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Feature Friday - July 27, 2018

*Added a new village government type: anarchy.
*When you go to the world map and then immediately return to the local map you were just in, you're now placed in the same tile you left from.
*Village wardens now attack wild beasts or snapjaws that make their way into villages.
*Objects traded to merchants are now considered part of their trade stock.
*Equipped items no longer used as ingredients when you whip up a meal.
*Quest items are no longer used as ingredients when you whip up a meal.
*Village signature dishes no longer include neutron flux as an ingredient.
*Fish are now always placed in tiles with water.
*Items in inventories that get de-stacked due to ongoing effects now re-stack properly.
*References to Joppa in books, quests, and advertisements now respect Joppa's state of existence.
*You can no longer place a container you're carrying inside itself, thereby blinking it out of existence.
*Updated the description for Albino.
*Klanq no longer asks you to puff on village factions.
*Klanq no longer asks you to puff on factions without members.
*Fixed a generated text bug with fungi dialog.
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Sounds great!

But where can I download this patch? In my GOG libary (I don't use galaxy) there's no new version :-/

Btw. @bbucklew: thanks for bringing this to! Can't believe how good it is!
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Dmaj9: But where can I download this patch? In my GOG libary (I don't use galaxy) there's no new version :-/
GOG team packages the standalone updates and it's the weekend now.
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Dmaj9: But where can I download this patch? In my GOG libary (I don't use galaxy) there's no new version :-/
Gydion: GOG team packages the standalone updates and it's the weekend now.
Thanks for the info! As long as it will be availeable on gog, I'm fine :-)
Is the new patch from last Friday up yet? Looks like the older one still. is up now. Yay!

Kudos to the developers and to GOG for keeping us fairly current with the Feature Friday updates. It makes a refreshing change not to be treated as a second-class citizen.

I'm off to pet a dog...
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Changelog for Update (added 08 August 2018):

** Windows & Mac only **

* Cats and dogs now let you pet them if they like you. Some domesticated cats and dogs will let you pet them if they merely tolerate you.
* New book: Eta and the Earthling, Canto I.
* Changed the name of a character in From Entropy to Hierarchy.
* Energy cells now only stack if they have the same charge level.
* Two-faced helmets and helping hands no longer prevent body parts other than the ones they're adding from being dismembered.
* Equipping headgear into a slot currently occupied by a two-faced helmet no longer annihilates the headgear being equipped.
* Updated Mental Mirror's description to better reflect its implemented behavior.
* Fixed an issue causing chrome pyramids to fail to generate their force fields.
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*Added a new item: fidget cell.
*Added new level-up sound effects for both the player and other creatures.
*You can now pet all village pets.
*Hyrkhounds are now properly considered dogs.
*Mental mutation levels granted by equipment and meals now count toward your psychic glimmer. Note that this change applies to true kin, too.
*Hindren clue items no longer appear as randomly revealed secrets via trash divining or mumble mouth.
*The 'Leap, Frog' achievement can no longer be attained by learning to jump from someone other than a frog.
*Enabling autoget scrap no longer autogets any artifact that can be disassembled.
*Walking next to a regeneration tank with freshwater and artifact autoget enabled no longer mysteriously obliterates the tank into a puddle of freshwater.
*Temporal fugue clones of NPCs now reliably get along with their clone-parent and clone-siblings.
*Cybernetic implants on temporal fugue clones are no longer recoverable via dismembering.
*Fixed an issue that caused the temporal fugue clones of psychic hunters and evil twins to have infinite duration.
*Fixed an issue that caused some items thrown by temporal fugue clones not to properly dematerialize.
*The description of regeneration tank now more clearly communicates what the item requires in order to function.
*Tweaked some Mechanimist holy language.
Thank you for patching so quickly here. Great game.
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*Added two new creatures: feral lah and tumbling pod.
*Added a new plant: lahbloom with harvestable lah petals.
*Added a new cooking ingredient: dried lah petals.
*Added a new option to the campfire menu: preserve exotic foods. This option is for manually preserving foods that are otherwise consumable and so excluded from bulk preservation.
*Luminous hoarshrooms now preserve into freeze-dried hoarshrooms.
*Shade oil tonics now preserve into congealed shade oil.
*Updated tile for luminous hoarshroom consumable.
*Pickled mushrooms and freeze-dried hoarshrooms now count as mushrooms for the purpose of triggering mushroom-elated meal effects.
*You can no longer preserve things that you haven't identified.
*Gave mutated flowers and bushes more appropriate stats.
*Fixed a rare exception when inanimate objects called for help after suffering lethal damage.
Linux version looks abandoned.
EugVVl: Linux version looks abandoned.
Yeah, where's the latest Linux version? I just bought this recently but wouldn't have used GOG if I'd realised that it wasn't as actively maintained...
Same. Why is the linux version still at 2.0.142?
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The windows and mac versions I can upload on my own, the linux version is a manual update with gog folks in the middle, it'll get updated but it'll be a bit behind the other two.
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*Added new, animated tiles for forcefields.
*Added a new faction: pariahs.
*Pariahs now sometimes appear on the Stiltgrounds.
*You may encounter bands of roving pariahs.
*Blaze injectors can now be preserved into congealed blaze.
*Salve injectors can now be preserved into congealed salve.
*Carbide and fullerite fist implants now count as unarmed attacks.
*Laser beam and falling rock damage messages now have their penetration indicators colorized according to the usual convention.
*Spiked gauntlets now correctly add bleeding damage to unarmed attacks again.
*Breeder creatures now more reliably pass on their faction allegiances to their spawn.
*Holograms no longer fall down elevator shafts.
*Hologram bracelets that blink out of existence no longer leave permanent holograms.
*Force bracelets that blink out of existence no longer leave permanent forcefields.
*Limbs dismembered from temporal fugue clones or extradimensional creatures now usually blink out of existence when their former owners do.
*Night-vision goggles no longer provide night vision when equipped as a weapon or when disabled by EMP.
*Learning to make lead-acid cells no longer causes acid to spontaneously erupt on your character.
*Bronze ingots now weigh less and are worth more.
*When a village teaches the free power that unlocks when purchasing a skill, they now also teach the skill itself.
*Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented destroyed liquid containers from depositing their liquids as puddles on the ground.
*Fixed an issue that caused the penetration bonus from gaslight weapons to remain even if they were unpowered.
*Fixed some issues with the shale walls surrounding Red Rock and the Rust Wells.
*[modding] The Gaslight part has been rewritten. Its properties are now ChargedName (base display name when it has usa[ble charge), UnchargedName (base display name when it doesn't have usable charge), ChargedPenetrationBonus (penetration bonus when charged), UnchargedPenetrationBonus (same, uncharged), ChargedDamage (base damage roll when charged), UnchargedDamage (same, uncharged), ChargedSkill (proficiency skill when charged), and UnchargedSkill (same, uncharged). It's also now an IPoweredPart and has all of that part's properties. Its defaults that differ from IPoweredPart base are ChargeUse = 10 and WorksOnSelf = true.
*[modding] The BleedingOnHit part has been rewritten. Its properties are now Amount (the roll for the amount of bleeding inflicted, defaults to "1d2"), SaveTarget (the target of the save, defaults to 20), RequireDamageAttribute (if given, bleeding will only be inflicted if the damage being done has this attribute, defaults to null), SelfOnly (whether bleeding infliction only applies to attacks performed with the object, defaults to true), and Stack (whether the bleeding inflicted stacks, defaults to false). It's also now an IPoweredPart and has all of that part's properties. Its defaults that differ from base are ChargeUse = 0, IsEMPSensitive = false, and WorksOnSelf = true.
*[modding] The NightVisionGoggles part is now an IPoweredPart and has that part's properties (WorksOnWearer defaults to true).
*[modding] Added a new PlayerBeginConversation event, which triggers whenever the player starts a conversation.
*[modding] The liquid that gets mixed in with liquids poured on the ground can now be specified. Cells and zones both have a property, GroundLiquid, that can be set to a value like "salt-1000" (the default on zones), "salt-500,water-500", and so on. An empty string means no automatic mixing is done. If a cell's GroundLiquid is null, it defaults to its zone's value. The zone's value can be set in Worlds.xml via the GroundLiquid property on the zone element.
*[modding] The IgnoresGravity tag and property now make objects immune to the PullDown behavior of the StairsDown part.
*[modding] Fixed an issue with non-standard sprite size support.