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Now Available: Planet Nomads (In Development)



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WindowsNow Available: Throne of Darkness

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Windows + Mac + LinuxNow Available: StarCrawlers

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DRM-Free Content
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Because $1 is not €1
Money-back guarantee
It works, we guarantee it

Interview: Planet Nomads devs on building exciting new worlds

- 9 comment

Talking about the challenges and ambitions of sandbox design. Sandbox games are all about starting small yet dreaming big – turns out this rings true for the developers behind these projects as well. Following a successful Kickstarter, developers Craneballs are looking to turn Planet Nomads into a complete simulation of an astronaut-scientist with

UPDATE - Release: Expeditions: Viking & Deluxe Edition upgrade

- 45 comment

Ride the waves of history. UPDATE: You can now upgrade to the Deluxe Edition, which includes the game's artbook and the powerful soundtrack, composed by the great Knut Avenstroup.Note: The free DLC Blood-Ice has now been made available as well. Expeditions: Viking, a historically-tuned strategy about an up-and-coming Viking clan seeking its destiny

Special Sale: Lots of Space

- 22 comment

Wing Commander, Starpoint Gemini 2, X series, and more up to -75%! Are you in space? We're in space. Space. So much space. Wanna go to space? Well, there've been quite a few neat options this week, thanks to StarCrawlers, Starpoint Gemini Warlords and Planet Nomads. But today EVERSPACE™ jumped out of In Development space and straight into our solar

Weekly Sale Phase II: Septerra Core, Knights and Merchants, Earth 2160, and more!

- 6 comment

Journey towards a planet's core, unite a medieval kingdom or shape humanity's future. How do you improve upon a Weekly Sale that excels in offering a variety of quality options? You just inject some more variety in there!Though not as renowned as their Settlers cousins, Knights and Merchants offer an equally deep strategic experience when it comes


- 27 comment

A new breed of space game. EVERSPACE™, the intense roguelike space shooter of staggering beauty, has graduated its In Development cycle and is now available, DRM-free on Discovery. Dogfights. A procedurally generated galaxy with show-stopping visuals and easy-to-pick-up action, EVERSPACE presents a vision of space that is a far cry

In Development: Planet Nomads

- 39 comment

Home is where the resources are. Planet Nomads, a sci-fi sandbox where you must build yourself a life atop an unexplored planet, is now available DRM-free on, with a 10% launch discount.Armed only with your handy multitool and your protective spacesuit, you set out to brave a beautiful, hostile environment rife with possibility. The core su

Release: Throne of Darkness

- 106 comment

Big in Japan. Throne of Darkness, a fast-paced ARPG where you slaughter hordes of exotic demons with your well-trained samurai, is now available DRM-free, exclusively on powerful warlords with demonic influence and trouble will soon follow. When the most prominent shogun surrenders to darkness, only a handful of heroic samurai is le

It's here: GWENT Public Beta now available

- 272 comment

Time to make those cards sing. CD PROJEKT RED just announced the start of Public Beta for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. For those who still haven't felt its warm embrace, GWENT is an engrossing card game featuring creatures, characters, and lore from The Witcher series. You can download GWENT from and star

UPDATE - Special Sale: Role-Playing Week with deals up to -85%

- 55 comment

The Witcher series, Pillars, of Eternity, Dex, and more. UPDATE: How about adding some cyberpunk to your role-playing party? The recent Shadowrun trilogy has just been added to the Sale, going for 66/80% off. Hacker elves, ork assassins, and street samurai clash in the shadows, as greedy corporations secretly conspire against the unsuspecting peopl

Release: Starpoint Gemini Warlords

- 58 comment

Starlords are made of this. Starpoint Gemini Warlords, a sprawling space simulation, enriched with 4X strategy and RPG elements, is now available, DRM-free on No opposition is insurmountable when you put the best crew inside the most well-equipped ship in the sector. As an up-and-coming warlord, you must first learn to hold your own in int

Release: StarCrawlers

- 48 comment

These corridors sure are spacey. StarCrawlers, a turn-based dungeon crawler where you deal with randomly generated hazards in closed space(s), is available now DRM-free on with a 25% launch discount.If corporate espionage is your game, your only hope for success is putting together a band of those intrepid enough to hunt for bounties, under

Pre-Order: Perception

- 24 comment

See no evil, hear all evil. Perception, a first-person thriller about a blind woman exploring a mysterious mansion haunted by a dark presence, is now available for pre-order, DRM-free on, with a 13% pre-order discount.Your eyes can't help you but your other senses immediately kick in: especially that of self-preservation. Stay calm and the

Special Sale: All Army Men games -50%

- 21 comment

Full plastic jacket. Battle stations everyone!Flowerpots, bathtubs, ovens, backyards - everything is now a battlefield marked by spectacular Army Men heroics. Whether they are fighting against the despicable Tan troops and their evil generals or some particularly nasty alien toys, these guys always love a tactical challenge, especially if they have

29 must-play adventure games as picked by Richard Cobbett

- 80 comment

Did your favorites make the cut? There was a time when everybody was looking at adventure games to introduce crazy technical innovations, explore unconventional stories, or just give us a strong argument against our dismissive parents who considered all games juvenile and insubstantial. Since the golden years of the graphic adventures, we've seen c

Release: Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days

- 24 comment

Stuck in the middle with them. Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days, a top-down shooter featuring the slickest gangsters this side of the celluloid, is now available DRM-free on with a 10% launch discount.All you and your smartly-dressed partners wanted was to fill your little green bags with easy cash. But no heist ever goes as planned, unless you

Release: Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island

- 26 comment

One plus one equals fun! Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island, a vibrant 3D platformer where two animal buddies spread colorful mayhem, is now available DRM-free on with a 33% launch discount.She is a lynx, he is an owl, can it be any more obvious? Their adventure is a glorious homage to the 3D platformers of yore, featuring an unstopp

Release: Offworld Trading Company: Jupiter's Forge Expansion Pack

- 13 comment

New planet, new challenges. Jupiter's Forge Expansion Pack, which challenges you to establish a profitable colony atop the planet's volatile moon, is now available, DRM-free on With Mars tamed, corporations now venture into Jupiter's volcanic moon Io, looking to profit off its precious resources. Surely the hostile conditions, the complete

Release: Inner Chains

- 53 comment

I can still hear you saying / you would never break the chain. Inner Chains, a captivating horror FPS set in a sinister biomechanical world with deadly flora and fauna, is now available DRM-free on with a 10% launch discount.On a planet where nature has formed twisted, symbiotic bonds with machines developed millennia ago, you must make you

In Development: Production Line

- 35 comment

Sell on wheels. Production Line, a management/simulation game about running an efficient car factory, is now available DRM-free on a lucrative car manufacturing business is no small challenge for an inexperienced tycoon: you must pick the best new designs, find ways to cut production costs, optimize your assembly line, and set c

Release: Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs

- 80 comment

It ain't easy being the King. Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs, a turn-based RPG where you try not to spill too much of your royal blood, is now available, DRM-free on an ill-fated expedition to empty the treasury, Kay and his royal siblings must reluctantly go on an adventure to restore the kingdom to its former glory. Thankfully, this m