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I am currently in the process of building an Adventure Mode launcher with new features and extra scenarios.
I am posting as a new thread so others may see this and get to use the launcher once it is completed.

List of anticipated included features below:

- Select which Adventure Mode scenario to play, then launch the game. No need to manually transfer files across.
- A total of twelve unique locations playable by all four major factions, meaning a total of 48 Adventure Mode scenarios!
- Select your starting ship and gold, more freedom to customise your scenario.
- Fifth, unreleased Portuguese faction added to all scenarios. This faction is not playable but behaves as a fully functioning AI.
- Inclusion of mission specific characters in Adventure Mode missions such as Annie Bonnie etc (where appropriate).

I have attached images of the current build of the launcher and a custom start / scenario.

I estimate it will take a month or two to complete the launcher with all scenarios, this includes adding all factions, updating pathing for Portuguese and new scenarios as well as testing.

Looking forward to sharing the final product and bringing some more replay ability to this old but fun game.
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Progress update: six different locations have now been made playable as Adventure Mode maps / free play maps, for each of the four factions.
These maps are:
- Africa
- Americas
- Andaman Sea
- Bahamas
- Caribbean
- Cuba
In terms of playable locations, I have reached the halfway point. Once the maps have all been made playable the following updates will be done:
- Add more starting ships to all maps (although player always starts with one) - more boats = more fun!
- Update the launcher to display ship stats for the selected starting ship
- Update the launcher to display an image of the map selected, with additional map information
- Remove / clean up unnecessary files
I have not lost all my sanity yet, but will see what the next few months brings.
Will update once all maps have been made playable. So far this has been a good challenge, looking forward to completing and releasing this, but will take as much time as needed to make this as good as it can be.
Thanks to rsst for the heads up regarding MIS00, looks like a map of England and northern France which is really cool, I've added this to the list so the total locations are now 13 with 52 scenarios (1 for each faction on each map).
Also looking at adding missing language files to each scenario, this should be pretty straight forward as each objective is essentially the same. I have had a few people show interest in this project which is awesome to see.
I have lost my original Corsairs Gold CD, but my understanding was there were additional scenarios included, did these also include additional locations or just re-use existing ones? If anyone is able to share the scenario files with me that would be appreciated.
All 13 locations are now playable as Adventure Mode scenarios by all 4 major factions. That means I now have 52 playable Adventure Mode scenarios! Time to go through all scenarios again, add Portugal, add additional ships, fix pathing issues and add language files. I have also attached an image of the updated launcher I have been working on.
Once all this has been completed, I'll test the launcher and if all goes well I will release the launcher with new mission files for download (along with instructions to use).
Almost finished, this has taken a long, long time but on the home stretch.
Portuguese faction added to all 13 locations.
Additional starting ships added to all nations (minus player nation). Some smaller maps can get intense very quickly!
All ships are buildable on all maps.
Missing language files added to each custom scenario.
Currently updating the launcher, adding additional features and updating ui.
Once done I’ll create a readme and upload to moddb for download.
Also will likely create an accompanying video going through the launcher and new scenarios.
I anticipate the launcher and custom scenarios to be done and released within the next few weeks.

I wish I saw this topic earlier!

I'm a native italian speaker, if you need help with translations I can help
gigibestia: Awesome!

I wish I saw this topic earlier!

I'm a native italian speaker, if you need help with translations I can help
Thank you, all the scenarios have the same objective ‘destroy all fleets’ so all translations are the same. Once done i may go through all campaign levels and add missing translations, perhaps if I do that you can have a look over and correct my (Googles) mistakes
Moddb listing for Corsairs is up, auto corrected to conquest at sea but that’s not an issue. Hoping to have the Adventure Mode Launcher mod up by the end of the week. Link to moddb listing below.
The Adventure Mode Launcher mod is now available for download!
Please read the mod description for installation and launch instructions.
I have shared the link to the download below, let me know what you think or if you run into any issues.
gigibestia: Awesome!

I wish I saw this topic earlier!

I'm a native italian speaker, if you need help with translations I can help
I have translated the scenarios as best I can, hopefully it makes sense.
If you have downloaded the mod already, I have just released version 1.2 which has a few fixes so recommend updating.
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Adventure Mode Launcher 1.3 update is now available for download of ModDB.
Version 1.3 adds the ability to select teams for each nation. Make nations allies, or enemies, or set yourself the ultimate challenge and pit all AI nations against yourself!
Dude, thanks for your work it's awesome !
Mysterius: Dude, thanks for your work it's awesome !
Thanks, glad you're enjoying it!