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haydenaurion: Trying to manually unzip and install the latest snapshot version of Liberatis but I have no idea how to do this and the read me does explain how to do this at all. Any ideas?
Gydion: Development snapshots:

Then, install Arx Libertatis: Currently the install wizard is not provided for development snapshot so you will need to manually extract the below archive over your existing Arx Fatalis or Arx Libertatis installation.
Yeah, I figured it out. Seems you just extract everything to the Arx Fatalis folder which is what I was wondering. Works great.
dscharrer: What version of Arx Libertatis did you try? If this still happens with the latest development snapshot from, please file a bug report at and attach a save file.
Hi dscharrer,

I have encountered this strange bug with a current development snapshot (from 09.12.2018) and I have no idea how to bypass it:

I just entered into rebel camp, where I stole Krahoz. After stealing it, there was small alarm and guards were running towards the storage place.
After that one of the guards blocks an entrance into Alia´s hut - he´s standing in the entrance and cannot be bypassed.
I thought that maybe he will leave by the time I will return with the Shield of The Ancients - which I did and he´s still there!

Because of that I cannot give the Shield to Alia and finish this storyline and progress further.
I tired everything: telekinesis, paralysis, attacking him from distance... Of course, if I will attack him, everybody in that area will turn hostile.

BUT - I have noticed that I am able to bring down console - do you know about some commands/chain of commands I could write there to make him unstuck?

I have noticed "attachnpctoplayer" and "detachnpcfromplayer" amongst the commands there, so I guess it is possible with them to make him follow me for some time and then just let him go?

Please, do respond, I really would need help here.
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How can i install the Arx Libertalis version?