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Currently I'm working on a project whose goal is to enhance/mod the game and I'm looking for volunteers good in grammar and spelling to translate the missing language files or fix the existing ones. As a reminder, languages in the game are Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.

The purpose here is to make the 4 nations/colors (FRANCE/BLUE, ENGLAND/RED, HOLLAND/ORANGE and SPAIN/YELLOW) and their configuration files available in missions 31 to 35 (see, to fix the dutch, german and polish language issues (see and and to make the work available for everyone.

To sum up :

- For Dutch-speakers, files are \data\missions\MISXX\YYY\MSG\MISXXYYY.DUT and \data\missions\MISXX\YYY\INT\INTXXYYY.DUT
- For English-speakers, files are \data\missions\MISXX\YYY\MSG\MISXXYYY.ENG and \data\missions\MISXX\YYY\INT\INTXXYYY.ENG
- For French-speakers, files are \data\missions\MISXX\YYY\MSG\MISXXYYY.FRE and \data\missions\MISXX\YYY\INT\INTXXYYY.FRE
- For German-speakers, files are \data\missions\MISXX\YYY\MSG\MISXXYYY.GER and \data\missions\MISXX\YYY\INT\INTXXYYY.GER
- For Italian-speakers, files are \data\missions\MISXX\YYY\MSG\MISXXYYY.ITA and \data\missions\MISXX\YYY\INT\INTXXYYY.ITA
- For Polish-speakers, files are \data\missions\MISXX\YYY\MSG\MISXXYYY.POL and \data\missions\MISXX\YYY\INT\INTXXYYY.POL
- For Portuguese-speakers, files are \data\missions\MISXX\YYY\MSG\MISXXYYY.POR and \data\missions\MISXX\YYY\INT\INTXXYYY.POR
- For Spanish-speakers, files are \data\missions\MISXX\YYY\MSG\MISXXYYY.SPA and \data\missions\MISXX\YYY\INT\INTXXYYY.SPA

The cherry on the cake could be :

- To see what can be done to make PORTUGAL/GREEN available as the 5th nation (You can see it has been considered by the devs when browsing the game files).
- To work on mission 00. It's demo/hidden mission whose map is western Europe...

People who wants to contribute can come forward in this topic.

Thanks in advance.
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As you've already mentioned in other post files need to be encoded in OEM-US. So if i'm not mistaken there're no polish character in this encoding. There's only "ó". No "ę", "ą" and others.
So it's publisher joke to put "Polish language" there on main site.

I made a mistake : language files are ANSI encoded. But it does change nothing for you I think because it seems that only western european accented characters can be rendered properly. Changing the encoding to UTF-8 or Windows-1250 crashes the game.

I don't know how Polish alphabet works. Does a word remain understandable when replacing accented characters by non-accented ones ? It does in French for example (vérification -> verification).
Hello, I've just bought the game and found your topic. I'm a native french speaker and i know how to use notepad ++ if it's usefull. Is the project still alive ?

Thanks for your offer but I gave up this project : No one was really enthusiast so I moved on.

You can see I wander around from time to time but I'm not planning to reconsider it.
I have been working in a similar but expanded mod and have been making promising progress, link to post below with images. Thanks rsst for the heads up regarding MIS00, I never looked at it but have added to my to do list.