Weekend Sale: Build your Empire with games up to 80% off

No matter if you start big or small. Some games will show you that with a bit of ingenuity and discipline you can achieve wonders. That’s why this Weekend Sale on GOG.COM is called Build your Empire. Create a picturesque and rich metropolis with games like SimCity or Kingdoms and Castles. The promo will until 2 PM UTC, 25th November. Let’s see some of the titles it’s going to include:
SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition (-75%) is a fourth installment of the famous simulation game series. Do you want to build a city? Or maybe you dream of constructing an entire megalopolis, rich, well organized, and full of life? SimCity 4 will give you all of this and much more.
Kingdoms and castles (-30%) title is a choice for gamers who like a medieval setting. Here your goal is to grow a grand city from a tiny hamlet. Build taverns, granaries, and shrines to increase your peasants’ happiness. Raise the defensive castle to fend off incoming invaders.
Surviving Mars (-66%) is a strategic simulation for all sci-fi lovers. Establish a booming colony on the Red Planet surface. Cultivate food, search for minerals, and above all fulfill humanity’s greatest dream – to reach for impossible.
See other games included in the Weekend Sale and start building your own empire right now. After all, you have to start somewhere, right?