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[This is a sticky post, it will be visible in every single page of this thread. It has been published in October 2020.]

Our moderation team decided not to take a side in the discussion since this giveaway thread was created by the community and, as long as there are no forum rules violated, is up to you, dear Gogers, to decide its fate. We will not set giveaway rules, edit the OP's post, nor lock the whole thread.

However, to make it easier for newcomers to understand the situation (about the OP being inactive and other), I will stick my own post right above the first one.

You are, of course, free to create new threads to start anew and make your own, clear rules. At the same time, please stay reasonable when crating them, as multiple new duplicates might make it even more confusing for many Gogers.

That being said, here you can find a post with dxenija's community poll to have better understanding of the situation: CLICK.

At the time of writing, open giveaway threads are:
- Massive Giveaways Blog
- Free (temporary) keys giveaway central topic. (this one)
- Updated giveaways

Be nice to each other *flies away*
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Epic Games:

Predecessor - Link

Predecessor is the Paragon-fuelled, fast-paced action third person game
It combines MOBA and FPS gameplay putting you at the heart of the fight with strategic choice
Join the immersive action today.

Features multiplayer only.

GigaBash - Link

GigaBash is an indie multiplayer arena brawl game with epic attacks and large characters
It combines the chaos and creativity of titles like Power Stone, Super Smash Bros Ultimate
And War of Monsters with the jaw-dropping scale of the classic kaiju movies.

Features single-player and multiplayer!

Other ongoing giveaways:
nothing at the moment

Next time: Mystery Game
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Die Young (full version)

Falling Words
Through The Mirror
Vorax Alpha
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Lost Ruins is free on gog. Lost Ruins is a metroidvania game.
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high rated
Epic Games:

DNF Duel - Link

DNF Duel is a single and multiplayer fighting game.
Action fighting at its extreme!
Enter the new beat’em up world of Arad as your favorite character
Pick 16 characters from the beloved Dungeon and Fighter franchise!

Features single-player and online multiplayer!

Other ongoing giveaways:
nothing at the moment

Next time: Mystery Game Tomorrow
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Someone posted that Epic will be giving away 17 games for xmas, and suggested games will change daily through jan 4.
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Epic Games:

Melvor Idle - Link

Melvor Idle is an Idle RPG game that is inspired by Runescape!
A brief summary from the store page:
Master Melvor’s many RuneScape-style skills with just a click or a tap.
Melvor Idle is a feature-rich, idle/incremental game
Combining a distinctly familiar feel with a fresh gameplay experience.
Maxing 20+ skills has never been more zen.
Whether you’re a RuneScape newbie, a hardened veteran,
Or simply someone looking for a deep but accessible adventure that easily fits around a busy lifestyle,
Melvor is an addictive idle experience unlike any other.

Features single-player only!

Other ongoing giveaways:
nothing at the moment

Next time: Mystery Game Tomorrow
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The Complete List of Epic Games' Winter Addons (as of December 21, 2023):
Winterfest Bundle DLC for Synced
World of Warships DLC Frosty Celebration Pack
EVE Online for Superluminal Pack
Dark Justiciar Shadowheart Party Pack for Idle Champions
Play Warframe to unlock Atterax Booster Bundle in-game
Honkai Impact 3rd in-game unlock 500 Asterites and 100000 coins
Giddy Gift DLC for Fall Guys
Monochromatic Pack for Disney Speedstorm
The Sims 4 Holiday Celebration Pack
The Sims 4 My First Pet Stuff DLC
The Sims 4 Romantic Garden Stuff DLC

Quick links for claiming them easier:
I am missing all DLCs only
I am missing all Base Games and DLCs

The Sims 4 Quick Links:
You own Base Game but none of the DLC
You are missing all DLC and the Base Game

Note from drxenija: If you own some games / DLCs and lack some, you will get an error trying the quick links.
You must manually compose your cart to claim the ones you missed.
It sucks I know. I'm one of those people who own some as opposed to own none.
In-game unlockables can only be unlocked by launching / playing the game.
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Caveblazers is free on GOG.
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Epic Games:

Art of Rally - Link

Art of Rally is an arcade racing game created by Funselektor Labs!
You might know this indie developer from Absolute Drift!
A brief summary from the store page:
Race in the golden era of rally.
Drive iconic cars from the 60s to Group B on challenging stages
Explore stylized environments inspired by real worldwide locations.
Will you master the art of rally?

Features single-player only! Controller supported!

Other ongoing giveaways:
Winter DLCs and Promos
art of rally wallpaper

Next time: Mystery Game Tomorrow
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I know that there is separate thread for free games but I think it would be nice to not miss this one game.

Mobile Suit Baba is the next game from the developer of "Baba is You".

The sale ends in 4 days and 7 hours.

The game was not claimable when the sale started, but now it is.
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Epic Games:

Fallout 3: Game of The Year Edition - Link

This is a returning giveaway!

One of my favourite RPG open world adventure games!
Create a character of your choosing
Descend into a post-apocalyptic world where every minute is a fight for survival!

From the most popular Fallout series!

Vault-Tec engineers have worked around the clock on an interactive reproduction of Wasteland life.
You can enjoy this experience from the comfort of your own vault.
Notable features include an expansive world, unique combat, shockingly realistic visuals,
Tons of player choice, and an incredible cast of dynamic characters.

Features single player only.

Other ongoing giveaways:
Winter DLCs and Promos

Next time: Mystery Game Tomorrow
On Indiegala

Super Switch



Vorox Alpha
Lots more here