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Shadow Warrior 2 FREE for 48h, Renowned Releases, New Look, and More

**UPDATE: Giveaway Voting Ended**

Ten years is a touching affair, a rare achievement for a gaming platform – so we've prepared a week of celebrations with games and freebies! Here's what's in store:

We wouldn't be here without our community – so for the first time ever you got to choose the game for our Anniversary Giveaway! The three nominees were: Firewatch, Shadow Warrior 2, and SUPERHOT. After a fierce battle, the charming Mr. Wang eliminated the competition and Shadow Warrior 2 is now FREE until October 6th, 2:15pm UTC.
If you voted for the other two, don't fret - SUPERHOT is 50% off and Firewatch 75% off until the end of the sale.

We've crafted three Anniversary Collections, each packing a selection of must-play games at excellent prices:
The Timeless Essentials is all about the legends: Theme Hospital, Dungeon Keeper 2, System Shock 2, and Another World all for 5 USD.
The Art of Aging Gracefully collection features the unmissable Owlboy, Homeworld Remastered and Dragon Age: Origins at 10 USD.
• Last but far from least it's The Modern Classics collection, set at 25 USD it will get you Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Battle Chasers: Nightwar, and Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun.

Drop by and find more of the greatest DRM-free games ever up to 80% off in our Anniversary Sale.

To mark the 10th Anniversary we're bringing DRM-freedom to Stellaris together with Paradox Entertainment. We've also restored Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine for the fortune and glory, and reignited a remarkable old flame: Soldier of Fortune – both now available only on GOG.COM.

This week’s celebrations are also a perfect time to introduce some pretty big changes to the store — it's a visual overhaul that's looking very spiffy, but also an upgrade to how you'll discover the best of the best. Every single game will have more room to shine, and information that's important to you will be accessible at a hover and a glance. The review system will become more robust as well, offering better insight into what other members of the community are thinking.

Finally – we invite you to join us on a nostalgic trip through the history of GOG.COM, from 1994 and the events which inspired our philosophy, all the way into our future… because this decade is just the beginning.

Also, do make sure to drop by our Twitch channel - we got a special treat for you this week. Get ready for 100 hours of streaming, including guests from the days of yore like MegapiemanPHD, Donis, Alex, E___A, Tikanjiah, PantslessAaron, Rerez, ChronoWolf, Outstar, and Judas!

The GOG.COM 10th Anniversary and all offers will be around until October 7th, 10pm UTC.
OTHER THAN THAT - pretty good sale. Got great value from those $25 and $10 packs and a couple other cheap games I bought. Haven't bought much from a sale in a while due to having pretty much no money of my own, but I was able to put that more to use this time. So as far as just the sale itself is concerned, not bad.

I probably wouldn't even notice any controversies tbh if I didn't click on the thread and read about some of the changes made, some I wasn't aware of, others I wouldn't have noticed, with just a couple that probably would've stuck out to me (the way the news is placed is probably one I would've discovered and be dismayed by on my own).

I do think many of the criticisms are legitimate though, and I sincerely hope the people at GOG are listening and taking them into serious consideration. Many times, yes, changes are good, sometimes necessary, or at least are to make better something already good but...uh, could be made better. Not ALL change is good though. Changing things for the sake of it, or because of an ill-conceived idea that seemed good in your head but when enacted in reality, doesn't look so good at all. GOG can do with what they want with their storefront, it's theirs to do with as they please after all. For the most part, I see nothing egregious. The place remains mostly fine. But there are still some problems. Some of them very bad ones.

The customer may not ALWAYS be right, but the customer is why a business exists in the first place. When there is legitimate, constructive criticism to be had, it's important to listen. Consider things in their shoes. If they are inconvenienced by a new feature, or removal of a feature, that didn't need changing to begin with, sometimes it's a good thing to enact upon what they have to say. Don't distance yourself from the people you both try to win over and people you're trying to keep. And if you have a *logical* explanation for why some inexplicable change was made, go into detail. The more in-depth, communicative you are, the more you seem like you actually listened to what people precisely had to say, the better your customer relations will be. That's very important. Especially for GOG. I fear they may distance themselves further away if they don't go back to directly communicating with those with their grievances in this thread and maybe others, but unlike other companies that treat people with complaints as "toxic trolls" that get the insta-banhammer or just ignore them completely, all you have to do, sure, for people who have good things to say, fine, but also for people who might be miffed at things that have seriously inconvenienced them, all I say:


OK I think I've gotten everything I wanted to say out of my system. Now back to...I don't know what I want to do right now. Not sleep. 3 AM where I am, but still not at all tired. Uuf.
The front page is staying like this? I assumed it was just for the sale.

If you're only going to show 11 news items on the front page then how about a separate news page?
Hands up who wasn't paying attention to when the anniversary sale ended?

*raises hand*
EndlessWaves: ... then how about a separate news page?

And let us use it as a default starter page.

In general the game pages also look very distorted in the new design. And while I guess some of these ugly changes are by intend like the awful price tag placement for example, some seem to be mishaps.
I can't read any news anymore in Galaxy.

Please GoG-team give us a clear design again!
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LOL am I the only one who likes the new look?

» Sleek, Clean
» Auto-resizes/re-organizes itself based on Window Size
» Images are still nice size/large
» Price is easy to spot
» ON SALE section is right up front

The News is literally, one hand length in scrolling down (dragging the mouse/scrollbar, or two little mouse wheel turns if you use that).

Change is always unsettling, but I for one like the new look!

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Prian: You try to blame me to be insensitive or calling you names but, seriously: Why do you call other peoples work "very low quality"? To be honest, i dont even know that guy you talk about, and i dont care.
The problem is you not just say "no politics!". No, you belittle other people and their work in a way that reads very political on its own.
I mean, who are you to judge for all the others? Who are you to rant about others work and opinion?
Think about it and it shows you something about you.

P.S.: Did you make a thread or a petition the time "Kingdom Come: Deliverance" showed up on GOG?
I remember the discussion if the devs are right-winged, cause of some - i think Bathory was it - Tshirts and stuff.
Really, i just remember it vague.
Did you buy that game? Or boycott?
Now that's even better - you don't even know what is the source of my objection (and calling website as "guy"), yet you're attacking me. I've read at least 15-20 articles on this website. I know what am I writing about. And if I'm telling about someone's work "low quality", I'm commenting the stuff made by people, not people themselves. And I have full right to it, as recipient/reader of publicity in the internet. Your frustration, while I'm sad that you're feeling it, is not justification for denying it.

You've got some disturbing obsession with "belitteling" others. Of course as long as they're something which I personally have objections. And you're yet naming me as someone "poor" intelectually. It seems that criteria you're taking are purely subjective and emotional.

Answering on your question - I didn't write even single post in the thread you've asked about. I see that you're very caution about tracking of people with different beliefs than yours. Do you always react in so aggresive and vulgar way if someone is not sharing your view of world?

I'm sad to see that you're still going into subject about which you obviously have no knowledge, yet you're embarassing yourself even more. I'm not going to forbid it to you, if that's what you want. But do you really want it?
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high rated
Hello All,

First of all, happy anniversary. It is great to be aware of GOG seeing the customers as partners.

I usually stay away from forums, but it has been a few days now and I still do not get the hang of the new site design. Honestly, I am loaded with the visuals of the different games, everything pops up and tries to load a video. Wit all the visuals on the screen, I cannot seem to find what I am looking for and it transfers the feeling of: marketing-buy-marketing-marketing-buy-fancy-buy-buy...
It was a great site, and I loved visiting GOG for the easy access and now that is all about to change.
Please think again the site looks.
Thank you,

Thank you again for the last annisvary. I bought everything just to celebrate with you and now I get to see, what I would have never saw before, how really magnificant and beatifule Dungeon Keeper 2 is. You are awesome!