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It's time for a wonderful contest to celebrate the 10th anniversary of THQ Nordic! To join, simply tell us about your favorite memory of all time related to playing video games.

You will have a chance to win 1 of 10 bundles including Darksiders III, Biomutant, Gothic 1, Kingdoms of Amalur, Titan Quest, Destroy All Humans!, ELEX, Desperados III, Outcast 1.1 and Expeditions: Viking! The contest ends on November 19th, 4 PM UTC.
I remember All my amazing moments Always when playing
games that had many ways to skip it's Missions . Which I always felt happy and excited to do it stealth ⚡
I got a good one for ya.

Christmas Day, 1996. Sometime past 12 am.

My mom had let me open and start playing my Nintendo 64 and games, which included Super Mario 64, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, and Killer Instinct Gold a little early.

So i'm sitting on the floor in the living room playing KI Gold late at night with my mom's real pine Christmas tree in the corner, which was highly over-decorated to the point you couldn't even see any green from the pine. Suddenly, I hear a rustle, but by the time I looked to see what it was, it was too late, as I realized the highly over-decorated tree had completely fallen over. My mom wakes up to see what the noise was, and finds me standing with controller in hand, looking at the fallen tree.

She and I were not happy, as we both had to clean up the devastation caused by the fallen tree. We picked the tree back up, dodging the tons of ornaments to get a hold of it properly. My mom then put a hook loop in the wall, then tied a rope to it, then to the tree to keep it from falling over again. Now remember earlier when I said this was a real pine tree? Well, we were covered in sticky pine sap after cleaning the mess, so we had to take a shower at around 1 am to get all the sap off of ourselves.

And that's the story of when I got my Nintendo 64.
Everquest 2 (an MMO game)

This was many years ago and I was in a raid guild at the time. Usually I play solo but joined a raid guild after a couple of years in the game. I mean raid loot was enticing after all and the new challenges seemed exciting in its own way.

This particular tale took place on a weekend I believe and we were all gathering to a certain location for a raid on a contested mob. Contested mobs like this one took a group of 24 players, divided into 4 teams of 6 players. These mobs were also the type that were a on "first come, first serve basis", hence the term contested.

We weren't the top raid guild at the time, so I guess we got lucky to be the first to rally to the area. There was another guild gathering nearby as well, but I guess only a few of their members were answering their raid call. Raid call was a term most raid guilds used to message any members that were online at the time. If the guilds were lucky they’d have 24 players online, maybe even their main raid group if they were extremely lucky. Not everyone can be online at the same time after all.

But believe it or not, some of the top raid guilds were so strict and disciplined, they had each other’s phone numbers, and even access to members accounts so they could always have their primary group of 24 raid characters ready to go in an instant. Pretty intense, right? I'd personally call it crazy, but hey, each to their own lol. Thank goodness, my guild was more casual.

Wow, I think I got way off the tale I wanted to tell. Anyway, back on topic.

That 2nd guild that I mentioned earlier? Well, at some point some of our members and theirs were chatting, you know those bubble text over the characters’ heads. And of course, this got a little heated, but more in the sense of light fun and rivalry, rather than insults.

I don't know who on our side suggested this, but someone had the idea that we should do something as a group to tease the other group. Most MMOs, including Everquest 2, has certain physical emotes. Like /bow, /wave, /cheer, etc. Well we just happen to have one called /dance (hope I got that right) and so decided on that.

The guild leader agreed it would be fun and got us all lined up parallel to the opposing raid guild. I'm sure they were wondering what the heck we were up to seeing all this activity lol. Anyway, once everyone was lined up and we all had the /dance command typed out, our leader gave the go in Ventrilo (our voice chat at the time).

And OMG, that was the craziest and funniest thing I've ever experienced in a game, seeing most of my guild doing a dance in sync (the dance sequence even had butt shaking in it I think LOL) while facing the rival.

And you know what was the icing on the cake?! The other guild I guess felt they needed to do a face-off, like in one of those 80s music videos or something and tried to copy us! Imagine a dozen or so players opposite you typing in the /dance command at different times and you get the idea ha-ha.

I don't know if we beat that raid boss or not that day, but that was one of the best starts we've ever had at the start of a raid.

[I think one of our members even put up a video of it on YouTube, though I can’t be sure, since it was many years ago]
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I was playing Uru: Ages Beyond Myst and had a newborn daughter. I noticed that she really seemed to like the music in the game when you go into the main library. Whenever she would get fussy, I would go back into the library and she would instantly calm down again.
Playing Bionic Commando on the NES back in the day, the mission is to stop the Badds from resurrecting Master-D to obtain the final components to complete project Albatross. When you get to the final room Master-D is resurrected a close up of him appears on screen and he is identical to Adolf Hitler, I was actually taken aback by this (at the time the Internet wasn't available to answer all questions) It was a little while later after talking to some people that did importing that I learned about the censorship the game went through and that the character actually was Hitler.

It's one of my favourite memories as this was the moment that made me aware of changes that are made to games when they are brought from other countries and how I learned in depth about censorship and translations (both good and bad).
THQ has been one of my favourite companies for ages. I've been following them for a long time, I've played so many games by them (I'll list them afterwards) and had so much fun.

My best moments in my videogame carreer have surely been playing my first videogame at my uncle's house, Super Mario Bros. 1. The experience was very unique as I'd go there just to go on the NES and play it so much. They unfortunatly never had Zelda, but I become a Nintendo fan there since I was a little kid. I had my Sega Master System 2 for years, playing my very first owned game Alex Kidd in Miracle World, sonic, and many others.

Later I started playing Zelda when I was 14-15 on the Gamecube and then on N64 with Ocarina of Time and that was when I really started loving them, and playing all of them. On Gamecube I discovered Metroid, and the two series have been my favourite since then, and recently playing Breath of the Wild and Metroid Dread is living my childhood all over again.

THQ have given me many memories too. Played the Darksiders entire series on pc, Destroy all Humans I (remastered on pc), Juiced, Sonic Advance Trilogy, Sonic Battle, Sonic Pinball Party, SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom/Rehydrated, Tak and the Power of Juju, Worms: Open Warfare, WWE Day of Reckoning, Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy (HD on pc), Disney's Aladdin, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Earthworm Jim (GBA), The Simpsons: Road Rage, Monster House (GBA), WWE All Stars, Shining Soul II, Biomutant, Painkiller, Super Dungeon Bros.. Keep going with the good, THQ, love you.
I remember a lot of video games from as far back as the 80's. Maniac Mansion on my friends' father PC. Last Ninja from ZX Spectrum, Bruce Lee, River Raid, Spy Hunter, Lotus and Polar Pierre on Atari, Fury of the Furries, Dune, Shadow of the Beast, Centurion, North&South, Sid Meiers Pirates! and Dune 2000 on Amiga. Later on PC the UFO series, both Enemy Unknown and Terror from the deep, and all kinds of adventure point and click games from LucasArts, Red Faction Guerilla and Company of Heroes from THQ ;) later. The best memories however come from playing the first Settlers installment on my Amiga 500 back in 1993. I remember everything about this game was great at the time, the graphics, the music and the idea behind the game itself. Back in those days games were either arcade or a breakthrough type of games. Settlers brought some fresh air to the strategic games genre. You could immerse yourself in the world and every little being you saw on the screen mattered to you. I remember like one morning I woke up at 5 AM and my father was sitting by the monitor almost asleep. "I'll finish in a minute" he said. He was playing Settlers. All the best to all of You oldtimers who remember those great days when nearly all games were fun to play.
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being abble to spend time with my cousins and enjoy, i love the games about the 2000´s time, cause those game were mostly to enjoy with company, so gathering with your cousins to be abble to play a game and connect and enjoy with them was the best
Playing Turrican 1 and 2 and listening to the awesome music by Chris Hülsbeck.
My favorite video game memory is how I met one of my favorite games of all time - Hard Truck 2: King of the Road.

In Russia, this game is called "Дальнобойщики 2" (truckers / truck drivers), and at the time of the release of this game we also had a TV series with of same name. I really liked this series. It was done very cheaply, but it was fun and action-driven.

So, I decided that the game is based on this series, but very soon I was disappointed...

Where's Ivanych, where's Sashok (the main characters of the series), what the hell is this? :D

But after a few hours of playing, I was fascinated by this game. It seemed so realistic to me then. All roads and landscapes were so familiar and reminded me of places that I often saw when my family and I went to visit our relatives living in a village far from us.

I even liked the soundtrack, although as a kid I wasn't really into rock music. To be honest, I still don't like Aria's music in general, but I'm ready to listen to tracks from the game (without Kipelov's vocals) for hours.

Ah, good memories! (:

P.S. Intro from the "Дальнобойщики" series:
Seeing as I already own all the games on that list that I want, Pass. +1 for the contest though!!
Without a doubt, the moment I remember most dearly is the first time I saw an actual video game at home. Back in 1991, I was four years old. As announced by my mother loud enough so that all neighbors could hear it, apparently it was time to go to bed. However, I noticed something strange - my father was playing something I had never seen before. On the TV there was a guy dressed in red with a cap and a mustache, and he had a little dragon and was chasing turtles. He was supposed to save a princess. The game was obviously Super Mario World for the SNES.

It goes without saying that, half an hour later, my mother was yielding at both my father and me for "playing hellish games at inappropriate hours".

It goes without saying too that my father would never play again, as both my brother and me took over the console.
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So my entry which was the very first on this page has gone missing. Very strange,very strange indeed.
This might sound plain and cliche but my favorite memory is the huge positive power of playing vgames in company of people: It erases personal differences, join people together in a purpose, awakes colaboration, laughs, excitement, fair play, solidarity, fellowship...
My favorite video game memory of all time is playing Olympic Summer Games (which is Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games) on Sega Mega Drive with all my brothers and sisters (yeah I have plenty of them :)) We had many hours of joy and laughing that day. Also many finger blisters afterwards. :P