Special Promo: Get Dragon Commander 40% off & Win a DRAGON!

The Day of the Dragons!
Divinity: Dragon Commander is 40% off (that's only $23.99) until 3.59 AM GMT on 14 October 2013. The same discount applies to the Divinity: Dragon Commander - Imperial Edition pack, and the Divinity: Dragon Commander - Imperial Edition Upgrade DLC (the one to use if you already have the regular edition but would like to upgrade it to the "imperial" version). That's not all. We've barely started! We've engaged in dark acts of enscorcery and are offering them up to you! This is an actual thing: we took an actual dragon from the actual game of Dragon Commander and printed it in all three of the dimensions that you and I readily perceive. We have taken the purely digital and made it analog. There is no end to our power! The universe is ours to command--to control! BWAHAHAHA--aherm.
So we have a dragon, and we've had it painted by a talented local mini-painting artist in Warsaw. And while the dragon is lovely, we want to give it to you. Specifically, we want to give it to you with the help of our friends at Larian and at PC Gamer.
Entering is simple: like GOG.com, Larian, and PC Gamer on Facebook to get one chance to win for each like. If you already like those pages, just confirm your email and name in our fan raffle app and you'll get a chance to win for each page you've liked already. Go to the GOG.com Facebook profile and check out the top post to enter!
The contest, just as the promo, lasts until 3.59 AM GMT on Monday, 14 October 2013.