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[*]We refreshed the banana grove.
[*]Changed the stats, behaviors, and descriptions of the following creatures and plants: cyclopean gibbon, red death dacca, gelatinous palms (now called irritable palms), and fruit flies (now called adiyys).
[*]Added new tiles for banana trees and bananas.
[*]Added a new plant to the banana grove: dicalyptus tree.
[*]Added a new disease: ???
[*]Added instructions for the new disease's cure to the Corpus Choliys.
[*]Added a new cooking ingredient: sun-dried bananas.
[*]Bananas can now be preserved into sun-dried bananas.
[*]There are now occasionally villages in the banana grove.
[*]Many liquid containers can now be sealed and unsealed.
[*]You now get the appropriate reputation bonuses and penalties when your companions kill a reputation-awarding creature.
[*]Except for in the starting village, you can no longer perform the water ritual with the wardens of dynamic villages.
[*]Pathfinding and autoexplore now avoid aloes.
[*]Dynamic item retrieval quests now properly complete if the item is in your inventory when you receive the quest.
[*]Wardens are less likely to be hostile to the villagers they protect, and vice versa.
[*]Plants summoned by Burgeoning are now friendly to the caster's party leader (and their leader, all the way up the chain). This means your companions can use Burgeoning without causing havoc in the party.
[*]The descriptions of reputation-awarding creatures now more accurately reports the correct factions those creatures are loved by.
[*]Dominating creatures with Heightened Hearing or Sense Psychic no longer continues to give you hypersensory information after the domination ends or the mutation is removed.
[*]Baetyls now take only the number of objects they requested, not the entire stack.
[*]When you empty a container to fill it with another liquid, the emptied liquid now appears in your tile rather than disappearing.
[*]Carrying a ceremonial vibrokhopesh in a container no longer prevents you from moving to the world map.
[*]Fidget cells no longer slow the game down as drastically when you're moving on the world map.
[*]Unreal objects are no longer auto picked up.
[*]Fixed a bug with engulfing creatures.
[*]Prone creatures will now have to stand up before they attack or otherwise act, not after.
[*]Companions will no longer join you in new zones while asleep, stunned, or immobilized.
[*]Fixed a bug that made paralysis not work.
[*]Paralysis now sets DV to 0 if over 0, like stun.
[*][modding] The GivesRep part now acknowledges the properties or tags NoHateFactions and NoFriendFactions, where you can specify comma-separated lists of factions that the NPC is never disliked by or admired by, respectively. If a relationship to a faction specified in NoHateFactions is generated, it defaults to a friendly relationship. Likewise, if a friendly relationship to a faction specified in NoFriendFactions is generated, it defaults to a dislike relationship. If a faction is specified in both lists, the final relationship is dislike.
[*][modding] The LiquidVolume part now has the fields Sealed (a boolean which, if true, makes the liquid inaccessible), ManualSeal (a boolean that enables seal and unseal inventory actions on the item), and LiquidVisibleWHenSealed (a boolean which, when true, means the liquid can be seen while the volume is sealed; if false it cannot).
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Changelog for Patch (added 22 February 2019):

* We refreshed the Putus Templar.
-- Tweaked the stats and gear of Knights Templar. Among other changes, this included lowering their level and HP but giving them fullerite armor and weapons.
-- New creature: Gunner-Knight Templar
-- New creature: Banner-Knight Templar
-- New creature: Knight Commander of the Holy Temple
-- New creature: Wraith-Knight Templar of the Binary Honorum
-- New creature: Templar squire
-- New creature: phylactery squire
-- New creature: infiltrator
-- New item: banner of the Holy Rhombus
-- New item: Templar phylactery
-- New status effect: war trance
-- Added a templar scout to Grit Gate.
-- Tweaked the logic for party selection in Templar faction encounters.
* You can no longer throw things while burrowed.
* You once again reap the rewards and suffer the consequences of kills made by your Burgeoned plants.
* Multiple lurking beth can no longer populate the same tile.
* Spinnerets now properly grant resistance to forced movement.
* The Spinnerets description now includes the fact that the bearer can walk on webs.
* Fixed a bug that caused Slam not to work on walls and doors.
* There should be fewer game-breaking problems when you dominate a creature and a spacetime vortex consumes your dormant body.
* Fixed a bug that caused only baetyls to climb through spacetime vortices and rifts instead of all kinds of creatures.
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[*]Tinkering messages are now cleared about which bits you need and which you have, and the list of bits you have is now presented in a consistent order.
[*]The game version is now displayed in relevant UI messages such as when a game fails to load.
[*]You can now order allies to stay put or follow you (via the Look UI). Staying put only stops them from following you around; they still move to defend you, themselves, or other allies.
[*]You can now order companions to move to a location (via the Look UI). They prioritize this command over combat.
[*]You can now give orders (via the Look UI) to your companions' companions.
[*]You must now be adjacent to companions to give them items via the Look UI.
[*]NPCs are now more willing to engage adjacent targets when they can't find a way to move toward their preferred target. They will attempt to hack their way back toward the preferred target if possible.
[*]You can now exchange water containers with your companions.
[*]Leather whips now latch onto opponents when they hit.
[*]Madpoles now use a different mechanism for latching onto their opponents.
[*]Thirsty NPCs now sip water if they have it.
[*]Autodrink now treats equipped water containers the same as containers in your inventory.
[*]Autodrink now shows you the source of the water you are drinking and its remaining volume.
[*]Autodrinking with glotrot can once again contaminate water containers.
[*]Tinkering messages are now clearer about which bits you need and which you already have, and the list of bits you have is now presented in a consistent order.
[*]Slugsnouts are now willing to attack at point-blank range.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused legendary companions to sometimes not attack after you commanded them to.
[*]Fixed an issue that occasionally prevented valid saved games from loading.
[*]Fixed some typos in the Templar squire description.
[*]Scrap no longer rusts an entire stack at a time.
[*]In most cases, like items with status effects like bloody or rusted now stack with each other.
[*]Being frozen or stuck in a web no longer interferes with your equipment becoming unequipped due to effects like rusting or the contraction of a fungal infection.
[*][modding] GamestateSingletons used in mods are now properly called.
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[*]Added new tiles for yuckwheat and yuckwheat stem.
[*]The fate of Bey Lah now more closely matches the outcomes described upon completing the quest Kith and Kin.
[*]Nests no longer attack you with fists.
[*]Creatures and most furniture are no longer converted into item stacks.
[*]Sphinx salt injectors no longer use two injectors every time you apply them.
[*]Fixed a bug that prevented true kin NPCs from successfully using precognition to avoid death.
[*]NPC use of precognition (via both mutation and sphinx salt) is now more consistent with PC use and interacts more smoothly with Domination.
[*]Fixed a bug that reduced thrown weapon accuracy when thrown along diagonal trajectories.
[*]Fixed a bug that occurred when dominating creatures with Heightened Hearing.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused companions to forget about you if you left their zone in a dominated body.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused liquids poured into empty containers to have phantom impurities.
[*]Fixed a rare inventory exception.
[*]Becoming nooks and the Sacred Well now have menu actions appropriate to their uses.
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Changelog for Patch (added 30 March 2019):

* Added a new grenade mod, phase-conjugate, that causes grenades to shift phase right before they explode.
* Added new dialog for scribes, vintners, shoemakers, and Issachari tribesfolk.
* Increased feral lah HP and gave them a flabby leaf natural weapon.
* Increased tumbling pod explosion damage.
* We fixed some bugs with the Spread Klanq quest. -- Fixed a bug that caused the Puff Spores ability to fail to work after a save/load cycle. -- Fixed a bug that prevented many of the dynamic objectives of Spread Klanq to fail to complete. -- The Puff Spores ability is now removed upon completing the quest.
* Ice frog corpses are now butcherable for frog meat.
* Puffer fungi raised as domesticated crops by villages no longer puff at those villagers.
* The amanranthine prism can no longer be damaged by beating on it, nor can it be unequipped by spraying it with acid.
* Tinkers now properly repair your items when you select repair from the tab submenu of the trade screen.
* Canned mystery meat now occasionally shows up in the world outside of arconaut starting gear.
* NPCs that are susceptible to acid now attempt to get out of acid pools.
* The messaging around placing objects in containers is now more sensible.
* The 'collect' liquid interaction command now acknowledges container ownership.
* Fixed a bug that prevented those with photosynthetic skin from cooking with their starch and lignin.
* Fixed some bugs that occasionally caused the DV penalty from paralysis to stick around after the effect wore off or that caused an additional phantom DV penalty.
* Fixed a bug that caused items to improperly remain stacked when an energy cell was inserted into one of them.
* Fixed a formatting issue on the Quests UI when displaying completed quest steps.
* Fixed an autoexplore loop bug with water pickup.
* [modding] Added a "stage6" wish, which jumps to the Pax Klanq quest sequence.
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The Barathrumites are remodeling. Stay tuned.
Tumbling pods are now considered hostile at distances greater than 1.
Warden Indrix and Mamon Souldrinker can now use grandfather horns, while goat herders can no longer use them.
Effects and items that cause astral burdening and tethering, especially norm cores, now have less of a performance impact on the game.
If you inject an NPC with a love tonic, then beguile, proselytize, or recruit them to your party, their loyalty no longer suddenly ends when the love tonic wears off.
The Ruin of House Isner's critical bonus now works as described. Preivously non-seventh-shot criticals were only getting half their penetration bonus.
Bey Lah is no longer referred to as "some Bey Lah" when you pass it on the world map.
Loading an energy cell into a socket now correctly uses a turn when the socket did not previously contain an energy cell.
Weaponless turrets no longer appear inside historic sites and lairs.
Stun rods and prayer rods no longer need to penetrate armor in order to apply their stun effect.
Fixed a bug that occasionally caused the Ruin of House Isner's ego bonus to become permanent.
Fixed an issue that caused too much XP to be awarded upon completion of Spread Klanq.
Fixed some bugs that prevented grandfather horns from working properly and prevented goatfolk from equipping them.
Fixed a bug that caused some stun effects to be trivial to save against.
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[*]The Barathrumites are still remodeling. Continue staying tuned.
[*]Added new item: blood-gradient hand vacuum.
[*]We refreshed how turrets work.
[*]Turrets now require ammo to fire. You can supply a friendly turret with ammo when you deploy it, via its interaction menu, or via smart use.
[*]Turrets must now reload their weapons.
[*]Turrets now have power switches. You can only access them if you have sufficient security clearance.
[*]You can now find dynamic turrets -- turrets created from arbitrary missile weapons -- in the wild.
[*]Added the following new creatures: low-light laser turret tinker, eigenturret tinker, blast cannon tinker, phase cannon tinker, and dynamic turret tinker.
[*]Added two new supporting items: storage tank and gourd.
[*]Added a new item mod, jacked, which allows gear to be powered by robots (particularly turrets) who wield it via their onboard systems or from grid power they have access to.
[*]Traipsing mortars now use ammo and can scavenge to fabricate it.
[*]Seed-spitting vines, thirst thistles, slugsnouts, and agolflies now generate ammo through biological mechanisms rather than not use ammo.
[*]Slugsnouts now have tusks.
[*]Agolflies now have mandibles.
[*]Added a new tile for troll foals.
[*]Base troll creatures no longer appear outside of Bethesda Susa.
[*]In most cases smart use now prefers to pet creatures, if possible, rather than talk to them.
[*]Dart guns and booster guns now use the Pistol skill rather than Heavy Weapons.
[*]Grenade launchers now have the correct weight of 15 pounds.
[*]Fleeing creatures now prefer to flee into tiles that have fewer adjacent enemies, unless they are panic-fleeing due to a fear effect.
[*]Aquatic creatures no longer pathfind or flee into tiles containing liquid containers or puddles too small to swim in. This also applies to player auto-movement while dominating an aquatic creature.
[*]Leering stalkers, chrome pyramids, traipsing mortars, and boosterbots no longer drop their ranged weapons upon death (once again).
[*]Repairing items via the trade screen now correctly charges the listed water cost.
[*]Norm cores now have a power switch that can be accessed if you have sufficient security clearance. They occasionally start in the off state.
[*]Liquids that fizz away when using the pour command now exhibit the same behavior when using the collect command.
[*]HP restored by life drain is now treated as healing and includes messaging and floating text.
[*]Fixed a bug that broke night-vision implants when they were reimplanted after the game had been saved and restored.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused phase-conjugate grenades to not shift phase after the game had been saved and restored.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused dismembered limbs and equipment to not appear on the ground if the dismembering attack killed the target.
[*]Fixed a bug that allowed the player to accumulate multiple beguiled or proselytized companions by leaving them in far-away zones and later returning to them.
[*]Fixed a number of bugs involving stat modifiers from effects becoming permanent on your clones.
high rated
[*]We remodeled Grit Gate.
[*]The whole layout is new. Explore!
[*]Added a new music track to Grit Gate.
[*]Added a functional power grid to Grit Gate. Power is generated at power stations, conducted through power lines (or, in rarer cases, wirelessly), and consumed by various kinds of artifacts in place of battery power.
[*]Added new objects in support of the power grid infrastructure: fusion power station, broadcast power station, wired fulcrete, wired door, power line, and heavy power line.
[*]Added a functional hydraulic power system to Grit Gate. Power is generated at pumping stations, conducted via liquids through pipes, and consumed by various kinds of artifacts in place of battery power.
[*]Added new objects in support of the hydraulic infrastructure: fusion pumping station, glass hydraulic pipe, metal hydraulic pipe, fulcrete with piping, and hydraulic irrigator.
[*]Added three new Barathrumites: Hortensa, Iseppa, and Neek. They'll be getting personalized descriptions soon.
[*]Urshiib now correctly have the Quills and Triple-Jointed mutations.
[*]Gave several of the Barathrumites new tiles.
[*]Gave several of the Barathrumites relevant tinker skills.
[*]Gave several of the Barathumites guns.
[*]Barathrumites now repair broken contraptions if they're nearby.
[*]Barathrumites now flee from danger if their HP gets low.
[*]Wounded Barathrumites now seek out healing installations.
[*]Added several new gadgets: unicomputer, liquid-cooled unicomputer, powered telescope, loudspeaker, gas burner, hydraulic brass foaminator, and chromeling signal relay.
[*]Added two new types of workbenches.
[*]Added some powered defensive structures to the grid: chain laser emplacements and force projectors.
[*]Added a new forcefield variant: force barrier. Force barriers block all projectiles and block movement for creatures who don't have proper clearance.
[*]Replaced the force field entrance to Grit Gate with a force barrier.
[*]Added a mainframe computer to Grit Gate. She calls herself Ereshkigal.
[*]Added mainframe supporting objects: monitor, control panel, status panel, and vacuum column tape drive.
[*]Added an intercom to the mainframe room.
[*]Added two new sculptures: chrome bust of Mehmet I and chrome bust of K4K5.
[*]Added a new type of arc sconce.
[*]Made some architectural adjustments to Barathrum's Study.
[*]Refreshed Rodanis Y's stats and abilities. They now default to an unpowered state but can be powered -- via the grid -- by interfacing with Ereshkigal, assuming you have the appropriate security clearance.
[*]Refreshed chromeling and plated chromeling's stats and abilities.
[*]Added a new chromeling status effect: overclocked.
[*]Gave certain NPCs a new item: safety bracelet.
[*]Grit Gate quests now correctly award Barathrumite reputation again.
[*]We fully refreshed the quest 'A Call to Arms'.
[*]Added two new subquests: Grave Thoughts and The Assessment.
[*]Tweaked the stats of several existing Putus Templar.
[*]Added a new item: gentling mask.
[*]Added a new member to the Putus Templar ranks: newfather. Newfathers spawn with force-domesticated creatures (via gentling masks) who are eager to win their affection.
[*]Tweaked dialog all across the entire Grit Gate questline.
[*]Made several other small tweaks in support of the remodel.
[*]Added a new heavy weapon: chain laser.
[*]Added power buttons to some grid-powered contraptions. You can power them off and on if you have the proper security clearance.
[*]Added support for grid power to several gadgets.
[*]You can no longer beguile, proselytize, or otherwise woo wraith-knights.
[*]Wraith-knights are now excluded from dynamic encounters.
[*]Added new tiles for glass walls and doors.
[*]Added new tiles for tetraxenonoglass walls.
[*]Added tinted glass walls and doors.
[*]Added a new vase tile.
[*]Added a new tile for taco suprema.
[*]Added color and tile variety for tables with objects on them.
[*]Banner of the Holy Rhombus now only bestows its status effect if its being wielded or on the ground in the 'raised' position.
[*]Furniture is now excluded from autoget.
[*]Force walls and portable walls may no longer be built on diagonals.
[*]Portable walls must now start adjacent to their deployer.
[*]Creatures with the Quills mutation are now immune to other creatures' quills.
[*]Creatures with the Force Wall mutation can no longer walk through the forcefields they create with it.
[*]Smart use on unidentified artifacts now brings up their interaction menu.
[*]Reasonably intelligent NPCs are now somewhat more tolerant to friendly fire.
[*]You are no longer considered to have violated the covenant of the water ritual if the NPC who died was responsible for their own demise or if they were non-hostile to you and the damage that killed them appears to be accidental.
[*]Creatures who like to occasionally wander now occasionally teleport if they have the ability to.
[*]When you're on fire, beating at the flames now requires you to have hands. The alternative of rolling on the ground is available to you as a fallback, if you are on the ground and capable of interacting with it.
[*]Creatures who are on fire now try to put out the fire with the methods available to them, depending on their intelligence and willpower.
[*]Creatures and objects that are on fire now have a "fight fire" interaction menu option that you can use to try to beat out the flames with your hands.
[*]Weapons that stun or electrify on hit are now rated more highly by creature AI.
[*]NPCs can now use Jump.
[*]You can no longer jump without feet.
[*]Hindren, ice frogs, and bloated pearlfrogs now have Jump.
[*]When you kill one of your companions, they are no longer awarded XP for their own death.
[*]Gathering liquids with the 'collect' command now carries the same dangers as pouring those liquids.
[*]Force bubbles no longer generate fresh force fields every time their emitter moves.
[*]Technological force emitters now have a chance per turn to regenerate destroyed fields.
[*]Activating and deactivating force bracelets now costs a turn.
[*]Forcefield activation and movement no longer pushes objects that are out of phase with the forcefield or creatures that have a forcefield nullifier implant.
[*]Solar arrays that are nonfunctional due to not being in the sun now display that status if you have access to telemetry.
[*]The prone status effect now gives -6 Agility, -5 DV, and -80 move speed.
[*]There are now some creatures who cannot be knocked prone and others who cannot stand back up if knocked prone.
[*]Fixed an AI pathing issue.
[*]Fixed a formatting issue with the Ruin of House Isner story.
[*][modding] The tag ExcludeFromTurretStock will now prevent an ammo blueprint for being considered for the stocks of turrets that use MagazineAmmoLoader weapons. This can be used to avoid the situation that has been arising where mods that add new kinds of ammo cause turrets to show up with small amounts of each of the different varieties.
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Changelog for Patch (added 03 May 2019):

* Added a new book: The Artless Beauty.
* Added a new energy cell mod: radio-powered.
* Added reasons for why satellite-sourced radio-power might be occluded: orbital debris, glass storms, flocks of birds, acid rain, drift film, or unidentified anomalies.
* Added new dialog for hatters, glovers, and chefs.
* You can now name unnamed locations in your journal (Locations tab > hit 'N').
* All villagers can now give you directions, regardless of their species.
* You can no longer jump while prone.
* Robots in sleep mode no longer snore.
* When a creature with a carapace is knocked prone, there's a chance they become stuck in that position until they make an Agility save. This applies to players with the Carapace mutation.
* When the Barathrumites teach you to craft thermoelectric cells via the water ritual, they no longer pour lava on you. Same with lead-acid cells and acid.
* Amnesia no longer causes autoexplore to cycle endlessly.
* Recoilers are no longer auto-identified, except for the ones you receive as quest rewards.
* Feral lah no longer produce pods while frozen.
* Dazed now applies the correct move speed penalty.
* Dart and booster turrets deployed by dynamic turret tinkers now use only empty injectors as ammo.
* Large-scale reality stabilization effects are less laggy.
* Remove the errant dais tiles from the top of the Six Day Stilt cathedral map.
* Fixed a bug that sometimes caused you not to receive the recoiler reward from non-Joppa starting village quests.
* Fixed a bug that caused Heightened Hearing and Sense Psychic to continue detecting creatures once they moved outside your range of detection.
* Fixed a bug that caused historic relic retrieval quests to fail to register as completed.
* Fixed a bug that prevented rocket turret tinkers from properly setting up their turrets.
* Fixed a bug that caused juice saps to obliterate stacked energy cells.
* Fixed a bug that caused unequip messages to appear when a creature died.
* Fixed Sparafucile's maker's mark.
* Fixed some grammar issues when traversing historic sites on the world map.
* Fixed typos in Barathrum's dialogue and Issachari dialogue.
* [modding] Added a new tag, TurretStockExclusive. Among the ammo blueprints that are candidates for a turret's stock ammunition (via MagazineAmmoLoader), if at least one has this tag, then all the blueprints that don't have this tag are excluded from consideration.
* [modding] Added a new tag, TurretStockWeight, that can be used to specify a blueprint's relative frequency in turret ammo stocks. Specify the weight in the value; the default is 1.
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Changelog for Patch (added 10 May 2019):

* When you're looking at something with the Look command, you can now hit space to bring up an interaction menu for the object you're looking at. From there you can target the object, untarget it, or bring up its list of visible status effects.
* Special follower interactions (rename, give items, attack target) are now accessed through the look interaction menu. Some of them work at a distance but only if your companion is able to hear you or you have telepathy.
* Renaming and giving items to a companion now takes a turn.
* Directing companions now has an action cost of 100, or 10 if you are able to communicate telepathically.
* Companions who unfollow you because you beguiled or proselytized a new companion no longer continue following the last order you gave them.
* Added an option to enable music while the application is in the background.
* Halved the default horizontal size of the overlay message log and made it reposition itself depending on where you are on the map.
* Fixed long messages from being improperly truncated in the overlay message log.
* Added overlay icons for dragging and resizing the message log.
* Added gentling cones, which function like gentling masks but occupy the head slot.
* The wild-eyed watervine merchant now sells legitimate severed body parts instead of mockups.
* Sparking baetyls no longer request mockup severed body parts.
* Metal folding chairs can now be repaired.
* Attacks against sleeping creatures now have a +4 penetration bonus.
*'Energy cost' is now referred to as 'action cost'.
* The game manual (F1) now includes a section on action cost.
* NPCs who can't melee attack their target because of a phase or flight mismatch now look for another reasonable target to attack, or they temporarily flee.
* Electrical discharges now respect phase and are visually distinguishable by their phase.
* Cave spider hired guards no longer attack anyone who gets stuck in their webs.
* The NPC-only Heightened Smell mutation is now more fully implemented.
* The force barrier that protects Grit Gate's front entrance now works more reliably.
* Chromelings no longer open the tinted glass doors in front of Grit Gate when they're bored.
* Jab now correctly doesn't work with robotic hands, as described in its description.
* Made the Swimming power description more descriptive.
* Floating yell-text now only shows up if you're in earshot of the yeller (ex: zealots and preachers).
* Severed limbs and equipment lost due to dismemberment now more reliably drop into empty adjacent tiles if the creature whose limb is being severed occupies a square with a solid object.
* Temporal fugue clones that use Force Bubble no longer leave ghost bubbles behind.
* Oboroquru's lair no longer gives an incomplete message when you find it.
* Fixed a bug that may have caused a game lockup when completing Kith & Kin with illness motivations.
* Fixed a typo in the clan names of certain legendary goatfolk.
* [modding] Added support for binary serialization of types from mods.
high rated
[*]The inventory screen now allows filtering (Ctrl+F or ,). Filtering from the overlay UI isn't supported yet.
[*]Baetyl locations are now recorded in the journal.
[*]Beguiling is now put on cooldown when you attempt to beguile and fail.
[*]Tractor beams no longer move stairs.
[*]Liquid containers now let you toggle whether you want to autocollect the liquids they contain, if they contain pure liquids.
[*]Creatures with whom you've performed the water ritual now have positive personal feelings toward you separate from their faction-derived feelings.
[*]The outskirts of generated villages and Bey Lah now have appropriate map names.
[*]Sewage eels now respect phase and flight.
[*]Telepathy no longer works on creatures without minds or creatures with sufficiently unfamiliar minds.
[*]Desalination pellets now remove the salt from a liquid mixture rather than converting it to the other liquids.
[*]Objects with onboard fusion reactors now explode with less force when they're destroyed.
[*]Your character tile and the tiles of your companions are no longer recolored to white when the option to color tiles according to HP status is disabled.
[*]The overlay inventory UI now remembers the open and closed states of its foldouts.
[*]You can now delete game summaries from the high scores menu when using the original text UI. Deletion from the overlay UI isn't supported yet.
[*]Data disk blueprints for item modifications now include a description for the modification and the skill required to build it.
[*]Made some improvements to choice dialogs, including cleaner wrapping and scrolling.
[*]Fixed several issues with recoiler quest rewards.
[*][modding] Factions are now moddable. Check out Factions.xml.
[*][modding] You can now add the part VariableReplacementInDisplayName to objects in order to use the =pronouns.x= style referent variables in the object's display names. (These variables are used extensively in object descriptions.)
[*][modding] In-game text references to the player as 'human' have been replaced with referent variables, so mods that introduce new player character species aren't contradicted.
[*][modding] Added category names for the arcologies to Subtypes.xml so new castes can be added to them.
[*][modding] Added scrolling functionality to the Subtypes selection screens ('Choose Calling' and 'Choose Arcology & Caste').
high rated
[*]When mouse input is enabled, target pickers will no longer snap to the mouse locations unless the pointer moves.
[*]Mouse input will be disabled for 0.25s after the application regains focus, so you won't move when clicking back to the application with mouse input enabled.
[*]Librarians who are seed-sprout worms will no-longer passively burrow themselves when bored.
[*]Fixed a bug causing Stopsvalinn to prompt for a direction on only the first activation.
[*]Fixed a bug that allowed esper hunters to be generated as waydroids who could be forced to friendliness by a droid scrambler.
[*]Various tasks requiring physical movement which did not previously respect being frozen now do.
[*]NPCs who are on fire but cannot actually do anything about it will no longer stop moving or acting because of this.
[*]When Sheba Hagadias is a seedsprout worm, she will no longer burrow just because she's bored.
[*]When Sheba Hagadias is a panhumor, she will no longer immediately die from her own acid pool.
[*]Having a scrapped waydroid repaired by an NPC tinker now applies all the effects of repairing it in any other way.
[*]Autoexplore and pathfinding will now avoid spider webs, asphalt, honey, sap, and wax more and cider, cloning draught, convalessence, primordial soup, putrescence, salt, and wine less, and will not treat lava and acid that has been mixed with blood as safe to walk on.
[*]Autoexplore and pathfinding will now do more avoiding things you might not want to walk on in general, but also be more willing to walk into potentially troublesome but not actively harmful places in order to reach a destination.
[*]There is now an option to control the maximum speed of autoexplore, defaulting to 10 squares per second.
[*]The inhabitants of Grit Gate will now be more reliably forgiving of friendly fire incidents during the quest A Call to Arms.
[*]Cloning draught now only clones creatures (and continues to not clone anything inorganic).
[*]Clones will no longer spawn on the world map.
[*]The character generation info for castes and callings has been partially reworked. It is no longer possible for most elements of it to disagree with the actual implementation. As a result, some information is new, such as Wardens having the Pistol skill. Another difference is that powers automatically included with a skill are no longer listed if the type has the skill.
[*]On the status screen, the mutation list will now scroll if you have more than 12 mutations.
[*]Liquid auto-collection now respects the "auto-pickup if hostiles are nearby" option.
[*]Liquid auto-collection now takes a turn.
[*]Liquid auto-collection no longer takes adjacent water containers.
[*]Items you mod while equipping them will now get reequipped after you're finished modding them.
[*]Heat resistance and cold resistance no longer apply against temperature changes that would appear to be helping you because they'd be warming you up from being cold or cooling you down from being hot, respectively.
[*]Fixed a bug that made NPC tinkers unable to repair items the player did not understand.
[*]Fixed a couple of bugs causing flight from items to behave poorly around the items being unequipped, especially but not exclusively after a save and restore while flying.
[*]Fixed a bug that made short bow turrets non-functional and immortal.
[*]Fixed a bug that made waydroids neutral to the player.
[*]Fixed a bug that made the Consortium of Phyta inappropriately hostile.
[*]Fixed a typo in cloning draught's name.
[*]Fixed a bug that made liquid auto-collection sometimes destroy liquids without collecting them.
[*]Fixed a bug where modding an item you were equipping could result in the item to mod stacking with similar items in your inventory and being lost.
[*]Fixed a bug that made some village denizens noncommunicative.
[*]Freshly obtained village recoilers no longer put you inside walls.
[*]Fixed a bug causing Stopsvalinn to prompt for a direction on only the first activation.
[*]Fixed a bug that allowed esper hunters to be generated as waydroids who could be forced to friendliness by a droid scrambler.
[*][modding] Genotypes and subtypes have been reworked to be more moddable.
[*]Skills are no longer designated via a comma-separated attribute called Skills; now there is a <skills> element that can contain <skill Name="Skill_PowerName" /> elements, as well as <removeskill Name="Skill_PowerName" /> elements.
[*]Reputations are no longer designated via a comma-and-colon-separated attribute called Reputation; now there is a <reputations> element that can contain <reputation With="Faction" Value="100" /> elements.
[*]Save modifiers are no longer designated via the SaveModifierVs and SaveModifierAmount attributes; now there is a <savemodifiers> element that can contain <savemodifier Vs="Stun,Poison" Amount="1" /> elements.
[*]The old Skills, Reputation, SaveModifierVs, and SaveModifierAmount attributes are still supported for compatibility, but a warning will be issued in the game output log when they're loaded, and mods should be ported to the new mechanism.
[*]Genotypes.xml and Subtypes.xml now support self-closing XML tags, like <tag />.
[*]The <chargeninfo> element on subtypes is no longer used. Most subtype chargen information is automatically generated. Arbitrary text that should be added can be placed in <extrainfo>Some text to show.</extrainfo> elements. <removeextrainfo></removeextrainfo> elements can also be used to remove extra info items. (<chargeninfo> is still used on genotypes.)
high rated
[*]Added new autoexplore options to ignore enemies based on their distance and your evaluation of their difficulty.
[*]Autoexplore will no longer run into immobile friendlies and stop.
[*]Autoexplore and pathfinding will now merely avoid campfires, torches, and sconces rather than considering them absolute no-go areas.
[*]When you stop autoexploring or autowalking because you see a hostile creature, the message will now indicate in what direction you saw them.
[*]You must now type ABANDON in a prompt to quit without saving
[*]Ovens now appear on the alt display.
[*]Charge's animation will now display the charging creature's tile rather than its text character, if it has a tile.
[*]NPCs no longer waste time trying to charge through solid objects or hesitating when they mean to charge.
[*]Defoliant gas now works properly on the plant matter created by seedsprout worms and sprouting orbs.
[*]Being dismembered will now interrupt the player.
[*]Blue jells now bleed convalessence, not slime.
[*]Pouring from a vessel owned by somebody else into one of your own containers no longer confirms twice.
[*]Examining or disassembling an artifact that is inside a container owned by somebody else now confirms before proceeding (disassembly previously proceeded without confirming and angered owners; examining in this circumstance didn't anger owners but now does if you break the artifact).
[*]Grit Gate medical furniture is now properly considered owned by the Barathrumites.
[*]Hologram bracelets now have a 'deactivate' command rather than using 'activate' again to deactivate them.
[*]Jotun is back where he's supposed to be.
[*]Fixed an issue causing multiple hostiles to spawn in a single cell (most noticeable with turrets)
[*]Fixed a bug that prevented renaming of companions after you had already renamed them once.
[*]The conversation UI now allows scrolling
[*][modding] Conversation UI has some new overridable methods on ConversationNode and ConversationChoice sub-classes.
[*][modding] Many conversation hooks have events now, see [url=][/url] for more information
high rated
[*]The 'cook a recipe' popup now displays the effect of the meal, sorts favorites to the top and hides uncookable recipies by default.
[*]The console version of the 'cook a recipe' popup got a make-over.
[*]The ingredients list in the cooking menu is now sorted alphabetically.
[*]You will no longer automatically rifle through trash if that trash is a quest item.
[*]Heat resistant NPCs will now avoid hot areas less, acid resistant NPCs will avoid acid less and NPCs immune to slipping on slimy liquids will not avoid slimy liquids.
[*]All 'pick a choice' popups accept scroll wheel to move up and down now.
[*]Desalination pellets no longer consume an entire stack of pellets when used.
[*]Companions will now join the player at more sensible locations when moving via the world map or recoiling.
[*]Air current microsensors and night vision implants' toggleability will no longer stop working after a save and restore.
[*]Thistle Pitchers will no longer appear in dynamically generated populations
[*]Hook and Drag has been moved to the the proper "Skill" section in the ability list
[*]Electrobow bolts are now immune to damage
[*]Dueling stance Swipe's save target was much higher than described, causing it to never fail. The save target has been adjusted to it's proper, lower, value.
[*]Hypertractors now function properly.
[*]While on the world map you can no longer fire missile weapons, throw things, drop things, activate summoning curios, burrow, or pour liquid other than between containers.
[*]You can now use the natural ranged weapons of slugsnouts, two-headed slugsnouts, agolflies, glowmoths, and gamma moths while dominating them, and they will show up in the sidebar.
[*]Wounding Fire now performs the proper effect rather than duplicating the effect of Suppressive Fire.
[*]Equipped blast cannon, arc cannon, mortar tubes, and swarm racks are no longer duplicated by cloning draught.
[*]Clonelings produce somewhat less faithful clones than cloning draught again, as was previously the case.
[*]Being in the same cell with slippery liquids no longer causes chairs, beds, iron maidens, and psionic sarcophagi to malfunction.
[*]Fixed a bug causing some mutation granting effects to show extra messages
[*]Fixed a bug that made gas masks' and vinewood sap masks' behavior with regard to status effects persist after removing them.
[*]Fixed a bug that made hologram bracelets and compass bracelets malfunction if worn across a save and restore.
[*]Fixed a bug that made some emergency teleportation effects stop working across a save and restore.
[*][modding] The DesalinationPellet part can now be modded to remove or convert different liquids; see the Desalination Pellet blueprint for its configuration attributes.
high rated
Changelog for Patch (added 29 June 2019):

- Added two new rare items: programmable recoiler and reprogrammable recoiler.
- Abilities that require a particular weapon type to be equipped are now smarter about which weapon they choose if there are multiple options.
- Added new descriptions for the following creatures and items: qudzu, irritable tortoise, jilted lover, rustacean, salthopper chip, phase spider, and scrap-clad hermit.
- Renamed safety bracelet to life loop and rewrote the description.
- Added a message for when a life loop dematerializes its wearer.
- Butchery's visual effect and bloodsplatter are working again.
- Fresh corpses may now bleed when struck.
- Bumped up the bloated leech corpse chance to 100%.
- Chromelings, plated chromelings, and waydroids in sleep mode no longer appear in dynamic encounters.
- Otho now waits for you to actually give him the signal disk before leaving his study to discuss the signal with Barathrum.
- Fixed a bug that caused Otho to not return to his study and discussing the signal.
- Added some fallthrough dialog for Otho.
- Made the completion of The Earl of Omonporch a bit more robust.
- Copies of the sheaf of bloodstained goatskin parchment no longer appear in the world with the title "Illuminated".

Standalone installers updated: 04 July 2019.