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Thank you, Doc, for your philanthropic demeanor and for contributing so much to the community here to make the GOG forums fun and interesting. I would like to opt in to the contest to receive a game as well.

Perhaps, one of the most misunderstood and down rated members here is GamezRanker. He is kind at heart and I have found that when it seemed we had been in disagreement on an issue or issues in the past we were able to reach an understanding via a personal conversation. Certainly, different personality types may not mix particularly well, yet life attempts to school us in tolerance, nevertheless.
You are really generous with your Giveaways Doc.
I'm in.

I have nice things to say about many people in the forum. For the few years I have been in here, I have felt that GOG forum is mostly a friendly place.

But for this GA I would like to say something nice about both AWG43 and deja65. I had been off the forums for around a year. And when I posted here this month after such a long period, they expressed happiness at seeing me back and welcomed. This might appear as a small gesture (and many others might be happy to see me return, and I am happy to be here again too), but their expression of goodwill made my day. Thank you!
Thank you for the generosity!!!
In a sea of very well regarded and helpfull members, AB2012 consistently is not only very helpfull but very clear and gifted writer.
I'm in.

I'm going to "nominate" Gamezranker as well, it's impressive that he's still so generous in his giveaways here despite being the target of organized down-voting, which would have made others leave the forum long ago.
I'm in

GamezRanker is a great guy imo, he is respectful in disagreements and I really like him. While he has had a lot of downvotes for his opinions and ideas I think it is not deserved, it's to bad it still happens even after many name changes. GamezRanker is a really chill guy and very nice if you get to know him.
Doc, I said this in the past but I'll say it again: your generosity knows no bounds. Thank you very much.

I'm going to pick matterbandit. Although I don't know him "personally" (as far as online interactions goes), whenever I read a post made by him, he comes off as a genuinely great fellow. He gets happy with little things like reading a book again after some time, or getting a fresh new hair cut.
I consider him a great person within this community.

Good luck to all participants and thank you one more time Doc.
Doc, you're spoiling us again, and more importantly, also again doing it in a way that nudges this community at least a tiny bit back in a good direction.

And while I didn't feel I had something meaningful to say for GamezRanker's thread, here I want to mention mrkgnao. Not that it's still needed, of course, but nobody did yet and it must be said that, on top of all the work put into MaGOG and being an overall nice person, he also really stood, and stands, for something, even now still taking positions and making statements through the continued involvement on the forum despite being so disillusioned with GOG's direction and even making what I'd consider a huge sacrifice, "killing" MaGOG and basically binning all that huge amount of work in order to make the most powerful statement he could that GOG has truly lost its way and enough is enough.

Oh, and I'm in.
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Not in because Doc already made me bloat with games in the past.
Many names of good people have already been listed, and I'll mention Finkleroy who is nice and spending his time to manage both community giveaways. Thanks to him.

Good luck everyone.
Thank you very much Doc for setting up this lottery giveaway and for your past generosity.

As for me, I'd like to mention kbnrylaec who in particular feeds the very useful thread about the unannounced GOG promotions.
I also second the kudos previously sent to adamhm who does a great job at helping those who play under Linux.
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I'm in.

Thank you for a GA.

I want to mention Kalanyr, for his tool that allow us to mass download our gog library for offline use...and thank you to all that take from their time and energy , to use others on this forum, for free.
Doc, you're generous as always.
guess, I'm in.
as for goglodyte... there are way too many good people here but still, I'd pick our underrated^Woverdownvoted GamezRanker, one of the most (IMHO of course) nice users here. and they're a good companion to talk to. and and and... yeah, definitely our Gamer Cat.
I beg your pardon, other great guys and gals.
I'm in. Thank you Doc.

I say finkleroy is doing a great job maintaining the Community Giveaway. Constantly checking the thread, keeping track, handing out the games and sometimes banning people from the giveaway. Kudos to you sir.
I'm going to skip this giveaway, but I'll mention Kalanyr for his essential fork of the standalone downloader Gogrepo, Yepoleb for his informative gogdb (expecially for the gog changelog), and Alexim for his useful list about broken achievs. Thank you guys
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Thank you for giving us a chance to say something nice about other without being weird.

I like all the people who participate on Why the person above you should be banned thread, they make me smile and chuckle everyday. To pick one, I'd give a shout out to Hooyaah, who's always active and in turn making people to be more active on the forum too.

To Hooyaah: You make a bigger impact than you realize, the forum needs more people like you!
Many great community members have been listed, but I would like to mention several no longer active but still shaped it in the past.

Thespian - one of the "old guard" members. He left forums but hopefully not his hobby.
bjgamer - account of a pair, well known from the "Talk like a pirate" threads. Sadly one of the them passed away some time ago. Fair winds and following seas, Pirate Penguin.

Previous hosts of community giveaway:
Thank you for donating a lot of time and effort.

OldFatGuy - quite mature gamer but young at heart and enthusiastic about his hobby. Hope he is doing well as I have not seen him for quite a while.

I would like to be in.
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