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*barana's star
-1 mana regen but +1 mana regen instead

Playing on hard mode

aggressive mobs and high damage

higher hp mobs for hard mode
spell level doesnt make a difference besides -1 mana cost

Played different classes and enjoy the game so far

Hoping the mod developer builds upon hard mode for TH2 and TH3
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1. Is TH1 and TH2 unbeatable solo in multiplayer mode?
2. Is any advantages in the TH1 TH2 multiplayer over singleplayer ? (content, items, monster abilities, monster types, drop rate, drop amount). So what I will NOT see if beat the game in single-mode ? like this string in the TH1 guide "+ Unique uber bosses on 3rd difficulty mode of multiplayer,"
3. Is it legal to transfer items from single to multiplayer mode ?
4. Some info from docs:

The Hell ReadMe_Rus_0.67.txt
Если синглплеер обладает функцией прощения грехов (Save/Load), то мультиплеер вам покажет настоящие зубы: некоторые монстры там могут красть вашу жизнь, имеют ряд характеристик, которыми не обладают монстры в сингле и имеют явно больше выносливости в целом. В большинстве случаев вам потребуется компания чтобы выжить, так как в одиночку вам не справиться.
Diablo TheHell Readme_1.180 Rus.pdf
Если синглплеер обладает функцией прощения грехов (Save/Load), то мультиплеер вам покажет настоящие зубы: некоторые монстры там могут красть вашу жизнь, имеют ряд характеристик, которыми не обладают монстры в сингле и имеют явно больше выносливости в целом. В большинстве случаев вам потребуется компания чтобы выжить, так как в одиночку вам порой будет не справиться.
Diablo TheHell Readme_1.227 Eng.pdf
While Single-Player allows you to take enemies by one and reload in case of failure, Multi-Player mode almost REQUIRES cooperation. Playing TH in MP alone will be almost impossible sometimes.
Diablo TheHell Readme_1.227 Eng.pdf
Q: I started playing multiplayer on my own but it’s just too hard.
A: Don’t underestimate multiplayer mode. If you know you will play alone, go for Singleplayer mode. It’s balanced for solo play. Whereas, multiplayer mode is balanced for cooperative play (2-3 players, optimal). If you still want to play MP on your own, keep in mind that sometimes it will be VERY hard there (maybe even impossible).
Diablo TheHell Guide 1.001_Eng.pdf
+ Unique uber bosses on 3rd difficulty mode of multiplayer,
Diablo TheHell2 Readme 1.2504 Eng.txt
Also, playing multiplayer alone will be extra challenging. Do it only if you are in a masochistic mood. I don't mean that as in trying to tempt you to play so, I mean it will be way too hard (unless your skills and knowledge of TH2 are well above average).
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Would not recommend this mod.

What it adds isn't worth it.

The "24 levels" literally just the 16 base then the 8 hellfire ones in the game even though the quests aren't.

The gems? Whats the point, amassed a huge amount of grade 1 gems and the only gear with sockets seems to be grey. With 2 sockets at most, so in most cases any random blue item will give you more and better effects.

The stash, is not shared. Why even bother having a stash then, the base game does the same thing because tristam is your stash (but you can transfer items even in that). And for me and it seems many half the fun of an ARPG is replaying twinking a new character, making use of rares that weren't useful to the last. Why store low level old gear at all if you can't share it, besides having a magic find set. oh and each tab you have to pay for, 10k 20k etc in mod thats so hard to earn money (if it was shared it'd seem worth it somewhat)

Classes are meh, using it as a feature in a game where actually you can just do a spell casting "warrior" if you want's fluff, not content.

Perks seem more punishing then interesting. Grim Deal outright is bugged I'm sure. Managing the life regen debuff would almost be interesting but I don't think it math correctly, I entered floor 2, didn't get attacked kill anything level up change my character just exploded, noticed after regen decreased (often into a negative) when moving but often doesn't set itself back correctly so you amass an unmanageable amount of life drain. Which is great fun when you at this moment realise the stash isn't shared so rolling a new character is losing everything (really wish the mod pages where clearer about what it did, then again maybe less people would download it then)

And in general that sums up the balancing too, like the random chest that can easily OHKO a squishier character, its not a challenge, its just unfun. It still doesn't make the traps worth a thing (Which tbf they are not worth anything in the original game).

Entering floors and immediately being surrounded with no chance to do a thing, again not fun. Particularly prevalent on quest specific maps (if you must try this mod skip those areas and just come back to them later). Oh and the angel puzzle was nothing but tedious. No clues, nothing like it in the game, randomised per game to, far too long a code.

The lack of spell bar and couldn't work out how to map my own hot keys to not have constantly open up the book to use other spells is another change for the worse (and pointless...what did it add doing that?)

The config doesn't give you much, the things you might want to personalise in this single player game, not there.

I'll never get why some developers have such an issue with people having fun in their game, especially modders who are changing someone elses design, even more so for a single player (mostly) experience. Like how did people having shared item stashes hurt you that it needed to be removed?

A whole lot of nothing added, was it really a decade in the making? What is changed is rarely, if ever, for the better. Play DevilutionX for a smoother vanilla experience, or beelzebub if you really want to try those cut quests.
If you want to play this mod, think twice. Its only for GRINDERS and people with endless patience. Its unbalanced. You will be attacked by several bosses at once at the beginning of the level. Its quite often and all you can do is start new game if you play multi of course (there is no point playing single player mode, we all know it). You will be stuck all the time and all you can do is grind and grind. To move forward you need better equipment. To find it, you may think you have to change your gear for items that increase chance to do so. If you do it you are to weak to play current game. You have to go back and play easier level. You will find lots of stuff but i swear, NOTHING you can use. All items i have found were playing current game with no gear giving chance to find something decent. Thats a paradox. I was 42lv, Mage and from my experience i have to say that this mod was made by the devil himself. You will suffer, you will be mad, you will be hopeless so many times. This is not for humans. I played for so long because i thought that at some point game will be easier and ill find some proper equipment but no way.
But this mod has potential. If only it was less annoying. Balance levels a little bit. Spread bosses evenly on the map because its to often when you got attacked by half of the map as soon as you move when you enter level. And for gods sake. There is zillion of items, but most of them useless or you cannot wear. And one more. WHY SO DARK!!! If you want game brighter you need special items. Thats another annoying thing. You can find a proper item but it makes game darker. Why you do this to people? Just make it bright dude!