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It's time for a wonderful contest to celebrate the 10th anniversary of THQ Nordic! To join, simply tell us about your favorite memory of all time related to playing video games.

You will have a chance to win 1 of 10 bundles including Darksiders III, Biomutant, Gothic 1, Kingdoms of Amalur, Titan Quest, Destroy All Humans!, ELEX, Desperados III, Outcast 1.1 and Expeditions: Viking! The contest ends on November 19th, 4 PM UTC.
THQ means the best wrestling games for Nintendo 64 - WCW/NWO Revenge, WWF Wrestlemania 2000 and WWF No Mercy
Got lots of favorite moments so this will be hard but here goes.

So when I was 7 i just learned how to start up my family PC, and by the PC there was a disc with DIABLO written on it. So I put the disc in the PC had a little heart attack when the menu autoplayed with Diablos "muahahaha". Anyway I installed the game somehow and started a game. Was really really creepy as I was alone and only 7 years old. But the moment I first entered The Butchers room was THE moment I will always remember. I almost shit myself from fear as he said "Ah fresh meat!". I pressed the PCs startup button as fast as lightning. A few days later I faced my fear and returned to play Diablo and still play it to this day. Good times!
It was a dark and stormy night. My computer's cd player broke and the only game installed that didn't require a cd was the first ghotic. The rest is history ...
Playing Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade with my cousins, one moving Indy and the rest taking decissions about the next movement, fighting againts nazis and arrinving to the final choice and seeing the skull of Indiana if it was wrong.... :)
A long time ago the game were playing the pirated game. Since playing Batman Arkham Asylum, I think how can there be such a fun game, and began to support the legal edition, and now is also more than 10 years of old players, only support the original but need to discount to buy, so far only pre-order the God of War 4
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What can I say about Toy Headquarters. Well, I already knew the company since the 90's. I was always a Nintendo fan.As a consumer of the Nintendo brand I acquired through my parents at that time a series of really unforgettable titles, such as: Home Alone 1 or The Great Waldo Search for the SNES. Time went by and I grew up to become a teenager. By the time of the Nintendo 64 I had in my hands WCW vs. nWo: World Tour or WCW Nitro. At that time THQ had the WCW license. I also had Penny Racers for the Nintendo 64, a car game similar to Mario Kart 64 or Diddy Kong Racing. I have to be honest, Penny Racers wasn't a bad title for the Nintendo 64, but I have to admit that at the time Mario Kart 64 and Diddy Kong Racing were monsters of video games so the competition was tough. After 2000 and Nintendo moved from the cartridge to digital format I focused on the PC. On PC I played X: Beyond the Frontier, Summoner, Evil Dead: Hail to the King, Red Faction, MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology, WWF Raw and, for me, one of the greatest racing games I've played to date, Juiced, among other THQ titles. Here at GOG I have the following games in my catalogue: Darksiders 1+2+3, Titan Quest Anniversary Edition, Alone in the Dark: The Trilogy 1+2+3, Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare, Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, AquaNox & AquaNox 2: Revelation, Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition, among others. So more than a fan of THQ, I have to say that I am a fan of their work, of their videogames. And thanks to the people behind each video game I have been able to enjoy alone or accompanied by incredible experiences as a child, teenager and now as an adult. Congratulations to all the people who work at THQ Nordic for this 10th anniversary. Thanks to Nordic Games for rescuing Toy Headquarters and not letting it die. Best regards!
My favorite memory is getting the first playstation and playing Tomb Raider 3 for the first time. It started my love for the series and i have played all ps and pc releases in the franchise since.
Dogmaus: My first RPG, Gargoyle's Quest ...snip
Enebias: I want Firebrand to come back so much!
Demon's Crest for SNES was awesome. The music still haunts me, and dat secret ending!
I don't think the Gargoyle starred as protagonist in any game after that one, right?
Sadly, no, no Firebrand's adventures anymore. How they didn't make one for the N64 and let his spin-off series end like that is hard to understand given the success and critical appreciation of the first 3. Demon's Crest flying was super! But for 9 years old me...the first game is something else, when we are speaking of memories! Then Loom and MI1&2. Pure magic.
Quick quick I need to do this before the battery die! Later: quick quick, I need pen and paper to jot down the password!
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Ah, this is a good topic! I'm now 32 years old and I played my first game since 1997.
I started to contact with THQ by Delta Force. it's not only the first FPS but also the first PC game for me. I was attracted by this kind of game: only showing tow hands and guns made me feeling I was in the game and holding guns with my own hands! but at that time, computers were expensive, so i didn't have my own. And i didn't understand english.

After 2 years, I got my first pc and the first app I installed was Delta Force with no doubt. I played days and night without understanding any information showing on the screen. shoot ! move ! shoot ! until the last enemy got down.

Comparing with AAA games nowadays, the graphic and game is pretty simple, but if you ask me what is the best FPS on the world, my answer will always be DELTA FORCE!
My all time memory is when I first played Dungeon Master on our Amiga 500. It was not only my first time playing a computer game, but it was also the first time I used a computer and I had to figure everything out myself. I was so enthralled playing the game that I kept finding time to play more.
Dungeon Master opened up a whole new world to me (we were isolated from just about everything including the local library). Games such as Scorched Tanks, Firepower, Wings, SimCity, Heroes of the Lance, Empire War Game of the Century, and Civilization followed shortly after. Computer games kept me from being lonely and depressed during childhood because there were no other children where we lived, and any friends made in school were just that, in school friends; no one wanted to come out to the middle of nowhere to visit.

Thanks to Dungeon Master, I eventually found even more things to inspire my imagination, and led me to tabletop pen and paper RPGs where I enjoy being the "Dungeon Master" for others.

I would not be the person I am today without having discovered computer gaming when I was a child, and I still go back and play Dungeon Master occasionally to remind myself where it all began and how much I still enjoy it today.
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System: PSX
Game title: Ghost in the Shell
Genre: Action, Shooter, Anime

THQ had put out a Ghost in the Shell game for PSX, back in the first Playstation's hayday. The game was so well made by the developers, that after renting it from a local Blockbuster video store, I bought it!

-The controls were perfect.
-The action was fast paced. Tactics are fairly clever as well, in that the game allows your character to scale walls like a spider in the middle of the action to get an edge on your opponents.
-The soundtrack was great enough that I bought that as well. Voice acting in the game had the original cast from the animated film and tv show, how cool is that!

If you have ever watched the Ghost in the Shell films or Solid State show, then this title from THQ is one you should certainly look into playing.

Keep in the Game and hope you all have fun!
Back in junior high, in the late 1900s, some of us were in a group that stayed after school to work with computers. A bit of programming, creative writing, graphic design, and on one computer, Karateka. We would take turns and help each other progress through the challenges. Eventually, we make it to the final room with the kidnapped princess. We're all excited that we've managed to rescue the princess! We're all shocked when she kills us dead.

What?! What happened? What'd we do wrong?

Memories may be a bit fuzzy on the other elements of the game but that bit I'll always remember. We were able to figure it out after a few more tries.
I got my first Playstation, as a present, back in 1999 when I was 13. Just the console with the one gamepad, nothing else. I didn't have any games. A friend of mine from the neighborhood lent me his ISS Pro 98. I wanted to finish every mode. The Cups were easy and could be done within an afternoon. The full League was another story. There wasn't enough time for it to be done in an afternnon and as I didn't have a memory card, I had to leave the Playstation on in order to come back and play the next day after school. After a few weeks of playing, my friend invited me to play against him at his house. I had gotten so good I beat him again and again. He got so mad he broke the CD. Next day he went and bought it again. hahaha #GOGxTHQNordic
I was seven and my father found a job in Roma so my family moved there from north-east France. In compensation for not having a telly, my mother would give me some coins every week for me to spend at the local arcade centre.
Now I would love to tell you that I had the high scores in the now classics Outrun or Double Dragons or such, but the truth is: I just enjoyed. I had always loved the telly up to that point, but from then, video-games became my more important to me. Today, some three decades later, I still play, but I don't even own a telly.
Probably the arcades are my best memories related to videogames, The King of Fighters, Double Dragon, Street of Rage, Street Fighter 2, Metal Slug, Mortal Kombat, remember being so young and spend all the money my mom gave me to go to the store and then run like a bitch when she tried to beat my ass XD
Best childhood ever!