being about half as long though as alot of the fights just felt like fillers with no real challenge. I guess thats a staple of the genre but Breath of death didn't suffer anywhere near as much as this game did from it.
With Knock-Knock's release I can finally publicly state that I finished Knock-Knock this year! W00t!

I can definitely say I had a lot of fun with it, even if I am not 100% sure that I know the entire story behind the Lodger and just why the Guests keep coming around :D
10/4 Rain - It had a very interesting game play mechanic where your character is invisible and can only be seen in the rain, but it wasn't utilized very well in the game. Besides that, the atmosphere, story, and music were done very well, and I still enjoyed the game.

10/5 Inescapable - A decent metroidvania type game, but was very short and not very difficult.

10/9 Spelunky - I have already beaten the game many times, but I finally was able to get the Speedlunky Achievement with a time of 6:31:936.

Full List
Just finished Rogue Trooper on the PS2 for the first time.
A really great action game all around. Fantastic cut-scenes. Definitely one of Rebellion's better efforts.
Splinter Cell Blacklist.

It was fun game. I played on perfectionist and what I tried afterwards in easier difficulty it's prob too easy with all the marked executions and bigger supply of gadgets.
Story wasn't interesting at all though but gameplay was good.
Some weird segments in the game but overall it was likable.

Could have been better of course but I was surprised that I liked it as much as I did. After all, I did finish it. =)
Some levels felt a bit too linear though but I guess all the cells are. Also goggles felt most of the time pretty useless, especially sonar stuff.

It was good game. I remember it fondly. =D