Release: The Settlers 3: Ultimate Collection

Micromanagement heaven!
The Settlers 3: Ultimate Collection, an all-time favorite civilization-building strategy bundled with the Quest of Amazons and Mission CD add-ons, is available on, for only $9.99
Only a true regent will recognize this sound. It's a little like the ticking of a clockwork mechanism, with all the cogs and sprockets placed carefully, but firmly, in their places. Or like the humming of the bees, flying about in a seemingly chaotic manner but unified by a common purpose ever-present in their hive-mind. There's also a hint of children's laughter and a distant sound of farm animals. A distinctive note of golden coins jingling against each other in the treasury. Finally, an ominous, almost inaudible distant uproar of armed men gathering near the borders. All this, in a perfect unison, is the sound of a living kingdom, and can only be heard from the top of the highest tower of the royal castle. You know this sound quite well, don't you?
In The Settlers 3: Ultimate Collection your goal is to lead a nation to power and glory and your work begins at the very basics. There are many factors and details you need to take into account while you try to establish a working economy and provide your tiny subjects with a superb infrastructure that will allow the state to flourish. The third installment of this cult series no longer requires you to build roads and gives you direct control over your military units. This makes the gameplay a little bit different, but just one look at your tiny loyal settlers going about their tasks and building all those nice little structures will make you feel right at home. The Ultimate Collection comes with the Quest of the Amazons expansion and the Mission CD add-on.
Become the regent supreme and indulge in all the joys of royal micromanagment in The Settlers 3: Ultimate Collection, for only $9.99 on