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DiffuseReflection: Congratulations for the upcoming birthday! I am happy to enter the party, and any of the draws. Here are my answers:

1. My favorite Star Trek episode is the Next Generation episode "Darmok", where the TNG crew are trying to establish first contact with an alien race whose language is unique: all of their expressions are based on references to their history and legends, making them seemingly impossible to understand to someone who does not have a shared history. Picard and the alien captain end up on a hostile world together, working together to survive while trying to reach across their distrust and language barrier. The two captains eventually bond successfully, although at great cost, and Picard learns the rudiments of their language. Their experiences together become a new part of the aliens' language.

I think the episode is great for being all about communication and overcoming barriers. It's also an exploration of language, and of the importance of stories. One of the ways Picard learns to communicate is by telling the alien part of the tale of Gilgamesh, one of the first known surviving stories in our history (it's from ancient Mesopotamia, written on stone tablets about 2000 BC) - I think it was a beautiful way to bring together a story of our earliest history within a story of our far future.
Darmok is one of the most memorable standalone episodes ever, not just in Star Trek.

KetobaK: Nooooooooooooo!!!!
Haha. This reminded me I must be thankful to my parents for exposing me to Planet of the Apes at a sufficiently young age so popular culture didn't spoil the ending.
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Thank you very much, GR! I will have fun crawling through the stars!
In the Party Favors list, I'd like to opt out of Broken Sword 2 and System Shock 2.
GamezRanker: Hey....the only one who is allowed to nitpick people's mistakes(spelling or otherwise) in here is me!
Oh ok, you can do it long as yer nice about it :)
LootHunter: Sorry. I didn't mean it as a mistake. More as a sad fact that this person could have a wish fulfilled through the game but will not be able to get this game in this giveaway.
Hey, we are just joking about it! XD
Don't have to take us seriously, actually I got Alpha Centaury on my wishlist :D
Ruvika: Well, first of all happy almost birthday!
Second, thanks for this opportunity!
GamezRanker: *GR bows once more*

Ruvika: Well, I would like to go to visit Ross 128 b, one of the nearest habitable planets.
GamezRanker: With or without the (likely) Xenomorphs? o.0 ;)

Ruvika: As an argentinian, we like big parties, with a lot of friends and family, plenty of drink and food, music and the visit of the police at least 2 times in the night :D
GamezRanker: And I bet they totally don't show up just to get free food and drink. ;D

Jokes aside, that sounds like fun....if I didn't have so many mental issues i'd probably love to have such a big fun party(minus the po-po needing to show up, that is).

Ruvika: I watched the original movie and think it was really good, Sweet Dreams performed by Manson suits very well to the scene, very 90s.
GamezRanker: Glad you liked it. :)

Ruvika: Third, I'm in!
GamezRanker: For which drawings, though, if I may ask? For Shadow Man classic? For the Star Trek game credit? Or both draws?
With Xenomorphs and Ellen Ripley... obviously.

There is no food and drinks? Winston, my coat and hat, I'm leaving.
Winston: But you don't bring coat and a hat...
I thought you will give me one here. I hope this song answer your question, dear Gamez from the dynasty Ranker.