Review Guidelines & Review of the Month contest

Our guide to a world of awesome game reviews
Game reviews are important. They help developers get direct feedback on their games, and as gamers they help us make an informed purchase or share our thoughts. Writing a quality review carries a certain responsibility: to do good by both the game and the community. Striking that perfect balance is a challenge, a delicate art that we want to promote.
Next time you're about to write a review, you'll see our simple suggestions for crafting a top-notch review. You can always revisit them from the review form as well.
Focus on your in-game experience: if you have general feedback or need tech support, contact us!
Avoid politics and drama: let the game stand on its own merits.
Critique responsibly: whether it's positive or negative, a great review should be helpful and informative.
We hope that these three essential guidelines will help make reviews even more awesome than they already are, but we also don't want to stop there!
Together with our friends at ROCCAT we venture to encourage and reward the best reviews on – and to that end, we are introducing our monthly Review of the Month contest!
Submit your review for any game (or games!) released on between May 1 and May 31, 2016. This time around, the grand prize is the RENGA gaming headset, courtesy of ROCCAT:
Here's what you need to know:
—Once you've posted your review, submit it for consideration by also quoting it in this post's forum thread.
—Keep the review guidelines in mind. A good review can be both entertaining and informative, it can be brief or extensive. It doesn't need to be positive in its overall assessment of the game - as long as it's eloquent and fair (or hilarious), it has our attention.
—All eligible reviews must be about games that have joined the catalog within the previous month. For this first phase of the contest eligible reviews shall concern games that came out on between May 1 and May 31, 2016.
—Winners will be announced at the beginning of every month with the start of next month's contest. The first round of winners will be announced in early July, giving you guys a bit of extra time to fine-tune your entries. Remember that if you're not happy with the shape of a review you've already posted, you can always contact our support team to rectify that.
—The best review of each month will win a sweet piece of gaming gear, courtesy of the good people at ROCCAT. Any runners-up will receive honorable mentions and one $9.99 code each, to be redeemed at
Let's celebrate the reviews that hit the nail on the head — the most constructive, informative, or fun to read. Grab your keyboards and make some magic happen, GOGers!