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Took me a little over 8 hours total playing just today alone from start to finish...
...but Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (PC) just got its Single Player Campaign finished.
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Good god that was painful. First half it is a good game but the second half is a mess.

I beat the king by standing there and just shooting him. Enemy AI is rubbish (I stood in front of them and they didn't move) and the bugs (10000 health and 10000 armour)

Just play the first half then uninstall
Just finished Kung Fu Strike: The Warriors Rise.
28 levels of fun, at times extremely fun, brawling, but also ridiculously hard and frustrating. I had 27/28 levels beat at nearly the 6 hour mark. The last boss (ohhh, that bitch) took me nearly 3 hours of dying and retrying to finally best her.
I just finished System Shock 2.
I played the demo about 10 years ago, and loved it, but couldn't find an affordable copy until now.

It was even better than I had hoped it would be. Absolutely great game. It just moved in to my top 10 favorite video games ever.
The Tiny Bang Story

Charming little hidden object / puzzler. Two puzzles were too hard for me to solve on my own.
I just completed Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil as part of the BFG Edition for Doom 3. It was a fun expansion overall and the graphics still look good to this day. It took some getting used to handling the "old-school" mechanics of the enemies not getting pushed back when they get shot but still live.
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim - Dawnguard - Feb 19 - 9/10

************* POSSIBLE MINOR SPOILERS *************

I actually finished Dawnguard a while back but I wanted to experience both factions and fully explore the Vampire and Werewolf perk trees before make a judgement. I have to say that with these implementations I finally found myself a powerful werewolf and a beast to be feared. In the vanilla he was so weak that I didn't bother to use it. As a Vampire Lord with the Full perk tree earned you really are a powerful creature of the night to the point that I was able to defeat a named Dragon Priest with it. Obviously I had more trouble against fire based enemies but still it was enjoyable. Regarding Dawnguard main quest I have to say that you could experience both factions, but the major difference between them is in the radiance quests. For the long run you should choose the side that best suits you, meaning, if you are a guy that like playing as a vampire a try to turn as early in the game as possible, you should go with the obvious choice. On the other hand, if you are more like me, that enjoy experience things for a while and keep your char "clean" then the obvious choice is siding with the Dawnguard. And let's not forget the improved Crossbows you get from them ^^. I also like to say that I also enjoyed more the Danguard faction radiance quests. Overall this was an amazing experience that last a long time (many, many hours, can't how many for sure, sorry) and let's not forget this was a DLC, and I have to say, this is what a DLC should be.

Complete List
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Just added Deponia to my list last night, very good modern point and click from Daedic, the main charcter, Rufus reminded me of a nihilistic, irresponsible, egotistical Guybrush Threepwood, interested original IP with some fresh ideas, nice characters and fair, logical puzzles with about the right amount of challenge - good game!

Full list:
Yay, I finished my first two games of 2013. I would have finshed some before but I lost my saves from the last mission of Heroes of Might and Magic 2 and I lost halfway saves from Shadow Warrior.

So it took until now to finish my first ones and coincidentaly in two days.

On Sunday (17.2.) I finished XCOM:Enemy Unknown. I have to say I am bit disappointed by this one. I liked it much less than original games and maybe even bit less than UFO:Afterlight. Almost every single change they did from original was for worse. Base builiding, research, interceptions, scanning for UFOs, unit development, panic progress, objective based missions, sizing down teams and making maps more streamlined, cover system and flanking, backpack and ammo, enemy spotting and their activation and even new action system was worse than previous one in my opinion, but I got used to this and and it's not really complaint.
Thing it got right was probably atmosphere and of course graphics.
Also the story is good but the last mission was quite meh and it absolutely screamed for alternate ending or at least better done ending. The game is preparing you for some big event at the very end and then it just fizzles when you get there. "Muhehe, you fell for my diabolic plan and now I will use the plan to reverse your victory and bring doom upon you. Oh you killed me? Nevermind then. You won."
Overall I enjoyed the game, but there was too much frustration (bad frustration) and too many moments where I regretted they did things this way.
I think I would rate this game 7/10 and maybe I am bit too lenient to it.

Day later (18.2.) I finished LEGO Star Wars: Complete Saga. I palyed this one as coop with my girlfriend and it took us years to finish it. Sometimes we forgot about it and two times we lost all saves and had to start over. Finally recently we played through story mode together. Since then I was hunting packages, challenge packages, red bricks and golden bricks and on Monday I finally achieved 100% completion. This itself shows I liked the game, because its very rare for me, to try to achieve 100% after I finish story mode.
The game is just fun and good relaxation and in coop its much better. "Acidentally" kill or get killed by your partner was fun and we laughed through the game a lot.
It has some problems as stupid cam, sometimes stupid switching between characters, unability to split screen so you always have to follow the other player or fists being better than lightsaber, but these things don't really hurt the gameplay much.
Also the prequels have shorter maps and usually were more enjoyable as the orginal trilogy has sometime purposely obstructive gameplay to make it longer.

I would rate this one 8.5/10 and recommend it (or other LEGO games) to all as good choice for coop game.

Link to full list. You don't need to click it as it doesn't contain nothing else than these game.

I also remembered that I forgot Botanicula last year so I added it now to the old list. It is very cute, optimistic and relaxing game, but it's very short and easy. It's more of toy than game.
This one gets 8.5 as well, because I was really looking forward to each session of this game (I played it with GF as well). Dedcuted points are for length.
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Broken sword 2 is now complete. I pushed on to BS3... YIKES! I need a gamepad for this. :(

I am looking for beta testers to join the game.

We return with a new version of our game RacingLife. Modern graphics, unique design and thoroughly improved driving physics make the game more realistic with high levels of adrenaline.

Racinglife is a free to play online managment motorsport game. There is a full event weekend with trainings/qulifying and race. You can also challenge your opponents and manage your car pars.
niki2013: Hello

I am looking for beta testers to join the game.

We return with a new version of our game RacingLife. Modern graphics, unique design and thoroughly improved driving physics make the game more realistic with high levels of adrenaline.

Racinglife is a free to play online managment motorsport game. There is a full event weekend with trainings/qulifying and race. You can also challenge your opponents and manage your car pars.
Hi niki2013, this thread is about games we finished playing, not about games that are close to release. You will most probably get more attention if you create your own thread, advertising your project. Anyway, welcome to the GOG forums!
Major Mayhem

Just Finished the "Main" Story, or as it's called classic mode. It didn't take me that long to finish the main story line. But that said I didn't do a completionist run on the game. There are three more modes, Time Attack Survival and Arcade. Time Attack you try to get max point in one Minute. Survival where you try to survive an onslaught of enemies until you die. And Arcade where you run thru random levels trying to get a highscore.

It's a fun little game, took about 5 hours to finish the main quest (with breaks to fill my coffee cup, and go to the bathroom included). It plays like a cartoon version of a mix of Time Crisis (the first one) and Zero Point.

The game start with the President calling you into his office and tells you that an Evil Guy is planning to destroy the world, and he kidnapped your Girlfriend. So you run of to "fight" his henchmen over 45 levels, spread over Three areas.

There is a few bugs still in the game, but they don't hinder the games (those I saw). they were more cosmetic bugs.
Fallout 3 GOTY
The Walking Dead Season 1
Syberia I
Torchlight I
Another World
Parappa the Rapper
The Old Tree
Syberia II
Planet Stronghold
Lone Survivor Director's Cut
Earthworm Jim
Fallout New Vegas
Hotline Miami
The Cat Lady
Mario Kart 7 (unlocked everything)
Hitman Blood Money
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System Shock 2

At the beginning, the survival horror element is very strongly present, because the protagonist the role of which you undertake is still helplessly weak; it is a horror that is psychological in nature and is very well executed as you wait in tense expectation for something dreadful to happen. Is there some thing lurking behind that corner or is it just a trick of mind..

After you upgrade your skills to a degree where you are no longer in danger of imminent death and get a grip at some decent weaponry, which as I recall happens on deck 3 (technically level 3 out of cca. 9), the transition to what is more a first person shooter with RPG elements begins; or a laser sword/crystal shard wielder, because the conditions cause a strong impression that it is necessary to conserve the resources due relative scarcity of ammo at the beginning and the extremely fast degradation of ranged weapons, which again require at that time valuable resources to be maintained in a good shape, and you have no idea whether you can afford it or not.
You can optionally just repair. It demands much less resources, but leaves you with barely functional weapons that tend to break again in very short periods.

So, at this point, the skills are not formidable, the resources are scarce and weapons are always (unrealistically) unreliable. Add challenging monsters and you get a very steep, at times antagonizing, difficulty curve on deck 4 that is perhaps too unbalanced. Here I began to save very often, in nearly minute intervals. I was also reloading quite often between decks 4 and 5. I was playing on easy difficulty.
If you are thinking of securing area bit by bit with cautious progress, luring the enemies to dispose of them one by one or of stealthy play, that will not have a desired effect as enemies are constantly respawning. The Many are many.

Speaking of skills, they are diverse and if you invest in certain area, it does have a visible impact. Though all skills are useful; I had invested in all more than less evenly, except for the psionic skills which I decided not to rely on but suppose are just as handy.

With the consideration of the release date, the graphics are great; detailed, diverse, adding to the gloomy mood and in some aspects nostalgic as can be seen in later stages of the game and which I think was a nifty idea, however, because important objects can be scattered anywhere, I was regularly switching the gamma settings not to overlook anything that would be key to progress.
With latest updates applied, the graphics were pretty much as I remember them from playing the game on smaller monitor more than a decade ago.

Sound effects are good. Some speech in crew logs, which can optionally be turned off, was excellent, a professionally done work, while on the other hand some of it sounded out of place, not well executed and disruptive to the atmosphere. I had turned the music off permanently because at the event of an enemy encounter, a very unfitting techno-style tune begins to play. I commonly play the FPS games without the music for a more immersive experience.

Game setting is intriguing; the concepts of SHODAN and Many are cool and mostly well executed. The story and events unfold with what you are told as you progress and with what you gather from logs. Gameplay becomes somewhat repetitive relatively quickly but it is a common thing.

While you are free to go anywhere on Von Braun, Rickenbacker and later both ships at any time; provided that you have the key cards/access codes, the progress is remarkably linear in aspect that SHODAN literally walks you through the game by telling you what to do. All the time. "Go there and do this, insect. Fetch that and that there and there and do that and that elsewhere, drone." Yours is the role of the errand pitiful fleshling.

If SHODAN doesn't provide you with the clue even for the simplest of tasks, be certain that a few steps ahead there will be a log informing you exactly what to do. While there obviously was a lot of potential for designers to do otherwise, nothing or perhaps very little is left to chance actual progress by intuitive exploration.

So, all in all, it is a somewhat mixed bag. I certainly do not regret the 18 hours (or about a day in all with all the reloads) I had spent with it.

Overall rating: 83%.