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It's time for a wonderful contest to celebrate the 10th anniversary of THQ Nordic! To join, simply tell us about your favorite memory of all time related to playing video games.

You will have a chance to win 1 of 10 bundles including Darksiders III, Biomutant, Gothic 1, Kingdoms of Amalur, Titan Quest, Destroy All Humans!, ELEX, Desperados III, Outcast 1.1 and Expeditions: Viking! The contest ends on November 19th, 4 PM UTC.
My english is bad. ı cant write lots of things here like anyone else


when i was a little child my english also worse. i was playing commandos 1

When i was playing with big muscle guy and clicking around he run and say " yes sir "

And i was thinking his name is "yessir" like pokemons we were watching a lot
½Back in the late 80s I loved to play the bardstale games and the song still haunts me today. We where 2 boys mapping it out on squared paper meticously and we did not know a lot of English yet so it was a lot of hit and miss but we eventually found the password for the cellar and then it really took off
Enebias: I want Firebrand to come back so much!
Demon's Crest for SNES was awesome. The music still haunts me, and dat secret ending!
I don't think the Gargoyle starred as protagonist in any game after that one, right?
Dogmaus: Sadly, no, no Firebrand's adventures anymore. How they didn't make one for the N64 and let his spin-off series end like that is hard to understand given the success and critical appreciation of the first 3. Demon's Crest flying was super! But for 9 years old me...the first game is something else, when we are speaking of memories! Then Loom and MI1&2. Pure magic.
Quick quick I need to do this before the battery die! Later: quick quick, I need pen and paper to jot down the password!
Ah, yes. The good old password panic and that red light slowly fading!


I can't say I miss exactly that, tbh! XD
My favorite memory of playing video games is when my sister and I played The Simpsons arcade game in Ocean City, New Jersey back in the 1990s. She played Lisa, and I played Bart. We made it all the way through the game, using our combined moves to good effect, and finally got to see the ending.
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I still have fun with Darksiders 1. Soon I will have a War tattoo on my arm... the design is already separated. :)

That was about 14 years ago when i was a young boy. I played World of Warcraft first time. That's amazing! it contained big open world and map and amusing tasks system.I even raised a pet pig in the game. Until one day i met a minister at Angela's nest.......we played World of Warcraf together day by day. 2 years later, the minister met me at a Mcdonald.Oh,she was a so beautiful girl and i fall in love with she at once! Then 3 years later , we got married and set up home together! Thank god and WOW, thank the life~ I loved all in my life!
Playing Titan Quest and listening to the awesome music.hope you have more and better games
My favorite memory playing video games was the first time I played Valve's Half-Life. After catching my breath for a moment I sat back and thought to myself "This game ROCKS!"
My favourite memory of all time playing video games?

So many come to mind, so many possible choices!

The fondest, my most favourite memory was undoubtely playing through Shattered Lands: Dark Suns (which GOG sells now, such a rare gem!) with my cousin.

Such a unique game even by today's standard. It cemented my love for open-world RPG's and I must have played the original gladitorial arena dozens of times trying to get further in the competition instead of escaping as I was supposed too.

Thanks for the contest GOG!
My favorite memory is playing Myth II for the first time. I remember being stuck at the bridge level for ages. Also another game I have fond memories of is Pharaoh. Building the first great pyramid was so satisfying.
The first time I played Star Fox on the Super NES. I was blown away by the gameplay and the graphics. Played all the time back in the day... Good times.
My favorite moment so far is "The Star" ending in Cyberpunk 2077.
The most magical moment in gaming history for me was when my dad came home from work one day late in 1989 and had a very special surprise for me. He had just purchased the NES which came bundled with the light zapper and the Mario/Duckhunt cartridge just for me. He had also purchased Ultra's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I was more than ecstatic and overjoyed as we lived in a very rural area, and I could not go outside to play much because I have albinism and would have suffered major sun burns.

I may have only played the NES on a black and white 10 inch television, but it was profoundly liberating for someone like me. I'm 41 years old now, and this memory of my father and gaming still resonates deeply with me to this day. My son is now a seriously dedicated gamer with all the latest consoles and PC titles you can imagine. He has some learning difficulties, and gaming has given him some comfort and release in life as well.

:-) happiness
My favorite moments are probably buried somewhere in my childhood, when time was abundant, duties were few and my ability to get absorbed and fantasize was boundless and untethered. Unfortunately most of the memories are blurs nowadays. I remember Barbarian on C64 and decapitating my opponents, the music of Last Ninja, the magic of Magic Pocket in Amiga, the action of Desert Strike, the terror of Dungeon Master on PC.

As a teenager and adult, my favorite memories are probably:
- The first time I played Baldur’s Gate 2 and managed to kill the Lich hidden in the city. I managed it by reloading again and again, and trying different cheese tactics until I finally killed it.
- When I finished To the Moon. Atrocious gameplay, but that story ending hit me like a hammer to the heart, especially since I worked with people with disabilities at the time. Don't think I ever cried like that in any game before or after.

Thanks for an interesting competition!
A single favorite is hard to choose -- but you can't really every forget your FIRST. Pool of Radiance -- Gold Box D&D series -- when I finally accomplished the final quest. Until then, I had never actually FINISHED an adventure, and the sense of satisfaction was so palpable. It was that feeling that has fueled my completionist attitude to this day!