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hucklebarry: Finished Escape from Butcher bay.

Kind of Meh overall. Had some neat ideas, but I felt like it could have been much improved in many areas. Will finish the second but won't likely come back to this again. Not horrible... but not anything great either.

For all intents and purposes, I've Finished LOTRO. uninstalling tonight. With a few hundred hours (basically 5 years and 10+ level capped toons).... I'm done. Also have "finished" Rift for the same reasons this year. Canceled my sub for it not long ago. NOW... I have some time for REAL PC GAMES!
That's interesting about the MMOs. I was just thinking about that today when I removed EverQuest and I'd already removed EverQuest II. I've spent thousands of hours in each over what amounts to about 10 years in total. This is the major reason I have such a backlog but I am starting to enjoy those games now. I canceled WoW too but I do intend to go back in a fews months casually to level some alts in the fancy heirlooms I earned for them and finish the expansions quests with my 87 Troll Druid. I think I will add EverQuest and EverQuest II to my finished games for this year. Saying I am done after thousands of hours and years of play I think qualifies as done, even though the games never end till the servers get shut off permanently.
Hm, played some this year, here's a list (in no particular order):

Gothic 2 Night of the Raven
The Witcher Enhanced Edition
Dragon Age Ultimate Edition
Assault on Dark Athena... check! Nice art on the planet... otherwise, meh. I'm not a Riddick fan apparently ;)
hucklebarry: Assault on Dark Athena... check! Nice art on the planet... otherwise, meh. I'm not a Riddick fan apparently ;)
I want to play that game for ages. I am glad I found it here :)

I played through the campaign of Anno 2070. I finished Soul Sacrifice for Vita. I played throuhg Castle Crashers for the first time (in Coop with my best buddie). I played through diablo 3 several times.

My big project right now is playing Baldurs Gate one and two for the first time and ending them hopefully this year xD
Metro 2033 (thanks JMich!)

I felt it was a bit short and the stealth system wasn't the best, but the atmosphere.. really nice. The combat was also decent. I wish I could get the better ending, would have made me feel happier about the ending, but it was still great.
hucklebarry: Assault on Dark Athena... check! Nice art on the planet... otherwise, meh. I'm not a Riddick fan apparently ;)
Did you play Escape from Butcher's Bay, included in Dark Athena? From what I understand, DA is average while BB is awesome. I unly played BB, so I can attest to the second part of that statement.
duke 3d nuclear winter (18th May 1:12am)

I don't know, 3 levels from the first episode backwards and a few new levels. Nothing great but nothing too bad. The layout is a bit random.

However the final boss is hard
Fallout 3 after 180 hours.
I absolutely hated myself for doing it. This is the only game series I have ever continuously went for the 100% completion trophy and its a tradition I wished I never began. Honestly, it gets to the point I hardly enjoy playing the game which kinda sucks...
doc_rock2: Assassin's Creed III - 100% completion
Roberttitus: Did you hate yourself as much as I did for doing it?
I finished 2 GOG games since my last update:

5/13 Treasure Adventure Game - Great free GOG game. I really liked exploring the different islands, finding upgrades, figuring out how to get to new areas, and ultimately uncovering lost treasures. I thought the music in the game was great also. My only complaint that I remember having is that last few treasures didn't seem to get the same treatment as the earlier ones had (Spoiler Alert: They're just underwater).

5/17 Sanitarium - Really enjoyed the story. The puzzles in the game were also pretty logical. There weren't any moments where I thought "How was I supposed to figure that out?" If you enjoy adventure games, then you should definitely try this one out.

Full List
Had a quick blast through DLC Quest last night, missed the 'Kill All NPCs and Sheep' Awardment in the first one but got all the other non-secret ones
It was silly and funny and yes it was just like a few Metrovanians I'd played for free on NewGrounds but that's more to do with the guys that make the NG content deserving a few quids than begrudging the guys that made this (I did get it as part of a bundle though)

Full list:
Duke It Out In D.C. (18th may 3:14pm)

A good Duke Nukem mod but a lot of recycling from the main game plus some weird hidden cracks.
Karateka. You can find it in the Be Mine 8 bundle.
The game is not so bad, the fighting system is good. Not for a long time, because it can become very boring with time, but you can finish the game in half of an hour. It's enough. So, if you get it by the bundle, it's not so bad, but don't buy it full price.
I finally managed to beat Fallout Tactics in Tough Guy mode. :D
Definitely one of my favorite games, and I keep coming back to it. Turns out a Charisma 10 Intelligence 10 non-combat character can work very well in Fallout Tactics. The first mission is a pain, but after that you'll have 5 other guys to deal with the rowdy stuff and you can afford all the fanciest equipment.
Broken Sword 4: Angel of Death.

Pretty good, but had some problems (game ending bug in the last 20 minutes of play that took some blind luck to get past), Cliched adventure game puzzles that lack logic, overusing items, can't skip cut-scenes or dialogue, didn't take away useless dialogue options... Plot wise, it was my favorite of the 4, tech/bug wise... it was the worst.

Hopefully the kickstarted 5th in the series will have the polish of the first 2.