Release: Ultimate Body Blows

Best brawlers of the galaxy in one explosive game!
Ultimate Body Blows the complete edition of Team 17's classic 1990s 2D brawler featuring a galactic fighting tournament, is now available on, for only $5.99.
Life in the streets taught me to respect my opponent in combat, but never to fear him. When I faced that towering Ukrainian fighter, Kossak, I felt no fear, even though I knew his training routine includes hand to hand sparring with bears. Then, in the first tournament's finale my opponent turned out to be a cyborg. A goddamn machine that feels no pain. I had to admit--for a moment there, looking into the red light of his visor, I was scared. But I pulled through. But this here? Space aliens? Fire demons? Dragons? This time around, I tell myself, it's ok to be scared. Face your fears and win the tournament--that's my plan.
Ultimate Body Blows sports solid, straightforward fighting mechanics with no gimmicks and tricks. You'll be instantly brought back to the arcade machines that you used to feed every quarter you had as a kid. The Ultimate edition combines the 1993's Body Blows and Body Blows Galactic to create an explosive fighting event of cosmic proportions, featuring all the best martial artists of known space. Expect to face some strange creatures in the arena--or become one yourself!
Accept the fighting challenge of a lifetime, get Ultimate Body Blows , for only $5.99 on! Bonus MP3 soundtrack included.