Re-release: Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising

The last hope for peace is war.
Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising, a brilliant combination of real-time strategy and action shooter, is back to catalog for only $5.99.
In the world of 2032 there's no war. There's no pollution, no disease or sickness, no toxic waste, no famine, no nuclear conflicts, and no post-apocalyptic wasteland. Even money is unnecessary--and that makes some powers unhappy. Shady businessmen and criminals have gathered pre-peace weapons and are launching attacks around the globe to destabilize the planet. The prototype nanotechnology-driven fleet carrier called the Antaeus with you in charge is the Earth's last hope. Fight to prevent the war!
Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising combines real-time strategy with explosive action, played from a third-person perspective. If you expect another C&C or Starcraft clone, you'll be happily disappointed. Hostile Waters offers a few twists on resource and unit management, presents you with an interesting storyline, and allows you to control tanks and helicopters by yourself with a joystick. Playing and RTS with a joystick? Definitely fun, fresh, and exciting.
The re-released version was spiced up with an awesome soundtrack and a development trivia fact-chart, so grab Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising now, for only $5.99!