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The galactic Summer Sale on GOG.COM still shines in the sky with over 3000 game deals up to 95% off. Today we present you with 3 fun titles that you can claim and download for free.

Ascendant is an action-adventure game that puts you in the shoes of a mighty demigod. While journeying through on the planet controlled by his rivals, our hero must use every blessing and spell at his disposal to survive. This colorful indie game poses quite a challenge to the player. The permanent death system and randomly generated levels will throw you into a new world each time you begin a fresh game.

Delores: A Thimbleweed Park Mini-Adventure is an indie adventure game that will take you on a retro-style journey. As Delores Edmund, a game developer and a part-time photographer, you must journey into the Thimbleweed Park to uncover some mind-blowing mysteries. The game serves as a tie-in to the award-winning Thimbleweed Park from the creators of the famous Monkey Island series - Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick.

War Wind is a classic RTS set on a distant planet of Yavain. Take command of one of the four unique armies and try to take control of the alien world. The game bears much resemblance to another hit from 1996 - Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, yet it brought many innovations to the table. Level advancement, spell-casting system, biomechanically enhanced monsters – those are only a few features that will help make it through 28 ready-to-play scenarios.

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Gudadantza: Indeed. But I think Dreamforge is one of those studios which are more remembered by some of its games than by its name at difference of Blizzard just to stress a single iconic example .

Any classic RPG fan could recognize titles like Ravenloft, or Menzoberranzan or Anvil of Dawn. But probably does not remember the name of the creators.

Or any fan of good point and click Graphic Adventures could consider Santarium as a Legendary Title, but probably does not remember the studio behind.

Cadaver747: Fans of those games would certainly remember the developer. Sanitarium is definitely a legendary game for me and if not for a friend I would never touch it, it's the best ever point and click adventure game I've played in my life, English and Russian localisation has really great voice actors, maybe that game wasn't advertised properly.
The problem is no one played their games, except for some hard core D&D fans back in nineties. The studio is dead and left unknown yet their games were great and some even technologically advanced. Can't say that War Wind was technologically advanced but it sure is a special game.

EDIT: Good evening.
Well, of course. But what I mean is that nowadays Dreamforge is probably less known/identified than Westwood or Impressions Games. Just to name developers from the same time.

Being Sanitarium one of those point and click games in the lists of 50 best adventure games of all time, probably Dreamforge as a name is not as evident at first sight as the combo Monkey Island/lucasarts, or King quest/sierra studios.

Obviously The one who already knew it, does know it. :)

Anyway It s just a perception I have years ago. Not science. :)

Thank you for the free games! Even thou I've never heard of any of these before, nor do they seem to be of interest to me (except for War Wind which I just got) I still appreciate it. Free games are always welcome, ehe.

Thanks GOG.
lubwak: I bought one of the games in recent days, haha. Yet it was cheap, so no biggie. Thanks GOG!
tfishell: contact Support, you might get your money back given the circumstances (but have patience)
Thanks! I think it was not worth it to bother. It was a dollar or two.

Also, late reply, sorry. The forum function in the new Galaxy is a fail, so I have no idea when somebody replies to me. I have just ound out there is some info in the upper right corner of the forum.