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It's time for a wonderful contest to celebrate the 10th anniversary of THQ Nordic! To join, simply tell us about your favorite memory of all time related to playing video games.

You will have a chance to win 1 of 10 bundles including Darksiders III, Biomutant, Gothic 1, Kingdoms of Amalur, Titan Quest, Destroy All Humans!, ELEX, Desperados III, Outcast 1.1 and Expeditions: Viking! The contest ends on November 19th, 4 PM UTC.
avatar It's time for a wonderful contest to celebrate the 10th anniversary of THQ Nordic! To join, simply tell us about your favorite memory of all time related to playing video games.

You will have a chance to win 1 of 10 bundles including Darksiders III, Biomutant, Gothic 1, Kingdoms of Amalur, Titan Quest, Destroy All Humans!, ELEX, Desperados III, Outcast 1.1 and Expeditions: Viking! The contest ends on November 19th, 4 PM UTC.
#GOGxTHQNordic My brother is 12 years older than me and we weren't spending much time together when i was a child. He letting me play a game on his computer (which was Croc 2) for the first time is a really special and unforgettable moment for me. I still remember how happy i was. Croc 2 will always remain special to me, as it was my first video game experience, also sharing that with my brother makes it even more precious.
Best gaming memory? Trying to beat end-level bosses with a friend of my sister.
Sort of a big fish came into view, with a slug on it firing away.
I was firing, He was steering. Wow, what a fight!
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I can´t say what my best memory of all time regarding videogames is. But one of my first great one´s, is the day I could surpass the 200 lines barrier in the GameBoy version of the Tetris game. That day, the Tetris game didn´t laugh at me and it showed me a rocket launching instead. The feeling of pride and accomplishment was real. Good memories.
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Woodwine22: So many! Beating Might&Magic III back then and progressing even further until i read the message like "only few players reach this point, congratulations" is still a nice memory. It's a pity no one resurrects the M&M franchise, I'd love to see this series in a modern look and feel!
Well, technically Ubi did, with X, but we know how that went... And how they still firmly lock it behind DRM, which caused the recent issues... And also what they did with HoMM. So I wouldn't want them to take another stab at it.
One of my favorite memories is about first and second Syberia, although in fact this is one game in two parts. It was the first adventure game I played and it made an unforgettable impression on me with beautiful graphics and music, interesting (and new to me at that time) gameplay, but above all - sometimes sad, sometimes funny, but always emotional story and atmosphere similar to magic realism. I don't even know how to correctly describe the feeling that the game evokes, some subtle sadness about the past time in life that pervades the entire game, especially in the first part. And that touching final scene when Kate realizes and accepts changes in herself during her journey... I think even without the second part it would be an excellent open ending, the sequel in my opinion didn't reach that level of emotional impact. Anyway, Syberia still remains one of my favorite games, later I had similar feelings probably only with The Longest Journey. I even somewhat enjoyed Syberia 3, although this is certainly not the quality level of the first two parts and maybe in some way an attempt to cash in on the love of fans, and despite the mixed impression of upcoming game prologue it still one of my most anticipated games. The death of maestro Sokal was a big loss for art in general and for the series in particular, not sure how this will affect the game but hope for the best, would like his last work to be worthy of his genius.
Thank you for the contest.
While I have very fond memories of growing up and playing with our beloved C64 breadbox and its Amiga 600 cousin, it's the time when we got our first regular family PC - a speedy Pentium 60 with a whopping 8MB RAM! ;) - in '94 that stand out to me the most. Even though it was originally more meant for serious tasks, it comes to no surprise that its primary use for me, my brother, and my dad ended up as a gaming machine. What a bunch of nerds!

Anyway, just in that first year alone I was awestruck by the many greats I was introduced to:
- Battling for my mini-kingdom's supremacy in The Settlers
- Ruling the galaxy through conflict and diplomacy in Master of Orion
- Unleashing my ever-growing magic unto my enemies while trying to restore the world in Magic Carpet
- Vanquishing the armies of hell by blasting demons in Doom
- Fleecing my guests for everything they were worth in Theme Park... and cleaning up so much vomit
- Fending of pirates, making cargo runs, outrunning and sometimes outgunning the law while exploring the mysteries of a vast star system in Wing Commander: Privateer
- Beating up puny humans with my orc army in Warcraft

Good times! While I've played on and owned other systems over the years, my gaming love has always been the strongest when it comes to PC gaming. Thanks to GOG I was also able to re-experience and newly discover a lot of the '90s greats (and beyond). :)
My favourite moment is the days before online walkthroughs. The game was Dragon Lore, an old Cryo adventure game that still holds up surprisingly well. It had great aha moments when you solved a puzzle followed by a cutscene. Anyway the puzzle required me to shrink to visit little people in toadstools. Months past with no solution and lots of frustration until a bolt from the blue solved it. I fell in love with graphic adventures from that day.
Years ago, I played some RTS (probably one of AOE games) multiplayer against two former flatmates over LAN with my friend. I had Japanese Kodo drumming in my playlist, and flatmates were "attacking" one of my solid walls with some weak infantry unit that I kept ignoring. We were all in the same flat. So there was an "under attack" warning sound as well. That, combined with fast-paced Kodo rhythms, caused my friend to think that I was being obliterated.

I did not know back then that he was like a pro compared to us. He went into overdrive, levelled all my flatmate's buildings and annihilated them from the map. At the same time, the rest of us were still setting up the economy. Before I could send a couple of units to assist, my friend had already won this game. He could have easily played against three of us and one computer. Luckily I was in his team. I am sorry that I haven't filmed that scene, flatmates were in disbelief and confused. I was bewildered as well.
My favorite gaming memory of all time related to playing video games is probably one when I launched the Secret of the Monkey Island on Amiga600 for the first time. It was a very loooooong time ago, back in the '90s. Not knowing English very very well, the game captivated me by its plot, graphics, music, and situational humor. I've spent many hours playing it and not being able to even go past chapter one. The funniest moment from that time for me was when you had to use to pot in the circus as a helmet. After one or two years I came back to playing it, this time better prepared in the terms of the language and managed to finish it. Great game, great story, and great memories :).

Other than above, I really enjoyed playing Borderlands 1 & 2 in co-op couch mode with my best buddy on PS3. What a game it is in co-op mode, truly phenomenal. And I have great memories connected to spending more than several nights talking, laughing, and playing these games with him :)
I think my favorite gaming memory of all time would have to be entering the greater world of Gielinor in RuneScape on my second character. My first character was created back in 2004 as my dad was looking for games I could play to live out my Lord of the Rings obsession I had at that point but I didn't understand how the game worked and I ended up losing all of my "hard earned" loot (which constituted of some training gear and a few planks) when I decided to fight a level 7 farmer as a level 3 noob fresh off of Tutorial Island... but I digress, I didn't start to truly love the game until I gave it another chance two years later when I created my second account (and my main).

So yes, my favorite gaming memory is probably after I created that account and was unleashed into the game world. I still didn't fully understand how the game worked but I understood it a LOT more at that point as I actually paid attention to the tutorial. When I entered Lumbridge for the first time on that account, it was like I had truly entered an entirely new world. I was absolutely stoked to explore the game world, to immerse myself in a roleplaying experience that has only been matched by Bethesda's Elder Scrolls series (which I only got into thanks to RS).

Even trying to recall details about this particular memory is filling me with no small dose of beautiful nostalgia, I can still hear the tune of Harmony playing as I explored the peaceful town of Lumbridge while I thought to myself, "This world is so beautiful.". I spent far too much time listening to the two organ tracks that played in the town's church. I spent time yelling at bots, demanding that they stop chopping the "sacred tree" behind said church which led to me making my first friend. I found myself admiring higher level players who passed through in their glistening armor or flowing magic robes. I eventually found my way to the desert town of Al-Kharid where I roleplayed as a prince (and got reported for impersonating the game's staff, which led to my mom making me play without chat for quite a while) but my Lumbridge memories will still always be my absolute favorite and most-cherished.

It's no exaggeration to say that RS has repeatedly changed my life across the 17 years I've been playing it but those memories were probably the first time that a video game truly made such an impact on my life. I will always love remembering them, no matter what.
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I have so many incredible memories, it's very hard to pick a favorite. But maybe the most fun one for me was in The Curse of Monkey Island when you put lice on the comb and the pirate then gets thrown out of the window. Actually that game had lots of funny moments.
I was 21 and was playing the newly launched - Clive Barker's Undying - and was in it's atmosphere - and was being running and shooting in the section after the creepy corridors of the manor - the ones with curtains blown by wind - and after a very intense shootout from which I barely manage to stay alive - I felt a slight breeze blowing in the back of my head... Yikes!!!

Thank God it was just the opened window nearby - but it seriously gave me a fright!
Playing Half Life for the first time and being on that tram ride and realizing that it wasn't a cutscene but that I could walk around inside the cart. Also playing Gothic 2 for the first time was great and I'm looking forward to Elex 2 next year.
I have alot of fond memories related to gaming, many of which seem to have a seasonal/weather attachment. Not sure I have a favorite, but one of my stronger memories is playing Donkey Kong 64 sometime around Christmas.
I was close to our wood-stove playing on one of those old, obscenely heavy, cabinet CRTs with the big box speakers built into the sides. I remember hearing the frigid wind outside and being very grateful for that stove. The smell of the fire, and the occasional pop, while I tried to find every last thing in what I consider to be Rare's best collect-a-thon. I was very content.
My fondest memories is mapping all the old games and taking notes. It started with ultima 3-4 and continued with Questron 1-2, Legacy of the ancients, legend of Blacksilver, Might & Magic 1 & 3, Bardstale 1-3 and every Gold Gox game. I'd then remake the maps and fit as many on a page of graph paper as possible.

Other games:
The standing Stones
Dungeons/Search for Magdarr
Tomb of Terror
Temple of Apshai Trilogy.
EoB Trilogy
Dungeon Master
Stone Keep
The Summoning
Anvil of Dawn (just delicious)
Legend od Kyrandia

Good times