Weekly Sale: Snacks and recreation - Up to 85% off

A tricky thing, hunger. Sometimes it hits you like a ton of bricks and you can wolf down a three-course meal before the plates hit your table. Others, you feel like nibbling on something just for the taste, unwilling to commit to your dish. Gaming can be much the same, so this Weekly Sale offers several bits of delicious finger food and some scrumptious main courses for the videogame foodie!
One of the biggest surprise hits in recent years, the subversive indie darling Undertale still thrills and delights RPG fans with its heartwarming story of friendship, unexpected heroics, and charming whimsy.
Mixing fantasy and sci-fi in an explosive, post-apocalyptic cocktail, ELEX is an open-world action/RPG epic from the talented renegades at Piranha Bytes. Powerful factions, a mineral of spectacular properties, and choices that will shape the world around you.
The Weekly Sale ends August 20th, 10 PM UTC.