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For those asking about the shared stash.

it is not available in The Hell 2, it was removed with the version 1.0.

Don't know about The Hell 1.
billybgame: Huh? The shared stash is certainly still there. Unless you are playing Ironman or Nightmare.
starschild86: how do i access this?
i gave tons of items to Gillian and she works on a single character, however i cannot pass items from one char to another.
normal mode, trying to share items from a lvl 9 archer to a lvl 1 mage
any idea? i read online that i need to run thehell.exe instead of th2.exe, however i didn't find it in my th2_v1.0045
billy's wrong, mordor removed the stash for "balance" in version 1.0
I never used Reshade, TH2 does have some built-in shaders. But it barely got anyone interested, so that was stopped. Maybe Bloom effect. Others were not impressive.

Actually, since I didn't use reshade, I can't say anything about it. Got to try it first. I will write again if there is anything I have to say about it.