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*Brainless things no longer fall asleep.
*Hindren clues should now be more successfully excluded from gossip.
*Pressing left on an object in the inventory screen now collapses the whole category.
*Pouring liquid on the ground now results in a salt-diluted puddle of the same volume you poured, not twice that volume.
*You can no longer avoid attacks by certain sludges on the basis of the attacks overquenching your thirst.
*Generated names from the arcology of Ekuemekiyye no longer occasionally contain a trailing space.
*Psychic hunters no longer get vestigial legendary titles.
*Fixed a bug that caused on-damage cooking effect trigger's percentage to drop to 0 after saving and loading.
*Fixed some plurality issues with generated text when preserving ingredients.
*Fixed a bug that prevented run-down carcass kneaders from being wound up.
*[modding] The RandomColors part has a new property, BackgroundColor, for specifying random background colors.
*[modding] The IPoweredPart base class has been refactored to IActivePart, which is identical to IPoweredPart except for some of its new default property values: ChargeUse = 0, IsBootSensitive = false, and IsEMPSensitive = false. *IPoweredPart is now a subclass of IActivePart with these defaults: ChargeUse = 1, IsBootSensitive = true, and *IsEMPSensitive = true. the Hindren patch here yet, or will that just be combined when it leaves beta?
ianicon: the Hindren patch here yet, or will that just be combined when it leaves beta?
Hindren's in beta, it'll be up here as soon as it leaves beta, which should be this week.
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Qud's augurs have read the petals on the wind and agree: the deerfolk who call themselves 'hindren' are real, and their hidden village exists. The hindren patch is now live!

*Added a new village: Bey Lah, hidden in the flowerfields.
*Added a new faction: hindren of Bey Lah.
*Added several new hindren NPCs.
*Added a chain of quests: Petals on the Wind, Find Eskhind, and Kith and Kin.
*Added a new signature dish: mah lah soup.
*Added a new denizen to the Stiltgrounds.
*Added Kindrish, the ancestral bracelet heirloom of the hindren.
*Added a few other legendary hindren items.
*Added some procedural love poetry.
*We made a bunch of enhancements to the prerelease input manager.
-Updated to the latest version of Rewired.
-Cancel now properly escapes out of most menus.
-Improved the styling of the control mapping screen.
-Alt (in the key mappings) + Use now uses the menu-based interaction mode.
-Changed "get nearby" to "interact nearby", allowing a button to be mapped to menu-based interaction.
*Fixed an issue that caused navigation of the control mapping screen to freeze.
*Fixed an issue that caused the prerelease trade screen to not function properly when used via gamepad.
*Fixed an issue that prevented the trade screen mappings from functioning properly on the classic trade screen.
*Vibro weapon penetration is now visible in weapon stat display.
*The following actions can no longer be taken while frozen: Slam, Conk, Dismember, Hook and Drag, Hamstring, Hobble, Shank, Flurry, Jump, Heal, Staunch Wounds, Set Limb, Sweep, Butcher, Harvest, and trash rifling.
*Shank no longer double counts some negative status effects.
*Conk now takes its target's anatomy into account.
*Hook and Drag now properly requires an axe in the primary hand.
*Added a tile for Grit Gate's intercom.
*Fixed a bug that stopped vibro weapons from consuming charge.
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*We made a bunch of enhancements to the body part system.
-Made dynamic body part growth and loss much smarter. Example: if a creature loses all their hand-like parts, they also lose the ability to wield missile weapons unless their body plan specifies otherwise.
-Configured most body parts of the same type in a lateral arrangement and made newly grown body parts respect laterality. This means some body parts have been dynamically renamed (ex: "upper left arm").
-Limb regeneration smartly respects laterality.
-Losing mobility-granting limbs now bestows a move speed penalty in proportion to the number of mobility-granting limbs you have left. For instance, losing one set of legs as a spider is less impactful than losing your feet as a humanoid.
-Creature descriptions are now dynamically modified with descriptions of the creatures' missing body parts.
-We added new body plans for the following creature types: birds, snakes, worms, snails, slugs, insects, spiders, humanoid robots, bipedal robots, quadrupedal robots, hexapedal robots, treaded robots, hovering robots, bushes, fungi, cacti, flowers, vines, trees, various kinds of animated walls, various kinds of animated doors, various kinds of animated chairs, various kinds of animated beds, animated pillows, and animated vaned and railed mechanisms.
-Updated several existing body plans.
-Added some new unarmed attack types for various body plans.
-Different types of robot limbs now potentially disassemble into different types of bits.
-Designated severed robot limbs as scrap.
-Helping Hands now additionally adds a "Robo-Hands" slot.
-Ulnar stimulators now use charge, have a boot sequence, and only work on biological hands.
-Jab's bonus now gets more consistently applied when you have the Multiple Arms mutation or robo-limbs.
-The gun rack cybernetic implant now adds a pair of hardpoints (missile weapon slots that dismember into scrap).
-The motorized treads cybernetic implant now converts your Feet body part to a Lower Body and adds a pair of Tread limbs attached to it.
-Motorized treads now add to your stability rolls, like magnetized boots do.
-Added tread guard items that can be mounted on treads.
-Adds dynamic messaging around losing and regenerating limbs.
-Fixed various bugs with dismemberment, limb regeneration, and the process of acquiring a fungal infection on a limb.
*Hyrkhounds' acid-dripping fangs now do acid damage rather than fire damage.
*You no longer lose your proper noun status while you are dominating a creature.
*The following actions can no longer be taken while frozen: Lunge, Swipe, Shield Slam, Shield Wall, Rebuke Robot, Empty the Clips, Draw a Bead, Charge, Juke, Sprint, Deploy Turret, Lay Mine, Recharge Cell, tinkering, and changing stances.
*Berate and Proselytize can no longer be performed while frozen, except by telepaths.
*Fixed a bug that caused Menacing Stare to use a much larger Ego-based modifier than was intended.
*You can now maintain a mark on a target (via Draw a Bead) through force fields you can fire through.
*You can now Jump into or through a force field that you can pass through.
*NPC activation of Shield Wall no longer mistakenly displays a message as if they had activated Sprint.
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Changelog for Patch (added 15 October 2018) - Part I:

* New item: anti-gravity boots.
* Your clones no longer pass on their inspirations for meal ideas to you.
* Evil twins no longer spawn during game initialization, resulting in half-formed twins.
* Villagers who give dynamic quests no longer confusingly wander around their villages.
* Rehabilitated some jumbled outcomes for the Kith and Kin quest.
* Corrected the rhyme scheme of the procedural love poem.
* Dawngliders and fruit flies now correctly have wings.
* Ceremonial vibrokhopeshes now have a boot sequence and power source, though it's a power source you don't have to worry about getting disabled under most circumstances. _Most_ circumstances.
* Animated walls and doors no longer continue rendering in their updated position when out of your sight.
* Grit Gate now shows up highlighted in the alt display.
* Made the appearance and behavior of the interaction menu 'look' command more consistent with regular look.
* Changed the tinkering bits on ruin recoilers.
* Ruin recoilers now have their name displayed as random-point recoiler on their tinkering recipe instead of using a specific recoiler location.
* Auto-explore no longer attempts to open empty chests and bookshelves.
* Fixed a bug that was preventing all desert canyon encounters from generating. These included apple farms, pig farms, snapjaw forts, and Stopsvalinn.
* Fixed a bug that caused the salt dunes alternate start to not correctly grant reputation with the unshelled reptiles faction.
* Fixed a bug that allowed you to choose campfire options even when they were greyed out because you didn't have the appropriate skills.
* Fixed a bug that caused the feathered and scaled mods to sometimes inappropriately modify the player's reputation when equipped and unequipped by non-player creatures.
* Fixed a bug that caused the splash sound effect to be played when you stepped into a tile with a closed liquid container (such as a canteen).
* Fixed Freezing Hands and Flaming Hands having incorrect damage listed in their level-up preview dialogs.
* Fixed a bug that caused twinning lampreys to spawn too many twins.

[modding] Added some new properties to the MechanicalWings part.

* Type: a string like AntigravityBoots used to differentiate the events used by different MechanicalWings parts. This facilitates having multiple sources of equipment-based flight.
* FlightSourceDescription: a string added to the display text of the Fly and Land abilities. Use it to differentiate between different types of equipment-based flight.
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Changelog for Patch (added 15 October 2018) - Part II:

We changed the way we calculate AV and DV from equipment across similar body parts:
* Previously, creatures always received AV and DV modifiers from equipment equipped on any body part that was part of their original body plan. Body parts added later (e.g., via mutations such as Multiple Legs) were treated differently; equipment equipped on these parts didn't have their AV and DV modifiers factored into the creature's final AV and DV calculations. This approach generally worked well until a recent patch where we added more realistic body plans for several creature types. The old system gave creatures with several natural body parts (e.g., spiders and crabs) an unintended advantage; they could stack AV or DV simply by equipping a bunch of armor to their limbs. For example, a spider could stack AV by equipping four sets of steel boots. We changed the calculation to be more simulative. Now, AV and DV modifiers are averaged across all similar body parts. The example spider now has the AV and DV modifiers from its Feet equipment averaged over all four sets of feet.
* Rounding is done once for each of the total AV and DV tallies. We round away from zero. For example, if you have two Feet slots and you wear a pair of +3AV/-3DV boots on one of them, assuming no other armor modifications, you'll get +2 AV and -2 DV.
* If the AV/DV calc results in a piece of equipment contributing more or less AV or DV than its stats imply, the display color of that stat is changed (red for 'contributing less' and green for 'contributing more'). An explanation is also appended to the item's description.
* We removed the UI elements that explained which slots don't contribute to AV or DV as they're no longer relevant.
* We changed snakeskin armlet to +2 DV and tread guards to +2 AV. This change replicates their balance in the old system since -- generally speaking -- you have two arms and, with the motorized treads implant, two treads.
* Equipment bonuses and penalties other than AV and DV are still contributed individually per body part.

We generalized the effects of normality gas and made them variable instead of binary:
* To support this change, we added two new status effects: astrally burdened and astrally tethered. Burdened creatures have difficulty performing actions that morph spacetime. Tethered creatures can't perform those actions at all.
* The density of normality gas now determines whether it bestows the burdened or tethered effect on things it shares a tile with.
* Astral effects now interdict Clairvoyance and Precognition.
* Added normality fields.
* Added a new piece of rare furniture: norm core.
* Added a new item: ontological anchor.

* Historic relics found outside of historic sites now have much better generated names.
* If you have motorized treads, you can no longer use the interaction menu equip and autoequip commands to inappropriately equip footgear on your lower body.
* Puddles on the ground are now displayed under the Liquids category.
* The following items no longer modify your reputation if equipped inappropriately (i.e. held or put in the thrown weapon slot): croccasins, blood-stained neck-ring, goggles, mirrorshades, Issachari banner, Issachari sun veil, mechanical wings, gyrocopter backpack, portable beehive, leafy helm, leafy vest, symbiotic firefly, puma chitin vest, ape fur cloak, ape fur gloves, ape fur hat, electric snail shell, fork-horned helmet, fungal infections, the Ruin of House Isner, engraved items, painted items, jewel-encrusted items, figurines, and reputation-altering relics.
* Scavenging through trash now yields items based on the depth the trash was found in, not the depth it was rifled through.
* Fixed a bug that allowed you to gain arbitrary amounts of reputation while dominating a creature by removing and re-equipping gear on your original body.
* Fixed a bug with cooking in the Rainbow Wood.
* Fixed a bug that caused swarm racks not to fire.
* Fixed a bug that broke flamethrowers.
* [modding] The IActivePart part base has a new boolean property, WorksOnEquipper, to specify that the item only works if the item is properly equipped (in an armor slot if it has the Armor part, and held otherwise). AddsRep and EquipStatBoost have this property set to true by default, and the WorksHeld argument has been removed from EquipStatBoost.AppendBoostOnEquip().
* [modding] AddsRep is now an IActivePart, inheriting its properties and supported functionality.
* [modding] DeploymentGrenade's UsabilityEvent is now sent to the grenade object instead of the cell it lands in.
* [modding] Added an item property, RealityStabilization, that generates astral burdening and tethering effects. It has the following properties: Visibility (number 0-3, 0 = effect produced is invisible, 1 = effect shows up in look, 2 = effect shows up in look + has a render effect, 3 = shows up in look + has more dramatic render effect; defaults to 2), SelfVisibility (the visibility to use on the effect the object applies to itself, if any; defaults to 0), UseCharge (if > 0, the part runs on energy cell charge and the strength of the effect produced depends on the remaining charge in the cell. Anything over 2500 charge use Strength = 100), FromGas (the Strength of the effect produced is equal to the density of the Gas part of the item), Strength (if specified, explicitly sets the effect's base strength, overriding UseCharge and FromGas), VariableStrength (die roll; if specified, the higher of the result and the value set for Strength will be used), HitpointsAffectPerformance (whether the strength of the effect produced is reduced in proportion to damage to the item, defaults to false), CellEffect (whether the item puts its effects on things in the same cell as it, defaults to true), AffectsSelf (whether the item puts its effect on itself, defaults to true), WorksOnEquip (whether the item puts its effect on someone equipping it regardless of how it's equipped, defaults to false), WorksOnEquipAsArmor (whether the item puts its effect on someone equipping it if they're equipping it in the proper slot according to its Armor part), and Projective (whether the effect produced can potentially affect tiles the subject of the effect is trying to move to; defaults to false). Devices whose effects might be interdicted by astral tethering can have an intproperty, called RealityStabilizationPenetration, which will be subtracted from the effective strength of tethering effects the devices are contesting.
* [modding] Added a RealityDistortionBased flag to several mutations. Use it to control whether a mutation's effects are interdicted by astral tethering. Mutations affected: Clairvoyance, Precognition, Psychometry, Sense Psychic, Telepathy, Domination, Sunder Mind, Syphon Vim, and Beguiling. The flag is on by default for Clairvoyance, Precognition, and Psychometry.
* [modding] Added a new part, DeploymentMaintainer, for items. It is an IPoweredPart and has the inherited properties. Its own properties include: Blueprint (the blueprint of the objects it creates), Duration (how long the objects last, die roll, defaults to null i.e. permanent), Radius (integer radius it fills with objects, or -1 for every tile in the zone), Chance (the percentage chance a given tile will receive an object, defaults to 100), AtLeast (a minimum number of objects to try to deploy when Chance is in use, defaults to 0), MaintenanceInterval (the number of turns that must pass between attempts at maintaining the deployment, defaults to 10), UsabilityEvent (an event that must be successfully fired on the tile the item is in in order for the item to work, defaults to null i.e. none), AccessibilityEvent (an event that must be successfully fired on a given tile in its radius in order to deploy an object there, defaults to null i.e. none), ActiveMaintenance (whether objects deployed are actively maintained by the item and disappear if it is nonfunctional, defaults to true), RealRadius (whether to deploy in a circular radius rather than the usual engine square radius), BlockedBySolid (whether solid tiles block deployment, defaults to true), BlockedByNonEmpty (whether tiles must be empty for deployment, defaults to true), Seeping (whether BlockedBySolid use seeping logic where objects like stakes don't block), DustPuffEach (whether each deployed object generates a dust puff, defaults to false), NoXPValue (whether objects with XP value get it cleared out, defaults to true), and LinkRealityStabilization (whether to configure the deployment maintainer, which should have a RealityStabilization part, as an effect strength source on any RealityStabilization parts on deployed objects).
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*Hotkey favorites now use the most recent re-binding for commands.
*Leering stalkers now use their pneumatic pistons again.
*Hypertractors can no longer move holes in the ground or areas of open air.
*Closed a loophole with reputation modifying items where the rep bonus gained from dominating a creature and equipping them with a rep-boosting item stuck around after the domination ended.
*When you dominate a creature, reputation modifying items they already have equipped now properly alter your reputation.
*During character creation, arconauts are now correctly listed as having the power Spry rather than Dodge.
*Activated abilities disabled due to astral tethering are now greyed out in the abilities menu.
*Animated objects no longer obstruct autoexplore and autowalk.
*Made the Sacred Well less destructible.
*Improved the text generation for pet plants.
*Items with long names no longer overflow the frame in the tinker modding UI.
*Fixed a bug that generated inaccurate "you heal to full" messages too often while metabolizing a healing-based meal.
*Fixed a bug that caused the stat modifications from Kindrish to rarely become permanent.
*Fixed some bugs that caused levels in Bethesda Susa to frequently fail to build.
*[modding] Added a new part, LowStatBooster, for equipment that increases the lowest base value stat out of a list of stats. It's an IPoweredPart and has that class's properties, with defaults ChargeUse = 0 and WorksOnEquipper = true. Its own properties are: AffectedStats (a comma-separated string list of the stats considered; defaults to "Strength,Agility,Toughness,Intelligence,Willpower,Ego") and Amount (the amount the lowest stat is modified by, defaults to 3).
*[modding] KindrishProperties is now a subclass of LowStatBooster.
*[modding] IntPropertyChanger, MultiIntPropertyChanger, and TemperatureAdjuster now have the property BehaviorDescription, a string that, if provided, is appended to the item behavior section of the item's short description. Defaults to null.
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Changelog for Patch (added 22 November 2018):

* We added furniture to Joppa and Kyakukya.
* We made Tam, dromad merchant, better able to defend himself.
* You can now cook with salt, asphalt, and cloning draught.
* Liquids bought from the alchemist can now be cooked with.
* Meals cooked from village ovens no longer ever bestow a permanent +1 AV.
* Cooking recipe names are now more varied (there'll be less names like Baklava with Smoked Baklava on top of Baklava).
* Adjusted the way fish and farmers feel about each other.
* Data disk descriptions now indicate if you already know their blueprint.
* Once open, the double doors in Grit Gate no longer permanently re-lock if you close them.
* NPCs now don't want to trade their natural weapons as often.
* NPCs are now smarter about what equipment they use.
* NPCs no longer compulsively remove old gear before equipping new gear.
* Fixed a bug that caused companion NPCs not to consider whether they should equip new gear after you trade with them through via the chat menu.
* If you recruit Indrix after completing his quest, he no longer immediately equips the amaranthine prism.
* Wardens Esther now equips her shield.
* NPCs no longer attempt to fire missile weapons at targets further away than their weapons' maximum range.
* NPCs are now willing to fire missile weapons and throw thrown weapons at targets that are occluded by other hostile creatures.
* Fixed a bug that caused NPCs to not fire heavy missile weapons at targets protected by force fields.
* Recycling suits, portable beehives, and other liquid-generating equipment no longer generate liquid when unequipped or equipped improperly.
* Pathfinding now prefers not to walk over ironshrooms.
* Wearing multiple compass bracelets no longer cumulatively reduces your chance of getting lost.
* Burrowers now more pointedly prefer moving through open space to burrowing. This means villages of burrowers won't demolish their dwellings quite so quickly.
* The default action when interacting with trash is now (usually) 'rifle' if you have access to it.
* When you have multiple flight effects active, the reduction to your chance of getting lost is now based on the flight effect that gives you the most beneficial result.
* Uninstalling the giant hands implant now unequips any two-handed items you're wielding.
* Two-handed items that prevent themselves from being unequipped are no longer one-hand equippable with the giant hands implant.
* Fixed a bug in weapon penetration display that caused your strength modifier to be double counted.
* Added a new debug option: 'Show debug text for chance of getting lost'. When enabled, your chance of getting lost is displayed as you move across the world map.
* Puffer fungi now only puff if there is something nearby that they are not friendly to.
* Force fields that overlap with normal walls no longer produce a broken tile image.
* There is now an interaction menu option to gently wake up a sleeping NPC.
* [modding] Removed most of the extraneous XPvalue stats on creature blueprints.
* [modding] The NavigationBonus part is now an IPoweredPart with that class's fields and WorksOnEquipper = true. Its Amount field is now a string PercentBonus die roll that defaults to 10. It has the following new fields:-- SingleApplicationKey -- a string that, if provided, is used as the name of an event parameter that the part sets on events it is applied to. It won't modify events that already have the event parameter, so that navigation bonuses can be made non-cumulative.-- TravelClass -- a string used to specify a skill name, like the TravelClass attribute on terrain objects, so that the part only applies to travel in that skill's specified terrain.-- ShowInShortDescription -- a boolean for whether the part appends its behavior to the item's short description, defaults to true.
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Small update this week as we work on a big upcoming content patch.

[*]Added the Cloaca Surprise and a chronology entry for eating it.
[*]Made some balance adjustments to Slog, including a move speed buff while moving through liquid.
[*]Gave slugs feelers instead of antennae.
[*]Photosynths now bleed a mixture of blood and sap.
[*]Telemetric data now appears in the descriptions of certain artifacts when you have a techscanning device, such as VISAGE or telemetric visor, equipped.
[*]Fixed some more issues causing zone build failures in Bethesda Susa.
[*]Fixed zone rebuilds causing excess memory use in Bethesda Susa.

[*]You can now cook with green goo, brown sludge, and black ooze. 'Can' doesn't mean 'should'.
[*]Web-spinning creatures are now smart enough to spins webs in combat.
[*]Made yondercane much rarer.
[*]Reduced the amount of fermented yondercane yielded from preserving yondercane.
[*]Reduced the drop chance of voider corpses.
[*]Increased the price of urberries.
[*]Increased the drop chance of electric snail and snailmother corpses to 100%.
[*]Signs now display their messages in their short descriptions.
[*]Electrobows now have a firing sound effect.
[*]You now heal at the normal rate while sleeping in beds.
[*]Quill Fling is no longer usable when frozen, though quills can still be involuntarily discharged.
[*]Quills no longer damage creatures who don't share a phase with the quill flinger.
[*]Stinger attacks no longer proc when attacking walls.
[*]Glowspheres are no longer equippable as body armor.
[*]Mimic grab now respects flight and phase status.
[*]Inventory weight now properly recalculates when the liquid volumes of your carried liquid containers change.
[*]Renamed 'prehensile trunk' to the more appropriate 'bilge sphincter' and updated Slog's description accordingly.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused NPCs to sometimes stop taking actions when attempting to use Adrenal Control.
[*]Fixed a bug that made it impossible to disassemble carcass kneaders.
[*]Fixed some weird behavior with limbs dismembered from the player when they had cybernetic implants installed on them.
[*]Fixed an issue that caused some maps to fail to build.
[*][modding] Added a new part, FugueOnStep, that temporally fugues creatures that enter its parent object's cell. It's an IActivePart and has that part's fields with default WorksOnCellContents = true.
[*][modding] The FabricateFromSelf part has new fields: FabricateVerb (the string verb used for the action taken in messaging, defaults to "fabricate") and AIUseForThrowing (bool, if enabled, AIs with no thrown weapon attempt to use fabrication to generate a thrown weapon, defaults to false).
[*][modding] LiquidAmmoLoader and LiquidFueledPowerPlant now use string Liquid fields (e.g. "water", "oil") instead of integer LiquidID fields to specify what they run on.
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Another small update this week as we work on a big upcoming content patch.
[*]Added two new music tracks for Bey Lah and Barathrum's study.
[*]Village music now plays in the outskirts of villages.
[*]Quest items preservables are now considered exotic foods.
[*]Creatures no longer sell their natural equipment.
[*]Reduced Slog's base move speed to balance against their buffed move speed while moving through liquid.
[*]Various modded items that didn't stack now stack.
[*]Walls render properly again when stacked in a single tile.
[*]Added a visual effect for when force fields are stacked in the same tile with other objects.
[*]NPCs no longer attempt melee attacks against adjacent opponents who cannot be attacked due to flight.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused creatures to become angry at and try to fight themselves.
[*]Fixed a bug that made NPCs get stuck behaviorally when a target died while they were using Adrenal Control.
[*]Fixed some things making dawngliders and other flyers not behave reasonably.
[*]Flying creatures can now perform a swoop attack.
[*]Crashing while flying now causes you to go prone.
[*][modding] Fixed an issue that caused some mod file operations to work on lowercase filenames, causing issues on Linux.
[*][modding] ModMasterwork now messages properly if you specify Bonus values other than the default 1.
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Changelog for Patch (added 07 January 2019):

* Mines and bombs have some new interaction options.
* Clones no longer get permanent copies of temporary limbs.
* You can no longer pour negative drams of liquids.
* Taking damage from a fire started by an unknown or dead culprit no longer breaks the resulting message text.
* Fixed some bugs that caused schematics drafters to lose their sale inventory and various merchants to restock gear not meant for sale.
* [modding] The Capacitor, Circuitry, Clockwork, EnergyCell, and Flywheel parts' TechScanChargeDisplayStyle field has been replaced with AltChargeDisplayStyle, and the string field AltChargeDisplayProperty has been added. This field specifies the intproperty that, if greater than zore on the player, causes the AltChargeDisplayStyle to be used. AltChargeDisplayProperty defaults to TechScannerEquipped except for Clockwork, which defaults to StructureScannerEnabled.
* [modding] There is a new charge display style, bio (for use in fields like ChargeDisplayStyle and AltChargeDisplayStyle).
* [modding] Added a new part, Biocapacitor. This is a subclass of Capacitor and identical except for different defaults: ChargeRate - 3, MaxCharge - 5000, MinimumChargeToExplode - 2500, Description - biocapacitor, ChargeDisplayStyle - bio, AltChargeDisplayProperty - BioScannerEnabled, and ChargeLossDisable - false.
* [modding] Added a new field to charge-storing parts, ConsiderLive. It's a bool that controls whether the part is considered to contain live charge that can be manipulated by effects restricted to live charge. It's set to false by default for LiquidFueledEnergyCell, LiquidFueledPowerPlant, Clockwork, and Flywheel, and true by default for Capacitor, Circuitry, and EnergyCell.
* [modding] The object specification syntax used in various contexts, most notably the default value of EnergyCellSocket.SlottedType, now uses @ to designate a population table specification instead of :. This change was made for consistency with other contexts.
* [modding] The ModifyAttackingSave and ModifyDefendingSave events now have a new int parameter, Actual, that's set to 1 if a save is actually being carried out and 0 if the system is prospectively retrieving save modifiers to estimate a save's chances. In the latter case, Roll and NaturalRoll both start at 0, though they may be modified by event handlers.
* [modding] The GenericInventoryRestocker part now restocks based on the population table in the tag GenericInventoryRestockerPopulationTable, not InventoryPopulationTable.
high rated
*We refreshed the underground cave systems, adding new geological strata and several new creatures.
-Added over 70 new creatures.
-Added several new related harvestable and butcherable items: equipment, consumables, cooking ingredients, etc.
-Added several new rock types.
-Redesigned the geological strata of natural cave systems by adding new rock types, creatures, plants, and terrain appropriate for the region and depth.
-Redesigned the last three tiers of metals and added over a dozen new pieces of late-game armor.
*We added a whole host of other changes, some in support of the underground redesign.
-Recolored some cragmensch tiles.
-Renamed gelatinous frustum and gelatinous ovoid to humor and gyrohumor, respectively.
-Added a new tile for molting basilisk.
-Added a new tile for broken snail egg.
-Gave drowsing urchin a new color and description.
-Changed the default wall type for the hills region.
-Reigned in the very far out-of-depth creatures encountered during certain faction encounters.
-Cragmensch now leave behind large boulders when they die.
-Urshiib now leave behind urshiib corpses when they die.
-Swoop attacks now take two turns to execute.
-Item modifications are more precise now, which means fewer irrelevant modifications such as lacquered leather armor.
-Cleave, both from the cleave skill and from critical hits with axes, now properly affects the player (previously a bug caused the cleave effect to disappear after a single turn). The repair skill can be used to fix the cracked equipment.
-Unskilled axe cleaves from critical hits now have a maximum imposable AV penalty of 1. A creature with the Cleave skill making a critical hit has their Cleave-imposed AV penalty maximum increased by 1.
-Campfires can no longer catch fire and burn away, and campfire remains now become campfires rather than catching fire.
-Long Blades skill descriptions now note the cases where they apply to attacks with short blades as well.
-Companions of the player now get colored according to their HP statuses if the option "Color player's @ based on HP level" is enabled.
-Dominated creatures are no longer permanently recolored bright white.
-Attempting to pour temporary liquid puddles can no longer be used to destroy certain types of traps.
-Equimax kicks are now described as kicks, not bites.
-Rimewyks are now proficient in the skill their bite uses instead of a different skill.
-Rimewyk freeze breath now properly extends for the 30-square range that its targeting mechanics always thought it had.
-Reputation-modifying mods now work properly on shields.
-Fixed a bug that made it impossible to pick up cybernetics butchered from limbs dismembered from your own body, unless you equipped and unequipped them first.
-Fixed a bug that prevented people from shooting through their own force walls.
-Attempting theft or murder in front of sleeping creatures who would object to the crime now wakes them up but doesn't make them hostile.
-Fixed various bugs involving liquid containers (notably liquid-fueled energy cells) being invisibly "contaminated" by liquids they formerly held and spuriously winding up with mixed liquids as a result.
-Fixed a bug in autopickup water where you would up cycling between water puddle locations if you had a liquid container with mixed liquids in it.
-[modding] Eligibility for deciding to sleep on beds as an idle behavior now runs on the tag or property SleepOnBed rather than inheritance of the NPC blueprint (and is still disabled by the NoSleep tag or property).
-[modding] In IActivePart, WorksOnWearer, and WorksOnEquipper now handle shield equippage in the same way as armor equippage.
-It's a big patch, so several other changes got in, too. Let us know if you see something unexpected.
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[*]Added a new book: Council at Gamma Rock.
[*]Sapient plants are now considered to have minds and can be interacted with in all the ways mental interaction is supported (e.g., domination, beguiling, etc).
[*]You can now throw things through your own force fields.
[*]Haggabah can now be detected by Heightened Hearing and Sense Psychic.
[*]Feral lah pods now inherit the attitudes of their parent feral lah plant.
[*]Lurking beth clusters spawned by Burgeoning are now friendly to the spawner.
[*]Visiting a town of NPCs with amnesia no longer causes you to get amnesia.
[*]Waydroids are once again hostile by default.
[*]Dominating creatures now causes less sudden hostility to develop between your companions and nearby creatures.
[*]Brightshrooms no longer get locked onto in autolook mode.
[*]Urchin belchers now belch urchins less continuously.
[*]Engulfing attacks now respect phase and flight.
[*]Thrown weapons now respect phase.
[*]Various abilities that respected phase at some point but then regressed now do so again.
[*]Sturdy items are now properly protected from becoming cracked.
[*]Life and stat saps properly drain stats again.
[*]Resistance bonuses gained from cooking with the gland paste of various bearded lizards are no longer permanent.
[*]Turrets set up by turret tinkers now have the correct appearance.
[*]Turret tinkers and miners no longer hijack control of their input when you dominate them.
[*]Girshlings, scorpiocks, and agolzvuvs equip their natural weapons again.
[*]Clones spawned by clonelings now spawn with their natural equipment.
[*]Thrown weapons are now stopped by physical solidity instead of visual occlusion.
[*]Thrown weapons can now pass through force fields that you can fire missile weapons through.
[*]Tweaked the stats of a bunch of plants.
[*]Fixed a couple of bugs that caused magnetic attraction to destroy the attracted objects.
[*]Fixed a bunch of errors that occurred when nest-type objects spawned as Mechanimist converts or the Stilt librarian.
[*]Fixed an issue that caused corrosive gas breathed from a mouth to not survive save/load cycles.
[*]Fixed an occasional error in randomized character generation.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused spurious mutations to sometimes appear on the character review screen for true kin when no cybernetic implant was chosen.
[*][modding] Fixed an issue that caused worlds.xml to not properly hotload when a scripting mod that included it was approved. Previously, you had to restart the game to load the changes.
[*]Added a new music track to Bethesda Susa.
[*]Added tiles for red death dacca, gelatinous palm, arcwyk, skittering sentry, Rodanis Y, the Alchemist, and Saad Amus.
[*]Updated Burgeoning to choose from a much more diverse selection of plants that scales in power with the level of the mutation.
[*]Reworked Burgeoning so that each time you cast it, a primary plant is chosen from among the viable plants of the appropriate tier. About half the plants you summon will be the primary plant and the other half are chosen randomly from among the other plants of that tier.
[*]Added some glowing mushrooms to subterranean caves. More variety to come.
[*]Added the new high-tier armor to some additional armor tables.
[*]Re-classified all saps as winged mammals.
[*]Changed the corpse-drop chance for the various bearded lizards.
[*]Juke can no longer be used on the world map.
[*]Creatures that spawn from nests now inherit the attitudes of those nests. This means village-dwelling nests no longer produce feral offspring.
[*]Village-dwelling snailmothers no longer spawn feral ickslugs.
[*]There's now a maximum number of ickslugs that can spawn on a given map.
[*]Objects being moved by magnetic attraction no longer ignore intervening obstacles.
[*]Slumberlings are no longer woken up by nearby combat or theft.
[*]Cooking with the gland paste of various bearded lizards no longer forcibly removes your beak if you have one.
[*]Fixed a bug that prevented mazebeards from dropping corpses.
[*]Fixed a few text bugs with stasis grenades and mines.
[*]Fixed a bug with freshwater autoget.
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[*]Most static quests now award reputation when completed.
[*]The maps "behind" the Spindle are no longer empty.
[*]Slam now costs a turn and goes on cooldown when used on inanimate objects.
[*]Quests with level-based rewards, like More Than a Willing Spirit, now indicate that their rewards are level-based in the quest accept dialog and on the quest screen.
[*]The asphodelytes now get along a *little* better with the other inhabitants of Omonporch.
[*]Red death dacca are now trees.
[*]Changed the tile for banana tree.
[*]Added new worldmap tiles for the banana grove.
[*]The attack indicators of lithofex and decarbonizer are now visible even if you can't see the creatures, and they now indicate the full path of the attack.
[*]Astral tethering now inhibits the cloning effects of gelatinous prisms and antiprisms. Cloning can still occur but it's less likely.
[*]Ontological anchors now have their effectiveness reduced in proportion to their wearer's psychic glimmer (even if it's below 20).
[*]Gave the Putus Templar long blade expertise.
[*]Tweaked the Putus Templar tiles.
[*]Player melee hits now display their penetration numbers again.
[*]Clonelings no longer clone your original body while you're dominating another creature.
[*]During liquid pouring, containers are no longer emptied until you confirm the number of drams you want to pour into them.
[*]Fixed some issues with item stacks and auto-disassemble where scrap occasionally stuck around even after it was disassembled for bits.
[*]Fixed a rare bug that occurred when the phased effect ended.
[*]Fixed a crash caused by interdictor effect rendering.
[*]Fixed a bug that occasionally broke the recoiler UI on use.
[Modding] Added support for a new zone template tag, <single>, that places the contents of the tag in a single random region on the map.
[Modding] Added a new part, Uplift, that uplifts the parent creature object to a named unique.
[Modding] Added a new part, Followers, that generates followers for the parent creature object. It has one field: Table (a population table that specifies the followers to generate).
[Modding] Added a new quest field, BonusAtLevel, where you can specify if the quest has bonus rewards if completed by certain levels. If you do, those quests indicate that their rewards are level-based on the appropriate screens.

Below are some additional patch notes from last week that were left out.

[*]Preserving an exotic food now only takes you back one menu step if you have other exotic foods to preserve.
[*]Added a UI option to change the take all binding to F1.
[*]Added F2 as an additional store items bind.
[*]Fixed some lockups caused by attempting to gain another mutation when you already have all the available mutation.
[*]Added a UI option that lets you map shift + direction to pagination keys (defaults to no, currently doesn't work for numpad direction input).
[*][Modding] Having a player body without a Stomach no longer causes the game to crash.
[*][Modding] Added new fields to the XML quest specification, Factions and Reputation, that allow quests to grant reputation rewards (ex: Factions="Joppa,Farmers" Reputation="100").