Weekly Sale: Variety Gaming with up to -75%

Our adventures in space are followed by a variety of gaming options!
We wouldn't be mad if all you can think about is still Star Wars. But some of you might not want to go to space. Or bought all the Star Wars games there are (again, we wouldn't be mad).
Then we have some good news in store for you: Dozens of variety games with up to -75% this week! You need examples? Here we go:
How does a selection of the best adventures from Double Fine Productions sound to you? This includes masterworks like Grim Fandango Remastered, Psychonauts or Brutal Legend.
All of those come with a whopping -75% discount!
You want some more hidden gems to show your friends you are truly a variety gamer? Look no further than our deals from AGM Playism, including titles like D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die -Season One- Deluxe Edition (-75%), Astebreed (-60%) and The Silver Case (-60%).
If that's still not enough for you and you are craving some retro vibes, you should check out our third partners' games this week, coming from Dotemu. Highlights include Double Dragon Trilogy (-50%), Ishar Compilation (-75%) or Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap (-50%).
And there's always more games and more variety in our Weekly Sale, running until May 13, 10PM UTC.